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Avatar m tn Now take some lukewarm water in a basin and add to it the juice of one lemon. Wash your face with this water. Your face glows and radiates freshness. The worry and furrow lines are minimized. The apricot nourishes while the lime juice tightens the skin. Thanks for sharing with us.
Avatar m tn okay, so i have a line on each side of my face around if you drew a line across my face in the middle. i know they are not wrinkles, as i am not old enough to have wrinkles (still in twenties) and they are not bags because they are too low on my face to be bags (at least i think so) and i know for sure that they are not scars or anything like that.
Avatar n tn still investigating how to get rid of wrinkles on the head. I have on one side of the head two lines and I'm afraid that does not get worse. If someone knows something let us divide.
Avatar f tn Use a good moisturiser if you are troubled by dry skin whilst on Accutane. I have taken two courses of Accutane and have not developed wrinkles prematurely. Please see my pictures in my profile (I am 32). Eloise.
Avatar f tn You don't want a doctor to throw you on a bunch of meds at once though as this can have advers side effects. This is a one-step at a tme process.
Avatar f tn I have read alot about accutane but have not seen wrinkles as a side effect. As a matter of fact, isn't accutane suppose to rid one of wrinkles along with acne? I am taking this for a cyst problem on my back, not my face. But my face now has some acne and these wrinkles look like I have aged 20 years in the past month. I asked my dermotologist and she said not to worry- it will go back to normal after treatment is done. Can these wrinkles really go away? Are they reversible?
Avatar n tn About an hour and a half later, the same thing happened but only only one side of my face. Behind my ears was also very itchy. Again it receeded. later that day I went out shopping and while out, the third attack happened. I had not eaten or drunk anything since morning. This time, again only one side of my face (the same side) but behind my ears was extremely itchy and there is a red rash there. My one eye is very swollen as is my sinus on that side.
440193 tn?1293814117 I read some info on line that some people lost hair only on one side of their heads was due to cancer. You might want to rule it out.
Avatar f tn There is also pitting around my brows, one of which turned into a wrinkle above one brow. The wrinkles began as pits at the corners of my mouth and turned into wrinkles within a two week time frame between the fourth and fifth month.
1201433 tn?1329001237 Know that you are not alone. My face has been swollen since about the eighth week of treatment. I wear glasses and they are so tight on the temple. I only gained about eight pounds with the Incivek but have lost six already and have only been off treatment for a month so you will definitely be dropping some of the weight. I'm not doing anything special except not eating the extra fat and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. It's the season here and I just can't resist local grown fruit.
Avatar n tn htm You have not got it injected correctly or it could be due to one of the side-effects mentioned where the crater has been caused by the death of the tissue in the area of injection. You will have to get it examined by a dermatologist/plastic surgeon to suggest measures to restore tissue in the area.
393685 tn?1425816122 Ok - I tried for a couple of minutes on the botox "babe" and was finally able to map out Louisiana on her face!
Avatar f tn like areas extending all the way down side and lower part of my face and smaller patches on my neck (larger than quater size). It does come and go; and I've tried antifungul cream (prescribed) both over the counter and prescribed cortizone creams and still visible. Makes it difficult to go on a job interview. I have neck facial hair(indvidual strands but to many ) :( that I remove every other month atleast but with this issue have been hesitant to do so. As some of the red touches those areas.
999323 tn?1249916986 I would recommend using the Super Restorative Serum which gives 81% reduction in depth of lines and wrinkles and also 69% improvement in skin firmness along with many other advantages.This particular one is a lightweight creamy serum. This breakthrough, patented beauty treatment instantly replenishes, lifts and renews mature skin that is challenged by natural hormonal changes due to the aging process. Also, Look into trying the SUPER RESORATIVE DAY CREAM! Feel free to contact me anytime!!
Avatar f tn it was the strangest thing and I thought it would go away but it never did and in fact a lightened area on the side of my face still is there between the pink on my cheeks and the pink on my temples....after that, I started noticing gradually that my skin seemed pinker around these lightened areas and then eventually my skin became full blown red and much worse, and I did a week or two of a lemon and sea salt scrub 2 months prior to skin problems showing up.
Avatar f tn It seems to be as strong as this accutane/isotrenoin - given what I have read up on it, which I suspect is a derivative of retinol. Again retinol should be banned!!!
Avatar f tn Before going gluten free, I used to have five to seven of them on my face at a time, and usually all the time. Now I only get one or two every so often. They got worse around my period. When I mentioned this and other symptoms to my doctor, including giving her my research I did, she agreed it was the cystic acne. I hope this information helps. Like I said, I'm not a doctor, but many of you said it isn't the cutaneous horns. Mine aren't either, so I'm assuming it is the condition I mentioned.
Avatar n tn hi.. it could be a facial nerve weakness, which can be cured... check whether u can raise wrinkles on both sides of forehead or not? also whether u can blow air into ur mouth n both sides cheeks are equally out.. all these will be signs of facial nerve involvement which needs attention of a neurophysician!
Avatar n tn Dheanna, One of the documented and serious side effects of interferon is depression. Not everyone gets it; and if you don't and have never had depression, it is easy to pass it off. But it can be a very serious,debilitating, dangerous, physically induced effect of the chemicals and your brain and nervous system. You can't will it away. Right diet and exercise may relieve some depression, but they are not always enough. You have 2 more weekly cycles of tx.
Avatar n tn hi, in am 54 years now a mother 4 children. for the last six months i been having one side of my head num and painful up the nest. i always do massage and i feel better it is on and off. what is my problem and what is the cause. they not swollen.
Avatar f tn I'm about 15 weeks post TX (24 weeks on TX). I took about 3 months to lose the joint pain but it seems to have left the building. What's left: incredible insomnia. On the other hand, I feel a lot better when I'm sleep deprived than I did pre-TX. It's like I have more energy all of the time (unfortunately, even when I'm supposed to be sleeping).
Avatar n tn There is a small device you can purchase and use at home in conjunction with gels that cost about $30 AND it has the best results I've ever seen. Absolutely cost effective. It also minimizes lines and wrinkles on the face. It is a brilliant tool and a nightmare for plastic surgeons. I know because I'm friends with many of them.
Avatar m tn Hi I am 23 and have very suddenly developed a long line like a wrinkle from the side of my nose down to the corner of my lip, (like a 'laughter line' i think is the wrinkles' name) just on the one side of my face. I am very concerned as i am so young and it seems to have developed overnight. could it be slight swelling in my cheek?
Avatar n tn I was using Arbonne's face cleanser and cream (age-fighting) and it was great...ran out, didn't want to wait for shipping, and so I bought this ZIA brand face wash and cream. It didn't hit me right away, but about two weeks after I started using it, my upper lip began to feel chapped. Then, two weeks ago on a Sunday, my left earlobe itched like mad. I washed my face and ear with the ZIA brand stuff and went to bed.
Avatar n tn So I just watched the pretty colors, changing moving, etc - but it was so far on the left side of my peripheral vision, that you could only see what you could see, lol, not like LOOKing that way helped - in fact they kind of disappeared when doing that. Lasted about 20 minutes, and poof - gone. Thank you for this page!!
Avatar f tn I do have occasional itching or redness on either of my eyelids but it never amounts to what it used to be. One application of one of the medications takes care of it. I went back to using makeup again (same type I used before) and feeling like an attractive woman that I used to be before. I feel happy again but dread the return of the beast everyday. I was so miserable and hopeless six months ago...
1218873 tn?1300094816 HI I have had pain on one side of my face for 9 months now. It is constant, it is like a quarter of my head around my right eye, and feels like that side of my head is swollen. My eyelid droops, and my lower face mildly pulls towards it and my right eye wants to turn in, hence the double vision. My interpretations is that all the muscles and nerves on that side of my face are pulling really hard to keep that eye straight! LOL. Infact it would appear to be some type of spasticity.
Avatar m tn Just when i thought i was the only one with sores on my face as a result of self induced pivking i was definitely wrong.... i never wanted to own up to a problem but it seems i do and in definite need of some help as it is very embarassing and hurtful too when you go out and people see these lesion on your face or an attempt to cover up but look worse than with the sores. I dont know how to stop and get rid of these either....not sure what creams to use or anthing that will make me stop....
Avatar n tn Indeed, instead of 5 days, I have only 2 days of headache now, which has been a plus. On the other hand, there are a couple of things bothering me... I've always had problems with weight and I gain weight very easily. However, in the past few months, my eating habits are much healthier and I feel as if I'm eating less. Even so, I gained about 8 pounds in 3 months (since I started taking it). So I was wondering if it could be it?
200558 tn?1189759425 I am off medications (steroids almost ate a hole in my eyelid and can cause blindness) After it cleared up, the only effort is washing my face twice a day and applying Aveeno extra dry moisturizing on my whole face. For more information I authored two articles on www.associatedcontent.com. One article is entitled "Eye Eczema" and the other is "Blepharitis". Please search for it if these links doesn't work: http://www.associatedcontent.