Xalatan eyelash growth

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Avatar f tn Thank you for this information it is very help to know about drops available to help eyelash growth. We are in search of a pediatric ophthalmologist and will hopefully get a referral for a dermatologist after 10 more days of trying his ointment.
Avatar m tn Lumigan is a glaucoma medication that is put directly on the eye. Latisse is the same medication, different packaging for eyelash growth and it is painted on the eyelashes with a brush. I suppose the study that was completed 12/31/09 for growing eyelashes was only done on upper lid eyelashes. Then that's all that the FDA will allow them to say.
284078 tn?1282620298 At first I was a little skeptical about how prescription eyelash growing solution LATISSE would be received out in the general population. I have been using the exact same solution, as an eyedrop called LUMIGAN, to treat glaucoma for about 10 years. You see, it has this unusual side effect of making eyelashes longer and darker. It was only recently that the ophthalmic drug company Allergan, decided to use this long known side effect of bimatoprost 0.
Avatar f tn The makers of Lumigan recently started to market the very same drops under the name Latisse for eyelash growth. I understand that they also looked into using it as a treatment for baldness but its too expensive to cover a large area like the scalp. I am very disappointed at postings that indicate people feel their surgeons are pressuring them to upgrade to a multifocal IOL. Like Nancy Reagan "Just say 'No'" If the surgeon won't take "no" for an answer go elsewhere.