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Avatar f tn Today I worked out on the culver city scenic view walking up the stairs 5 times and jogging down. It took 82 minutes.
Avatar n tn I usually do about 30 minutes per day of intensive cardio exercise on a stationary bike usually. It seems that lately, after my workouts, for the rest of the day, or at least 4-8 hours after my workout, whenever I physically get up to do something I get easily short of breath, and it seems sometimes that my pulse also surges too high with activity such as walking up stairs. I have also noticed also that my standing BP will perhaps be 20 points systolic higher than my supine BP.
Avatar f tn but as time goes by it started my heart started to pounded more early in my exercises and now I can't even claim the stairs of my house without having this feeling (some days I feel it more then others). Did something like that ever happened to you? Do you know what can be causing this? I can't even do my workouts anymore because of its I do 1-2 squats and I feel my heart pounding....
Avatar f tn it actually woke me up last night. on friday night i worked out on my elliptical trainer for 20 minutes; about 2 hours later, the pain in my quads was really bad. any time i moved the pain was exacerbated. i felt a little better saturday morning, but the pain increased as the day went on and i felt exhausted. by sunday the pain was gone. now i'm just tired walking up a flight of stairs. i feel like my vision is blurry. my eyes are puffy. and i feel very weepy.
Avatar f tn I have been steadily working out for about 3+ years. I have been keeping track of my workouts, etc and have not changed them drastically, I do not like to 'over do it', I like to change it up, bike, run, cycle, eliptical, yoga...etc. I stick between running 1-3 miles a day at a fast pace, I used to do that 5 days a week, now maybe just 2-3 bc I have been doing cross training, sometimes I run slower on an off day.
755217 tn?1250542173 Well been on the day now for a whole week & feeling pretty good. Manged to lose a whole 6 lbs - woo hoo:-) So really happy. Planning on introducing more exercise this week, now I think I have managed to get my head round the other stuff..... Probably be in the form of workout DVD, but every little helps.
Avatar f tn Hi, I just joined after finding this site through google. What a great place! I'm 45 and have never had children. I've always had very regular periods, but had some spotting 2 weeks early back in August. I was also feeling ill and had a lot of mucous build up in my throat. These things are probably unrelated. It turns out I had a UTI but that didn't explain the spotting. My doctor sent me for a pelvic and transvaginal ultrasound to see if it was just menopause kicking in early.
Avatar n tn exercise burns calories and helps with weight loss. . Perform leg-intense cardio, like climbing stairs, cycling or running, to really work your legs. High-intensity intervals added into some days to maximize fat burn. Targeted training on at least two, non-consecutive days of the week can strengthen and tone your muscles.
Avatar n tn I am 17 year old female, I've gained around 10 pounds in the past year since I moved to another county (I'm now 160 pounds and I'm 5'5") and I would love to get back on track with my health. I used to weigh almost 190 pounds in middle school but thanks to JROTC, I lost a little over 30 pounds but since I've moved, I'm not in JROTC anymore and I spend 90% of my time at home because I babysit my little sister and I take my high school courses online.
349463 tn?1333575176 I work a pretty hectic high stress job (though not every day is bad but there can be alot of crisis situations)... My work also has 50+ stairs that on an average shift I go up and down over 10 times if trying to avoid doing the stairs.. As well its very fast pace and though are very flexible cannot always guarantee solid breaks due to the environment.. I was having alot of leg pain and back pain from the stairs, etc that I am not having anymore so thats a plus...
2044185 tn?1330801382 With my frequent episodes, the electrophysiologist was confident that he could stimulate it into action, and he merely touched the suspected lcation with the catheter and I went into SVT. I hope your procedure goes smoothly on Monday. Be sure to get back to us on how you did.
1397648 tn?1288146526 The advantage of this procedure over a typical ablation is it is much more affective on my condition, persistant, afib. It is more thorough and has better longterm results.It is definatley not a walk in the park. It is more invasive than the popular cardiac ablation, but as I said more affective on my type of afib, from the research I have done. I am going to answer as many questions as I can in order to help people that are considering the procedure.
Avatar f tn Thanks. I been cleaning nonstop for weeks lol. I live on the 3rd floor too. Stairs im use to :/ ..
Avatar m tn Its not a problem.Don't go alone to gym. Go with your friends and follow same time schedule everyday at gym.Notice your changes on your physic everyday. Do workouts perfectly consult your trainer for every workouts.And for Shortness of Breath, practice breathing.Sit straight or lie down on your back and take a deep breathe so that your upper belly should expands not your chest.(Tip: Keep your hand between lower chest and Belly.
Avatar m tn You need to increase nutrition and decrease calories as well as work out. Any movement is good. Walking, swimming or working out in a pool, climbing stairs if your knees can take it, just move. The Biggest Loser show is very inspiring and you will be surprised what you can do, although they push too hard on that show and can end up with injuries. But the main thing is not sitting or lying around - get outside and walk or work in the yard - anything that keeps you moving.
Avatar m tn Wow, I have had the same exact problem and could find nothing online. I saw two doctors who both looked at me like I was crazy and could find nothing wrong with my knee (although all I got was a cursory exam). My pains went away after a few months. This was probably two years ago and they have not returned since. The pain was awful. Easily a 10. I would writhe around for a few seconds and it would be gone. As you described, it could happen anywhere, at any time.
Avatar f tn If you have stairs in your home use them to run stairs on one of your aerobic exercise days. Sprint up the stairs, slowly walk back down and rest for 20 to 30 seconds and repeat. Stick to moderate-intensity cardio workouts, such as walking at a brisk pace, low-impact aerobics, jogging in place. Aim for 60 minutes per session. The goal is to get your heart pumping, breathing rate elevated and work up a sweat. It doesn’t take much to start burning calories.
Avatar f tn This is weird but I did boxing and crunches and other type of ab exercises all the way up until 7 months, it depends on pre level of exercise but i didnt show for a VERY long time i was pretty toned, so I'd say squats back workouts ,YouTube has so many good workouts for pregnant women u can watch if u dont kno how to do them... And eating healthy , i only gained like 10bs ,in my pregnancy... but everyone is diff, the more your active the quicker you get back in shape..
Avatar n tn I'm due Feb. 10th and I've been relaxing a lot and out of work during pregnancy. I want workouts to help with labor. Any suggestions?
Tbd You can also increase your regular activity. ie. walking up stairs instead of elevator. Walking while shopping (park farther away than usual), housework, etc. Hope this helps.
Avatar f tn The problem is, I have a very difficult time running, spinning or even climbing the stairs at my house without my calves and thighs burning. It takes about 3 minutes into a workout to feel what I think I should be feeling at the end of my workout. I feel like my muscles are going to jump out of my skin and they are on fire. It makes it hard to get through my workouts. What the could this be? It has always been this way.
Avatar f tn So I'm looking for a good way to get my butt bigger while prego my hubby is a butt man and I already have a nice butt iny opinion but its not tones And that's what he likes and I wanna give it to him I know working out is a must to get it there but squats hurt I'm too big I'm 24+2 and feel like a beached whale... so please help on how I can achieve my goal without feeling like a beached whale...I will do anything to please my hubby in any way also how do I get rid of a double chin?????!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn This pain will make you LAUGH at the first day's soreness. Simple things like lifting a coffee cup, typing on a computer, going up and down stairs, and sitting on the toilet will probably make you cry. Um...THIS is when you WORK OUT AGAIN. I know, right? Just when you think you can't bear to move, that's when you're supposed to work those same muscles. Set up your workout schedule so it looks something like this: M,W,F: Arms, chest, back, abs.
1331381 tn?1294114950 Didn't do as many songs as yesterday, but the workouts were more intense, so i think that kinda makes up for the lack of songs. I'm still doing the routine of alternating between one song moving and one song resting. Will probably keep doing that for this week, and maybe next week before i dive into two songs in a row before a break.
Avatar f tn Are u doing any workouts or walking for long periods? I noticed after barre classes i took around that time frame i would feel the same or if i walked around a store for over an hr without my belly bandit on, i'd feel it. I modified my workouts more and made sure to bring my belly support when i left the house. Those helped.
Avatar f tn My job is very physical and requires me to constantly lift objects often 50 pounds or more, run up and down several flights of stairs a day, plus I'm constantly on my feet walking around for 9 hours. I'm already in good shape so my doctor said it's fine for me to stay at my job throughout my pregnancy. If you didn't work out before you got pregnant then take it easy and take walks, do yoga, do some light weight lifting, or go swimming.
1078230 tn?1269651417 It feels worse now and now I can feel my left hip hurting too. It's on the side in the saddle bag area. I do leg workouts a couple days a week, if I'm lucky; such as lunges with 5lb weight, side lunges, diagonal lunges, squats and hamstring exercises. I jog 2-3 miles two to three times a week. I don't ever overdo it or exceed what I know I can handle. I can't understand why this is happening. I can't cross my legs and when I do, I feel a sharp pain when I uncross them.
Avatar n tn It started after i slipped on the stairs and hit that exact spot under my knee. I wasn't really able to walk for like a week. Now its way better but it still hurts if i have to walk for a long time. It also lowers my squating limit and other weight lifting abilties. Im also limited to running. Im thinking of buying a Brace for it but i dont know it will work.
Avatar n tn 30 min stairs/elliptical and 30 min weights. Upon completion of my workouts I never feel the Adrenaline rush that I should. The instructor and my doctor keep telling me I will get hooked on working out just for that rush. It was suggested to me that I might have an Adrenaline deficiency were my adrenaline glands have been burned out and don't produce any more. Is this true or possible? If so what can I do to have this tested and fixed.