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Avatar f tn He will quite happy disappear for a couple of days only for me to have a chirpy phone call where he's making jokes and tells me to calm down. He often blames me for his actions saying if when he got home everything was happy, and all good he wouldn't feel like staying out. Mainly his drug use if down to stress at work, and he sees it as having a pint. He frequently 'disappears' although I call he ignores me, while he's out scoring his latest 'fix'.
Avatar n tn Stress has been called the great imitator because the sensations caused by stress can take place any where in the body, especially when one secondarily starts worrying about and observing small, usually overlooked, normal variations in the sensations of consciousness. Not a mental problem per se, but a sign of expression of distress.
Avatar n tn How you feeling today gal? Better i hope.... LOL only you would have psycho included. But you know what they say.... If the shoe fits. Take care of yourself ok.
212795 tn?1194956174 It's very easy with them. They talk abt sports or tell jokes, it's a pretty stress free environment. I used to have a female co-worker and she fit in well with this group too. I liked having her around b/c we could talk about relationships and other girlie stuff...she was very secure within herself though and I think that makes a big difference.
1056589 tn?1273750702 Who cares who wins or loses...that's how kids grow up with the pressures and stress of being number 1. With the thoughts that they can't disappoint their parents and the unrealistic view of the world. They need to learn rejection so that when it does happen, they don't take it so hard.
Avatar f tn In other words, I think I have the back of a 60-62 year old man. My wife jokes that she's going to buy me a scooter to get around on. But for know, I am still on two feet. Living in a 2-story house has also presented "wear and Tear" challenges that will eventually need to be addressed (as they would with most aging folks). It's just that for methat day will come sooner rather than later.
183784 tn?1189759432 Sadly, emotional affairs and emotional infidelity are becoming prevelant in the workplace and across the internet. The negative effects of having affairs on marriages is just the same for an emotional affair as any affair. Emotional infidelity is still infidelity, but just what is an emotional affair? An emotional affair is an emotional bond with someone other than your spouse. It does not have to be sexual, though usually there is a sexual attraction.
449498 tn?1338775639 Stacey1718: So, how often will you go for acupuncture? I'm really curious about this :) Is there a "fertility" treatment or you just go, like anyone else? Meaning, do you have to list a reason or an ailment as to why you're seeking their help? Please keep me updated on how you feel in the coming weeks. I sure hope it works for you ! I just had the "when are you having kids" conversation at work & it irks me, too !
798555 tn?1292791151 However, I know the pain from the discs when I overdo it, but I have daily stiffness/aches behind my hips up high around the sacum and I suppose near those bulges, but I get it around 3-5pm when I'm a bit more stressed maybe with afterschool homework and getting dinner ready,etc. I also will get it if I'm under any type of emotional stress for some reason earlier in the day. I get a very tired, fatigued pain all over my lower back just from standing or walking 15 minutes.
Avatar n tn I recently got married in Mexico where I was quite tan and knew that the wedding day and reception that we had back home would send me into waves of splotches, because I was so tan I didn’t get splotchy once. Caffeine, Alcohol, any emotion, or stress brings it out in me.
Avatar f tn Hi! I can certainly relate to a lot of what you are saying. I actually have my colonoscopy still scheduled for this Wednesday, Dec 19th, but decided to see anther gastro doc yesterday. The one that's doing my test on Wednesday only spent ten minutes with me (it was more like a consult). I needed more than that. So a friend referred me to this other person and I felt very informed when I left his office yesterday.
Avatar n tn It was pretty bad for a while, so shell0726, just hang in there because it will get better in time. I think the more stress and anxiety we feel, it causes the body to tighten up. Also, reading too much about the shot can really make the symptoms worse. This is a supportive environment here where we can all relate to the symptoms and offer positive advice. To: clgleaves, my husband didn't get it either, since he was against the shot in the first place.