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212161 tn?1599427282 thank you so much i have the rescue one xopenex hfa says its levalbuterol. than i have one for night its a powder its asmanex . i have been like this now for 2 months it seems to get better than last night it was not bad but woke me up at 1 could not sleep for coughing and wheezing and scared i was going have a bad attack and die from it , so i need the inhaler just to scared to take it. so are these ok or will the xop cause the heart speed. thank you so much.
1763947 tn?1334055319 When I went to refill my inhalers the pharmacist said I was taking two inhalers that have steroids in them and that most all people take only 1 of those. I am taking Symbacort,, Asmanex twisthaler and xopenex HFA as a rescue. I am moving soon to FL and have only been in Texas for 10 months. I will see a pulmanary doc when I get to FL but meanwhile has anyone been told this about steroids and or have any suggestions? I see my PCP tomorrow hopefully for the last time before I leave.
212161 tn?1599427282 i have the xopenex hfa 45mcg one and she just gave me the flovent 110 i have not got filled so looks like i can use either right. tanks again you dont know how releif i feel.
Avatar m tn Your medication may not be adequate to control your symptoms. So, please consult your doctor to change the dosage or the medication. Lung function tests could further help to assess the status. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I take it you are talking about the xopenex ampules and not the xopenex spray? If its the spray then there might be something that can be given to him that is not as strong. Hope this helps.
1580703 tn?1651904887 at what dosage dose and length of time does prednisone cause brain damage and memory problems, thinking problems? thanks!
Avatar f tn I missed 7 years of intervention that those with HFA got. And supposedly three of our friends whose children were diagnosed with HFA were cured in their preschools and are now acting normally - so either their children never had it or those services really worked. Children with Asperger's don't get the royal treatment when it supposedly counts enen though the parents are dragging them to the experts.
Avatar n tn ve lived in the same town my whole life and no change in living conditions. My doctor prescribed me Pro Air HFA. Immediately I was using it more than the recommended amounts. It makes me very jittery and makes my hands shake. When I came in I was told to keep using it and then prescribed Qvar. The Qvar gave me debilitating headaches. I've since stopped taking both but the headaches and shaking still continue.
Avatar f tn In my own case with AS, I tell people I have a brilliant mind with lousy PR and that I am stuck somewhere between Rainman and Spock at the social level. At 63, there is no such thing as an actual diagnosis for me, but saying I have HFA (rather than trying to explain AS) typically results in people saying I do not appear autistic. If you have never visited ****.net, maybe have a look.
Avatar n tn However, my son has been on other medications for sinisitis and bronchitis that could account for a headache. He now off of pulmicort, xopenex and nasonex. He is currently going through allergy testing as well. It is very difficult for me to try to determine the cause of the headache with so much going on with him. He is feeling completely better aside from this headache.
Avatar n tn Hi, fast heart rate is due to Xopenex. Initially, use of this drug is associated with this side effect but over a period of time, tolerance usually develops. In case if you have a pre exisiting heart disease, please avoid this drug. Consult you treating doctor to lower the dose or frequency, other alternative is sustained release deriphylline tablets.
Avatar f tn Either way though, with your reactions after exercise, it sounds like a fast acting broncho dilater (some form of albuterol - Proventil, Porair, Maxair, Xopenex, Ventolin) might be a good idea. These medications can be used as a pretreatment for exercise eliminating the reaction and allowing for a better workout. I hope that helps you. Good luck obtaining an accurate diagnosis and the medication that is best for you.
920032 tn?1550680156 I don very well with the HFA versions. If you were on a dry powder, you might have been having problems with the milk by products in them keeping your peak flow down. My guess would be that your current phlegm problem is from the inflammation and asthma even though your peak flows are improving. If you aren't working with your dr to reduce your steroid use, you should really see your asthma doctor to make sure that your asthma is not flaring.
Avatar n tn You are correct in wanting to wait until you have achieved optimum benefit from the AdvairĀ® HFA (fluticasone propionate and salmeterol) Inhalation Aerosol, before any consideration of oxygen use. The AdvairĀ® HFA (fluticasone propionate and salmeterol) Inhalation Aerosol may raise your saturation, to a degree that will make oxygen use unnecessary.
Avatar f tn The Doctor gave me an inhaler Proventil HFA I was told to use it as needed during the day 2 hits a min apart when I do need. And I do try it from time to time BUT I dont feel like I can breathe more. I feel kinda shaky from it but thats besides the whole question. She also told me to take claritin and I do take that. any comments would help I feel like I am alone with this. I just want to be healthy!!
Avatar n tn If you look at the label on cough syrup for children, even those typically recommend for age 6 and up (at least the brands I have seen.) When my 2 1/2 year old has a cold with a cough I give him milk slightly warmed with honey in it. I have also given him a teaspoon of honey on it's own. It works extremely well.
1315759 tn?1274044788 or the breathing treatments? at the hospital, they give me xopenex, which works ok, not really good for me. the last time i went to the hospital, the therapist gave me atrovent and xopenex, with 4 doses in one. i told them it was making me too jittery, way more than normal and nobody listened. instead of getting better, it was staying the same and making me feel out of control. how can i get my doctor to prescribe me a pulse ox for at home?
Avatar n tn What will happen if you don't rinse your mouth out after you use the Proventil HFA inhaler?
312330 tn?1245176752 Flovent, serevent (essentially advair), singulair, zithromax and xopenex ( I am on several others but these are specifically for my asthmatic problems). Some people do very well on Theo...I hope that it works out for you.
Avatar f tn Moms always know when something isn't right. I would see a specialist if that is possible. I don't remember much about that age group and surely all children are different but hey - trust your instincts - you have them for a reason. Best Wishes.
Avatar m tn If you can purchase Xopenex brand (levabuterol) that does not cause as much shakiness or heart palpitations if you got those as well. If the allergy treatment doesn't take care of all the problems, you may want to see if the side effects deminish after a few timed doses of the albuterol. I think you have generic albuterol available. In the US we have switched to Hfa propellant instead of the CFC one and consequently lost the generic versions.
Avatar f tn He said that he must have gotten some sort of virus and it triggered his asthma. He told me to continue his Singulair, Pulmicort Respules one time a day, Xopenex in the nebulizer every four hours, and he prescribed Prednisone two times per day (dr. said to start the steroid only if the cough does not slow down). So on Wednesday morning, my son woke up at 6:30am coughing non-stop....coughing so much that he vomited!