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Avatar n tn We could recommend specific exercises, but those two areas can be reached with probably over a thousand different ones, both with weights and without. But they do have to be done correctly to hit the right areas and so you don't injure yourself.
Avatar f tn I don't do abs(crunches,etc), lift over 15 lbs or overhead arm workouts all per dr. I believe all have to do with that abdomen problem you can get later on, but keeping at least a light workout and core apparently helps for pushing, which makes sense. I am so glad i kept up with it and i think it helped me to not get sick once and stay energized. Since you stopped, just ease back into it. And don't get too hot. I bring a mini fan or a cooling wet towel so i dont overheat.
Avatar f tn I've heard its ok to still workout but what can I do exactly?
Avatar f tn lay down on your back and keep your legs together then raise them to a 90 degree angle then back down to the floor without touching it. I usually do this for 2-3 minutes before switching to the next exercise. ex: 2 : bicycle kick, on your back get your elbows to touch your knees as you move them around like a bike (if that makes sense) ex. 3 on back, legs out on a 45 degree angle, you hold it there while you do crunches.
Avatar n tn It is really pissing me off because i can't do anything that i love to do without this stupid gagging sensation. Any fixes?
Avatar f tn To calculate the amount of calories you burn while doing squats without additional weights, multiply your weight by .096. Take the answer and multiply it by the amount of minutes you perform the exercise. 170 pounds: 244 calories per 15 minutes. ★ House Cleaning: 276 calories per hour, general house cleaning.
Avatar f tn If using weights what I was told when I used a personal trainer that if you are upping 15-20 reps without straining they are too light. Make sure to do three reps as well. They are also many exercises you can do without even touching weights or resistance bands! Good luck, you got this! You can always pm me to talk more.
172023 tn?1334675884 My legs are too sore to do much with them. My quad is still very tight and has a big knot in it. So lower body work is out. I believe I could do the cross trainer or the elliptical without dropping over dead. I think I'll do that, do some upper body work, swim for a while, hang out in the spa (hopefully that creepy guy won't be there--he hangs out there about 10 hours a day, it seems), and call it a day.
Avatar m tn What should I be cautious of? Most importantly...will I be able to lift weights aggressively without hurting myself? as well as run 2 or 3 miles?
2022474 tn?1328705151 I have devoted this to assisting you think about methods to do certain body weight exercises without costly exercise equipment. Pull-ups: Without having a pull-up bar, these can be achieved on the sturdy tree branch, certain support beams inside a basement (Make Certain This Could SUPPORT Unwanted Weight), or around the monkey bars inside a playground. Dips: You may also do dips inside a playground, or possibly between two tables or countertops.
Avatar f tn For beginners, machines are a suitable way to exercise without the risk of using dangerous, incorrect form with free weights. Always consult the machine's instructions before use. Avoid overtraining. A general workout is 150 minutes of medium-paced cardio exercise and two strength-training sessions per week. Body-weight exercises and calisthenics are ideal ways to exercise, especially if you're intimidated by exercise equipment.
Avatar n tn During the workouts, PACs are in evidence occasionally, however, right after workouts, for periods of 10-30 minutes, I appear to be susceptible to PAC attacks (>6 per min). My guess is that the adrenaline left over from the workouts is sufficient to stir up the foci responsible for the PACs. It may also be that the nervous system (sympathetic, parasympathetic and autonomic) plays a significant role in combination with raised adrenaline levels to kick up the PACs.
572651 tn?1531002957 Great question, Does standing up and yelling at the T.V. during NFL games count? I try to swim twice a week, and do light weights at the gym and my wife goes with me & I have the bike I try to use at home, during the summer if it's not to hot out I really enjoy yard work & taking my dog for walks. Now here in few more hours I get use my snow blower..
1698865 tn?1306873124 I used to be about 290 lbs, and thanks to a strict low-carb diet I got down to about 240 lbs, but then I hit a plateau. No matter what I did I couldn't lose any more weight. I started working out regularly when I hit my plateau and I still was not losing any weight. So after a few months of nothing, I thought 'it doesn't matter I'm not losing anything anyways' and I pigged out. A couple days later i stepped on the scale and i had lost 2 lbs!
Avatar m tn Wow i don't know why i never thought to do pushups with my knees on the ground... kinda like a DUH moment... but i could still use help with an exercise calorie counter. When i'm tracking how many calories i've burned in my cardio i never know if i should use my bike and treadmill numbers or if i should use a websites numbers... their drastically different sometimes my bike says i do 200 calories and a website says i do 800...
Avatar f tn Use weights and interval/circuit training to boosts your bodies metabolic rate and reduce you carb intake to about 20-30% of your total daily calories. Focus more on proteins from lean meats and vegetables such as broccoli. It takes more energy for you body to break down the protein and it will not cause drastic insulin spikes and fat storage.
Avatar f tn I also do herbal wraps around my stomach and gargle coconut oil for 20 minutes to pull out toxins. and I try to do this work out (Super fun and easy) as much as I can. http://youtu.
Avatar f tn Resistance training burns fat while you do it, but it also elevates your metabolic rate for up to 48 hours according to “The Abs Diet.” If you do full body workouts every other day, you can burn more belly fat all week long. Resistance exercise directly targets belly fat by triggering production of fat burning hormones. If you do a workout at night, take some protein before you go to bed to help with muscle recovery. It will not inhibit your fat burning and may actually improve it.
Avatar f tn Flexibility is ok now (135 degrees), but I still experience knee pain when I do leg extensions, even without weights. I also experience some knee pain if I do straight leg raises if the weight is too heavy. What should I do? Thanks in advance.
Avatar n tn As for contamination, Gym, if you want to eliminate that, you have to regulate the business world closely, and you don't want to do that, so how do you know that particular batch of chocolate you're eating isn't contaminated? It comes from the water, most often, and that changes over time.
1545481 tn?1325163686 17 Days Later Started Running and Boxing again Did 3 workouts last week ran 5 k in 25 mins as oppose to the 18 mins i normally do. Also hit the bag for 5 3 mins rounds did abs and stretch felt great. 5) 12-03-11 at 1am A fib for about 40 mins hospital said take Fecinde Acetate.
Avatar n tn So when do I need to go for surgery before or after the gym workouts. some people say that you can't go to workouts after the surgery for 1 year or so if that is the case then can I go for around 6 months of gym and then get the surgery done. Totally confused......! Plese suggest.
Avatar n tn I don't think I will ever have to miss work do to them. I am eating, not quite as much, but have a decent appetite. I think you will find people report a wide range of experiences from nothing to horror stories. I did have to give up cardio do to shortness of breath. Not sure if your lack of Sx will last or not, but you can certainly hope it will! Best to you, and let us know if your lack of sx keeps up.
212795 tn?1194956174 Once I deliver and recuperate for a few weeks I would like to start running, I am use to do weights (heavy), but have never done cardio, I just would like to prevent injuries, and even though I am not thinking of running long distance, but more doing high intensity 3 to 5 miles runs I would like your opinion on a technique that somebody I know have been using in her running for years, and since I identify with your way of viewing many things I would love to know your opinion on this...
Avatar n tn So you are using drugs and alcohol as a coping mechanism and it has gotten worse and worse and its affecting your work and you are counting pills, etc.. all which are addict behavior. The point i'm trying to make is that you need to focus on what to do after you stop the pills assuming you do (and i'm all for positivity that you can do it, its just not using AGAIN that is the kicker). Your problems will still be there. If not the same, other ones.
973741 tn?1342346373 It can also be dangerous if you do things you've never done before and do them wrong, and knowing how to do them right is very hard because everyone has a different theory. So there's that. No serious athlete skips weight training, not even today's golfers. It also helps shirts to fit better.
98010 tn?1305903335 At every meal try to have 40 40 20, 40% carbs 40% protein 20% fat, you could even cut your fat to 15% if you wish. Also with cardio do weights, weights increase your metabolic rate while resting and with cardio its very good.
Avatar n tn , it would be the rare member who is able to do that on the treatment drugs. I did similar workouts to you prior to treating and literally could barely make it across the street walking by week 3 due to anemia. Yes, it got better later on, but my exercise program (at best) was a 30-40 minute walk at a very moderate pace. As to gym work, I hate to say it, but women were out benching me at the gym, no doubt to due to weight and muscle loss.
Avatar m tn The steps to get the low body fat levels necessary to show six-pack abs are very, very strict than those you'd have to do to drop a few pounds and reach a healthy weight and, may not even be possible, depending on your genetic makeup. A six-pack is when your body fat level is low enough to reveal the segments that divide your front sheath of muscle fibers on your torso. For men, this body fat level is usually 6 to 9 percent and for women, 16 to 19 percent.