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1285110 tn?1420150978 that I can do at home... Currently I am using 1.5kg dumbells and doing curls and lifts and I am doing standing push ups agains teh door/wall.
850661 tn?1245669656 I was once told that if you are pregnant you can still work out, but it is different workout. You are not working out to loose weight, you are working out to keep toned. They told me not to work too hard on the legs and build up muscle as it can make for a tougher delivery. Walking or a light run on a treadmill is still ok - just do what you can handle - same with the stepper. I would be ignoring the stomach crunches and the flat out run.
1417531 tn?1365601325 I on the other hand, have fallen off of the wagon several times, however, still enjoy the workouts when time and non-ivf days allow. We currently are using some free weights with the workouts however, our main source of weights are from the resistance bands. DH has said plenty of times that he would love to get some Bowflex SelectTech dumbells.... I thought for an anniversary gift that these would be ideal! Iron/Workout equipment..year 6 of wedding...
Avatar f tn I been somewhat keeping the workout but not as much. This week I only worked out twice. I deff need more motivation! I used to wake up at 5:30 4x week before pregnancy to work out, now barely at 6:15 and some weeks only work out 3 or 2 days....I put on 9 pounds and I'm 13&3 days!
Avatar f tn For example when i do basic lunges or back lunges the right side of me doesn't hold it, and i tend to fall, espacially when i use dumbells which is important for me to do since i wanna do weight training, other than that i noticed that my knees get weak easily, and also when i do leg press or donkey kicks or any leg exercise i tend to get tired rapidly at rep 12 ! Where my goal is to aim 20 per set :/ i go for it but i struggle when i get to 12, i don't understand is this normal ?
559862 tn?1311520237 I'm not sure of the specific regulations BUT in the third trimester video she says to switch to like 2lb weights...I've been using 5lb weights and feel fine/haven't had any complications. I think the thing with weights is that your body is changing due to hormones and things are stretching and loosening so the chance of injury is greater and that is why they want you to lift lighter weights/more reps.
Avatar f tn Now you don't have to lift weights. Alot of people think that resistance training = using dumbells but it doesn't. Resistance training is any exercise in which your mucles have to work against an opposing force (i.e pushing, pulling, squeezing etc..) Since you are young I would recommend ballet type toning exercise for resistance training.
1456938 tn?1314577036 // A range of Dumbells and mats for floor exercises. What I am wondering is that I am a complete and utter newbie in the exercise game, I play a LOT of the dance machine ( so my fitness is decent enough so I am not too bad with speed and whatnot.
Avatar n tn (I think), I mean no organs went out yet, but looks like the area is so weak that the left side is a bit higher than right side (of the triangle), I'm a male, 27, used to do about 20-30 minutes of ab workouts 3 days/week for the last 4 or 5 months, maybe I did something wrong coz I can't remember I never tried to lift something heavy. Do you think that I can tackle this problem without a surgery ?
579258 tn?1250652943 I bet your legs were tried?
Avatar f tn Hi im 36 years old, weigh 62 kilos (136 pounds) and im 5 foot 2 inches, ive been using the Wii Fit plus for 3 weeks 1/2 hour of jogging and 1/2 doing step with weights for my arms every day, im eating healthy lots of fruit, smoothies and keeping to 1200 calories a day, i am an active person without excercise but have been keeping to my 1 hour a day and im not losing weight, infact my weight goes up and down by 2 pounds nearly everyday!
Avatar n tn The recommendation is 10 glasses a day for adults and taking drinks every 15-20 minutes during workouts. Sports drinks and juices can replace lost nutrients during exercise. Some sports supplements are known to cause headaches. If you currently use supplements, try cycling out one thing at a time to see if something you are taking is causing the headaches.
Avatar n tn Thank you for sharing your experiance as I am going to increase streangthening my chest area using weights in my excercise routine. I'm pleased to hear that your "clicking joints" are going improving and hope your theory works for me too, as well as others looking for advise.
579258 tn?1250652943 Now anyone can lower their calories enough to lose weight, but at a low calorie level you risk your body using muscle for energy and the largest muscle is your heart. Fruit juice is high in calories and your body truly would be better served to eat the fruit as it is more filling and provides you with fiber. Have you considered eating well balanced meals ... 3 small meals and 3 small snacks ...