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10233378 tn?1427165482 I'm 6 weeks and 2 days and I was just curious on what workouts are good while you're pregnant? I'm not working right now so I have plenty of time to work out but don't want to do anything excessive and I don't want to be a couch potato my whole pregnancy lol. Any ideas are appreciated!
Avatar f tn I have been really active before getting pregnant also, my doctor told me that if you're already active it is fine to keep doing your regular workouts.. just monitor your heart rate, try not to get above 150. I asked her if boot camp classes and spin is still okay (by two favorite) she said as long and I'm monitoring I can do whatever I feel like as long as it is safe and I am not over heating (no more kick boxing).
4437866 tn?1388123224 It is helping me feel better this pregnancy than I have in my others. I love zumba! I just don't do all the jumping now. I did p90x after my last pregnancy and it worked wonders so I think I will do that again.
20391860 tn?1497234141 A full 7/10 on my silly little scale. My mind still remains oddly clear however, Jumping here and there with hopes of the future and regrets of the past. I'll be honest and tell you that this level of withdrawal, at this extended of a period, has caught me completely off guard. People told me it was an Insidious kick and I tried to appreciate their wisdom but perspective matters and I suppose I'm earning mine now...
1829282 tn?1325595258 Jumping Jacks, Knee highs, push ups, sit ups: 10mins Bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, IYTAs: 5-8 lbs (2 sets with 5s 1 set with 8s) Reps of 12-15, 3 sets each Elliptical: Level 10-12 35 mins Sauna: 10mins Tuesday January 3, 2012: Jumping Jacks, Knee highs, push ups, sit ups: 10mins forget the rest because for some reason it isn't showing in my tracker!!!! Treadmill: Believe it was around 40 minutes..
4322184 tn?1352879610 20 minute jumping jack workout. I watched the video all the way through, but I didn't do the workout. I know me, if I'm going to commit to doing that sort of workout twice a day for the next 4 weeks, I need to have a darned good motivation for it. Vague concepts like "being healthy" or "being skinny" don't do it for me.
Avatar m tn Boosting your energy, raising your resting metabolic rate, relieving stress, and preventing disease and degenerative conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. You should aim to include at least three workouts a week, completing two to three sets of 12 reps of each exercise each time. Include exercises like dumbbell squats, barbell rear lunges, dumbbell step-ups, glute-ham raises and weighted crunches to get big muscle gains. Cardio is very important in your workout.
2022474 tn?1328705151 Introduction This really is mainly a body weight program that you can do entirely aware of little equipment. Body weight workouts are good simply because they will train parts of your muscles working together while reducing the chance of injuries that weights often exacerbate. We'll be focusing on a four day split. I've the workout looking for Mon-Tue-Get married-Comes to an end, however, you can pick any four days such as the following exactly the same pattern.
Avatar f tn Out door running and some basic workouts combined with high intensity intervals...something like mountain climber, jumping jacks, jump rope, switch kicks, burpes, squat jumps, push ups, and belt the top of my head...
7470604 tn?1396502550 It's dancing and jumping and twisting. You will want to start out a little lower intensity for your workouts once your doctor releases you.
Avatar f tn I wouldn't risk it
Avatar f tn I know you can continue to work out but I would ask the Dr which workouts are ok just to be safe. Maybe it's because I'm almost 36wks but I couldn't picture myself jumping rope lol. But I'm pretty sure keeping up with a workout routine will help you have an easier delivery.
Avatar f tn It's not bad I kept doing my workouts until I was 6 months. My doctor says not to lift more then 25 pounds. Also don't allow your self to get out of breath. Keep working out but know your limit. No jumping or lifting instead walk incline.
Avatar f tn Lightened my weights, stopped jumping and am moving my an workouts to just core stuff with body weight. Definitely not pushing myself hard like I uses to. I suggest Keeping your exercise moderate.
Avatar n tn Circuit training burns 30 percent more calories than typical weight training workouts. You can easily do circuit training workouts at home or at the gym on your own. Workouts last 30 to 45 minutes each and use either dumbbells, resistance bands or just your own body weight as a resistance. You're doing a series of exercises one after another in a circuit without taking any breaks in between the exercises.
Avatar f tn Its really delicious personaly i couldnt stop drinking it . So for exercises i would recommend doing jumping jacks , abs workouts and squats . You can also just do some cardio or just chill out and dance :) . You can find a lots of workouts in youtube .Sport is addicting when you start you will love it . Just dont do diets they wont help because your body will just collect any fat that you have so it wouldnt starve .
Avatar n tn ) so I can monitor my target heart rate while doing my cardio workouts. What I have noticed is that my 'normal' blood pressure while sitting is between 120 - 127 / 90 - 97 HR 84.. however, after I workout it drops to 120/80-84. First off, do I need to be concerned about the high diastolic blood pressure and secondly is it a 'good' thing for your BP to drop when your heart is being worked? Thank you.
Avatar m tn I hurt my foot jumping off a steeplechase barrier during cross country practice 5 days ago and forced myself to walk on it over the next few days until i got an xray and was told it was broken- a displaced fracture in the 5th metatarsal. I have been aqua jogging every day since and strength and conditioning exercising but i still feel its not working me hard enough. I am a runner and am terrified of my losing my fitness.
Avatar f tn I've been diagnosed with PVD and was told not to engage in any "aggressive" type of exercise (anything more than a walk) for 3 weeks. I believe the idea is to avoid any activities that are impactful or jarring such as running. What about strength training? Should lifting weights or engaging in body weight functional movements, i.e. push-ups, lunges, squats, etc. be avoided as well?
Avatar n tn Just make sure that you are not doing any high impact activity for the time being (like anything involving jumping), as it will put more stress on joints that are already stressed. For now try to stick to lower impact activity (especially when doing cardio) like cycling, elliptical, walking, swimming, etc. Again congrats on your initiative :) keep up the good work!
Avatar f tn Im a group fitness instructor and im pregnant with my second. Ive been teaching and doing my own workouts through out my pregnancy. My Dr. Said it was fine to workout but listen to your body. If your tired then don't feel bad about missing a few days. Obviously, jumping or serious heavy lifting is out. But you can definitely continue. Don't do anything you've never done before.
Avatar f tn I wouldn't recommend any type of exercise that involves jumping around while pregnant. Exercise while pregnant is a great thing butbu don't want to do anything that will harm ur baby or cause u to go into pre term labor. Walk go on Google ull find great exercises u can do while pregnant also they make workouts for pregnant women. And u should consult ur Dr before starting anything since everyone's different as are there pregnancies. Some women its not safe for them to workout.
Avatar f tn Many gyms have a wide selection of group classes that include yoga, aerobics, step aerobics and dance-style workouts such as Zumba. Joining a class for beginners can help if you feel unsure of how to proceed with your workout. Remember, you're likely not the only gym newbie in the class. As you exercise in a class, you might feel more confident and even find a future workout partner. Check the area of the gym that features a number of cardio machines.
Avatar m tn it would flare up often after workouts etc. then after some time go away. but every so often the small of my back goes out too, and feels as if there is a spear from my testicle to the left side of my back diagonally...where it joins into the inner hip at this pain part of the epididymitis or not? it took several years but a doctor diagnosed the epididimytis..gave antibiotics but because it was caused by sport injury i could not see what antibiotics had to do with it so did not take.
395769 tn?1318453282 NO AB WORKOUTS THAT YOU HAVE TO LAY ON YOUR BACK! power walking and light weight are perfect. Nothing that deals with jumping or jerking your body. OH and def no squats!!! but you can do the standing leg squat with a chair in front of you.
Avatar n tn A treadmill may work for your indoor walking/running. Jumping rope is great exercise as are good quality mini trampolines, and stationary bikes too. If you don't wish to make that big an investment, do you have a DVD player , VCR or cable TV? There are fitness tapes and videos you can buy or get from the library. There are also cable stations that run exercise shows all day long. If you work out with one of those for 30 minutes a day that would be something.
Avatar m tn I started doing Crossfit (high-intensity aerobic exercise) about 2 months ago. Today, a couple of minutes after completing a high-intensity workout of rowing, jumping and running, I experienced intense pressure in my chest that took several minutes to go away. The intensity of the pressure was constant; it didn't change with inhalation or exhalation. I checked my heart rate and it seemed stable. I have never had this experience after exercise, so I am a little concerned.
15795633 tn?1443189638 Circuit training burns 30 percent more calories than typical weight training workouts. You can easily do circuit training workouts at home or at the gym on your own. Workouts last 30 to 45 minutes each and use either dumbbells, resistance bands or just your own body weight as a resistance. You're doing a series of exercises one after another in a circuit without taking any breaks in between the exercises.