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Avatar n tn The theory behind its use is that supplemental creatine can build up a reserve of phosphocreatine in the muscles to help them perform on demand. Supplemental creatine may also help the body make new phosphocreatine faster when it has been used up by intense activity. Some creatine is in the daily diet, it is not an essential nutrient because your body can make it from the amino acids L-arginine, glycine, and L-methionine.
Avatar f tn Listen to Applemeg. All you can do is Eat less and move more. Unfortunately you can't target where the fat will come off. However as you become leaner that fat will disappear. Good luck.
Avatar m tn // You can try and see if this solution works for you. Generally, I try to take a 15 minute break every 3 hours or so. That also helps with back problems and you get your blood flowing. I also take walks and have a skipping rope at hand when the weather's not that friendly. And good luck on finding the right stuff that suits you.
Avatar f tn You gotta have the discipline to follow through with your plans to achieve your goal. I find videos from Workouts on Demand suitable for me. You can check it out [url=]Exercise Video Downloads: Perfect for busy women -- Workouts On Demand[/url] and see if that works for you as well. Remember if you’re a beginner don’t over exert yourself to prevent injuries. Let your breathing be your guide. If you’re out of breath, you’re over doing it.
Avatar m tn The only other things I have going on that MAY be related, is an upper back pain/numbness... unknown cause. Been going on for years though. No diagnosis. So basically I'm out of ideas, and about to go insane. It's terrible at night not being able to sleep because of that feeling, and not being able to sleep with my girlfriend because I keep her awake with my constant moving around and itching...
Avatar f tn I haven't checked on-demand yet, but I think they have a pregnancy section. I am in the same boat about feeling tired all the time. Im in the middle of my 7th week, so hopefully I'll feel more up to activities soon.
Avatar f tn My sister in-law is interested in my workout plan now so thats great an I know its only been a couple pounds but I feel a lil better so thats great. I luv excersie tv on demand that is a great work out for someone who is jus beginng, its all different levels of workouts so thats good an im gonna stick to this. I cant wait until 1-13-10 thats my first offical weight check at my doctor.
773214 tn?1295138669 I actually signed up for a prenatal yoga class at the YMCA and I love it. DMarie919 - I found the candle light yoga on demand on Netflix was really good, and nice and relaxing.
Avatar n tn dont get me wrong, adderall doesnt make me sick or anything, it just keeps me so focused on school work and everything that my body doesnt demand food for the most part of the day. i just need the absolute best foods for extended energy that i can eat before workouts, earlier in the schoolday. but again they need to be somewhat small foods but with high levels of compact energy. any recommendations?
Avatar f tn I also started out at 240 and am down to 200. I also have exercise tv on demand and there are countless workouts I can do. I have my favorites, but they have some biggest loser workouts on there as well as kickboxing, zumba, etc. If you have it you can try out different kinds to see what you like or don't like.
Avatar f tn I started to make more time for myself by getting out in the neighborhood with the kids and walking, doing a 25 minute quick jog, or using free weights or cardio videos from On Demand at night. I'm now starting to see the scale move down again so I hope this helps you out too.
Avatar f tn My suggestions it to be very pushy, do not downplay your symtpons, write everything down, do research yourself and demand a large number of relevant tests up front on your initial visit to put your mind at ease or you will be waiting months if not years for any resolution.
461838 tn?1255793816 This is just my own experience… but my workouts and many other pleasurable things that I used to enjoy have taken a backseat to my treatment. Right now my number one priority is to do this treatment. The way I look at it, my body is not in the best shape anyway these days. To say the least!!! Ribavirin rashes over most of my chest and back, swollen ankles and feet, black and blue needle bruises on my stomach and arms. Luckily San Francisco is not a bathing suit wearing town!!!
649848 tn?1534637300 Hi. I just started last week of January 2014. It is already almost 5 months after my delivery. I want to go back to my pre pregnancy weight. I find that when I am listing the calories I consume, it is easier for me to control my food intake. That is why I started using the diet diary. It is a big help. I am also exclusively breastfeeding now so I can't take just any food supplements to help me lose weight and I cannot do crash diets. I just want my intake controlled.
Avatar f tn I lost most of my baby weight by the time he was about 6 months old (gained 40lbs almost) just by taking 20-30minute walks with my baby daily (nothing too long), and doing workout videos on demand on my comcast cable (usually also 30 minutes).... they have everything yoga, cardio, dance, weight training. You just go to the sports and fitness sections and they have tons of free workout videos. Usually, I time this around his 10am bottle.
Avatar f tn Hi, I recently joined an aerobics class, not too intense, it's mostly upper body workout and a bit of jogging on the spot. It lasts one hour, but I can't even get through 10 mins. Everyone else seems fine, but I start getting dizzy, short of breath and feel like I'm going to vomit. Then my face goes flush red. Last time this happened I vomitted, so I went to the walk in clinic right away, they said I have extremly low blood pressure.
Avatar f tn This would be when the protein is more than 60% of the overall diet. The higher the percentage, the higher the demand on the kidneys, and the increase of damage. A protein shake after your workout would not be elevating your protein content anywhere near the dangerous range. However, It is more important that you take in carbohydrates after your weight workouts - not protein. The ideal ratio is 4 carbohydrate to 1 protein.
Avatar f tn Fatigued, brain fog, difficulty multi-tasking, extremely dry and tight skin on face getting worse every week, hair falling out, hair breaking, iron-deficient anemia, menorrhagia, weak during workouts, cold hands and feet, and on and on.. Having very difficult time finding doctor willing to even do more testing after TSH reading of 1.62. Found endo who ran more tests. Here are the results: 6 weeks later TSH 1.78 (range 0.4-4.50) Free T4 0.96 (range 0.8-1.
Avatar n tn 30 feel a bit wobbly. My workouts are much slower than when I was on Verapamil but then my resting heart rate is about thiry beats less now and my by has dropped from and average of 145/95 to 116/67 right now (5PM) which is typical. I run at noon and boy oh boy is it harder since I started on the atenolol. My mile time averaged 9min for 3-5 mile runs and just now one month into it is breaking 10min miles. Its really slowed me down but doesn't stop me.
Avatar n tn The Toporol is a beta blocker and will decrease the heart rate even more.Is the pacemaker on demand or continiuos? I experienced a syncopal episode several years ago where I lost consciousnesss and my heart rate was out of controlThey found arrythmias as well as a leaky mitral valve.I didn't even know I had The leakage from the valve causeed cardiac enlargement and set off the cascade of arrythmias cusing loss of consciuosness .
Avatar n tn Before the heart attack I had followed a high intensity exercise program involving both cardio exercise and very heavy weight lifting. I never expereinced any problems while exercising and the attack occurred on a rest day. My plan is to focus on more cardio work with less intensity and to also weight train with moderately heavy weights for higher reps. I also plan to reduce my bodyweight from a lean 210 lbs to a very lean 190 lbs.
Avatar n tn I am not a doctor and do not want to worry you in more than you already are yet I just read your post regarding your daughter and I would encourage you to ask questions of possibly an infection called "osteomyelitis". I am an adult who contracted osteomyelitis (bone infection) in my spine from a serious hospital acquired staph infection from a back surgery I had done last year. I am seen regularly by my infectious disease doctor as well as my neurosurgeon.
544292 tn?1268886268 Hi Everyone and Welcome, Come on in and make yourself cozy. You can do this!
1523285 tn?1315006718 Try to add in all more good carbs and fats to my diet to help maintain my weight which is what have been doing a d I had to back down on my gym workouts to just light workouts on the treadmill and elliptical machine but I just feel that my obgyn is nottaking me seriously. I reallt don't want to change dr due to the fact that thiz practice has delivered all my other kids but I am strongly thinking og looking for someone new who will atleast listen to me.
Avatar m tn Surgery or Iodine Radiation Theropy. I took radiation. After 5 yrs being on Levoxyl, I started working out for my health. I've tried what I feel is every diet and cardio workouts out there with no success in losing weight. I'm not obese-I started out at 215 lbs., 6'-1" tall. In these yrs. I have only been able to lose 13 lbs. 16 mos. ago I decided to forget the weight loss and went to heavy lifting to build muscle mass, with little or no results.
1050938 tn?1311557178 Since I embarked on this endeavor two years ago this month, the mirror is showing me a person 96 pounds lighter these days. Ideally, I suppose I should say that it was my willpower and regular workouts that had this effect. As I am not sponsored by any major franchises to tell those kinds of fibs, however, I can say that I have not at any time gotten around to "exercising" nor have I chained the refrigerator door shut.
Avatar n tn They feel like my heart stops for a couple seconds. On one holter test, the longest one was 2.1 sec, during sleep. On the same test I had 145 late beats in 24 hours. What are late beats? 3. Last holter was 4 months ago. Had an episode of pauses for like an hour, and told doc, and nothing but PAC's PVCs and aberrant beats showed up during this time. What are aberrant? AVg rate was 45. Is this SSS??
Avatar n tn (I was in the ER and had an EKG for normal palpitations and the ER docs sent it to a cardiologist without me asking, but sometimes this doesn't happen) Sorry if I am rambling but I feel whenever you have a concern you should demand answers from your doctor instead of just taking their word that everything is fine.
Avatar n tn We tried some AIT on our oldest, who is on the autism spectrum. He kind of liked the music, but I don't think it did anything for him.
Avatar n tn My energy fades in the evening and my workouts are still not 100% but every single day gets me a little closer. Something I am so grateful for today is for New Year's Resolutions. For the last 4 years I never made them, I would come up with some cynical retort about how "lame" they were. The truth is that I knew that I only had one to make and that was giving up the tram, which was something I did not think I could do.