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Avatar f tn Had a Hysterectomy 2 years ago. It seems like I am aging on my face, neck and hands very rapidly. Don't know if it is due to lack of hormones. Hot flashes are also a problem. Is it possible to age faster than normal. Took hormones since I was 40 and went off at 60 years old.
Avatar m tn Apply on the forehead, face and the neck. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes. Now take some lukewarm water in a basin and add to it the juice of one lemon. Wash your face with this water. Your face glows and radiates freshness. The worry and furrow lines are minimized. The apricot nourishes while the lime juice tightens the skin. Thanks for sharing with us.
Avatar m tn okay, so i have a line on each side of my face around if you drew a line across my face in the middle. i know they are not wrinkles, as i am not old enough to have wrinkles (still in twenties) and they are not bags because they are too low on my face to be bags (at least i think so) and i know for sure that they are not scars or anything like that.
Avatar m tn This really toned out my face and I was very happy with the results. One day I decided to go on this protein powder which is called up your mass. It's a weight gainer. I took that for about 2 weeks and noticed my face was heavily bloated again but this time my face looked sort of stretched in a way or flabby like there's excess skin or something.
Avatar n tn i believe i share the same problems as most but what is extremely weird about mine is that where the wrinkles stand on my scalp it seems like my hair struggles to grow. my hair only grows in full and thick at the ridges of the wrinkles. this is making me extremely depressed because i worry every day if i am going bald or not. please if any1 finds a solution help out.
Avatar n tn I wish wrinkles were my only problem.
Avatar f tn your right i didnt even realize that there was a dermatology forum...when i first woke up with the dry itchy red patches & swollen eyelids at one time i was devastated and my doctor gave me methylprednisolone tablets ,and when i took them i didnt see much of a diffrence.. my 1st appt at the allergist,she prescribed dermasmoothe, but that was just for tha small exzema patches on my face and neck...i still wakeup with wrinkels under my eyes &bags...
Avatar f tn My face and hands both show my age and then some, my face is gaunt, and the lines on my face are getting deeper. Moisturizers aren't helping much. Yes, I agree, better low cholesterol then worrying about my face, This aging thing sneaked up on me so I am still trying to get use to it, with little success.
Avatar f tn Not only do I have deep wrinkles beneath my eyes, on my forehead, and around my mouth, but as of the last year I have developed adult onset acne as well. I don't understand, while my girlfriends are slathering themselves with baby oil and roasting in the sun, I'm the one with premature wrinkles that make most people think I'm closer to 30 than 20. I come to this forum begging for any advice someone may have about my condition.
Avatar f tn As a matter of fact, isn't accutane suppose to rid one of wrinkles along with acne? I am taking this for a cyst problem on my back, not my face. But my face now has some acne and these wrinkles look like I have aged 20 years in the past month. I asked my dermotologist and she said not to worry- it will go back to normal after treatment is done. Can these wrinkles really go away? Are they reversible? I am scared stiff! I can't believe how this has changed my face. Please someone advise!
Avatar n tn I noticed that within the last few months, fine lines appeared on my face; one by the eye and one by the laugh-line. I have no others anywhere (yet). I'm aware that smoking causes premature wrinkling. If I quit smoking now, will it cease the line progression? Can it reverse the existing lines? Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn I am 44 yrs young and don't have any wrinkles on my face except under my bottom lip. I dn't smoke and find it strange that I have them in the area only. What can I do to plump up that area to get rid of these wrinkes. Can't afford injections of botox or collegan. Any suggestions of things that would actual work?
Avatar f tn Just to keep you posted--I have been taking 40 mg for 9 days now and my lips are already drying and I'm losing more hair than usual. I can't really tell any difference yet on my face except for a few more cyst-type pimples. My chest seems to have developed more rash-type acne. I know it can get worse before starting to get better. I'm really looking forward to the final results--I just hope the side effects don't worsen as I go along.
Avatar n tn I have been using benzamycin gel on my face for about a year now due to excessive oil and breakouts. However, my eyelids get so oily. So I did a really dumb thing and put benzamycin on my eyelids(just a little) two days in a row(I have since discontinued using it in this area). Well on the second day my eye lids became a little swollen and although the swelling has went down the inner part of the lid is very wrinkled. Do you think this is permanent? Is it scaring to the area?
Avatar f tn So now is the time you want to start using a good skin care regimen on your face to keep you looking younger and help prevent the lines and wrinkles that will start to form. I am an Independednt Beaty Consultant with Mary Kay and would be happy to help you with anything. I also have a personal website you can email me on. It is mymk.***@**** Feel free to respond here or email me and I will answer any questions you have and try to help as much as possible.
Avatar m tn For over a year I have had these strange lesions on my face. They start off small and continue to get bigger. They have these little fleshy plugs in them that hurt like hell. Nothing and I mean nothing gets rid of them unless you extract every single fleshy thing and just when you think you have more comes out. They scab over and over and over. Yes I have tried to leave them alone. I've tried fungal medication antibiotics ever essential oil or otc cream you can think of.
Avatar f tn Therefore I have put my career on hold in favour of a menial labour job. The wrinkles around my mouth make me look older which also stands in the way of my career since I don't have enough experience to compensate for my age in the eyes of potential employers. Both careerwise and relationshipwise, I don't see how to move forward short of changing my career (which I can't afford financially) and giving up on love.
Avatar n tn For two weeks I did crash dieting and found that some wrinkles has been appeared under my eyes and also dark circles under eyes. Can I remove these premature wrinkles by having good diet? Are these are permanent now and I can't do anything. Is there eye or face exercise that can help me to get rid of wrinkles permanently.
Avatar n tn hi i have got pigmentation on my face ,i think it/s sun damage but once i wanted treat my face and applied chines cream and now it's worth .please can you give me an advice?
Avatar n tn I used to put the coco butter on my face in small amounts on my eyebrows when I'd pick to much at the hairs I would pluck out and make red. It hurt like nonother at first but the next day it was less red and by the second day the scab was healed. For another alternative for your face scar you could go get micro dermabrasion done on your face.
Avatar n tn im in my early 20's and the past year or so ive been getting a redness appear across my nose and face, it seems to just come an go on its own ... i get a flare up about once a month...then it will pretty much go.the skin will get very red/dry and sometimes even itchy. i have a very good diet (im a veggie) , and exercise regularly. i do suffer from a dry scalp but again will just come and go. the only things my doc's want to give me is steroid creams...
Avatar n tn This all started after a few days of using an Avon cream designed to nourish the skin, reduce wrinkles and so on.. I used it for about another week then stopped. It has been almost 3 weeks and my skin is still peeling off ON A DAILY BASIS. Any Ideas of what it could be??? Thank you very much for your time and expertise. Linda L. Dykeman Email - vaughn.
1201433 tn?1329001237 Not to say you have a fat face...just saying, because I have some fluid in my face that sits a little unevenly and has made my nose fat too-And to think I once took beauty and health for granted! Ah well, take heart, as you feel better you will look better. All the best.
Avatar f tn I have lines all throughout my face and my skin is wrecking havoc. I don't know if its due to low thyroid, because I've read it can cause lines in face but goes away once on the right treatment??? has anyone experienced this? My hands are also wrinkling and I;m only 22.. I want to know if its thyroid or not before I go and buy creams and things like that.
Avatar f tn Hi, i have a very sensitive skin type and since last year i notice that i got some wrinkles under my eyes and on my neck, on my feet and on my hand. I really dont know what to do... I do takes a lot of baths, i dont have a particular sope. When i use creams with perfume, my skin become red and when i exfoliate it, it cut my skin. What can i do to prevent the wrinkles with that sensitive skin and take them off? What cream should i use?
Avatar m tn when my eyes are open and not scrunched up the wrinkles just look like lines but when i scrunch my face up they look a lot deeper and more defined.
Avatar n tn I have been having numbness on the left side of my face like a number 7, under the eye and down the inside of my cheek along my nose for a month. Also have had a little drooling. Was on Quinipril for 1 week and developed the numbness under my eye then next day it spread and had swelling. Doctor said it was a reaction to the Quinipril which was ok but I still have the numbness in my face. Seems to start the day with just a little and gets more numb as the day goes by.
Avatar f tn I have been having oilly,pimples and spot on my face,am light in complexion,plsssssssssssssss what can I use to smoothing my face
Avatar m tn My body is slim, i have a waist of 33. I have grown some fats on my face and now its round, my face used to be long 3 years ago which i want back. Suggestions on this please?
Avatar n tn i have the same probem , i applied toothpaste on pimples and i found that my skin became very dry with some dark patches on my face .