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293845 tn?1228001130 Hey girls, I'm looking for a workout video to get me back in shape. I want one that I can feel sexy doing. I looked at Carmen Electra's aerobic striptease DVD but it got bad reviews. People said it wasn't much of a workout but they did feel sexier doing it. I also saw the Girls Next Door video and that one got better reviews, people said they were sore from the exercises. But it doesnt have any stripping or anything like that. Does anyone know of a good sexy workout video??
427382 tn?1298213186 If anyone is looking to get the video quicker and save a few $$ on shipping, I think the video is standard issue at Target. Jillian has 2 other videos as well. I also workout to her cardio one. It is 45 minutes but when I have time it is a nice change up from the 30 day shred. Jem - I think the wine is totally worth and extra few pounds.
Avatar f tn I often found it hard to get out for a walk or go to the gym so I bought the Jillian Micheals 30 Day Shred DVD. Great workout! I also bought her Shred it with Weights and 6 week Abs. They are all about 25 min long and I do it while the girls are in the same room playing or are eating a snack. All you need are light weights 3-8lbs and a mat if you dont have carpet. I have lost almost 30 pounds since the beginning of Jan. I have about 13 more pounds to go.
Avatar f tn But I have the insanity workout videos and I'm gonna get a belly bandit this time lol I've heard insanity will be impossible for me because the fittest of people have a hard time
Avatar f tn I also exercised regularly before pregnancy and my doc and ob friend said that I may continue activity as normal as long as I'm tolerating it well. Some days I have to shorten my run and walk half or modify my exercise videos, etc but have continued a daily exercise plan. Your doc will prob ask you to quit biking at some point. I am an avid snowboarder and they had me stop this at 12 weeks. She said no fall risk after your uterus starts to come up out of your pelvis.
Avatar f tn My breasts always seem empty after I workout so I have my husband feed Mark after I workout. For my birthday (on the 10th) my husband is buying me a year pass to Bikram Yoga- YAY! Once I start that I hope that the weight melts off as it did with my first.
4332997 tn?1358732215 Lol but yea it's an amazing challenge and it's actually not as strenuous as I thought it was going to thing I would do is look up a few YouTube videos on the proper way to squat because if you do them wrong you can seriously hurt yourself and while your pregnant I wouldnt risk doing them wrong!!!!!!! But me I'm on day 5 as well 70 squats today!!!!!!
Avatar f tn They also have great workout videos for pregnate women that are fun and easy. Good luck!!!
Avatar m tn I feel bad because I can't fulfill his needs, and I noticed that he's been looking up his ex, and bikini videos(he'd rather see girls in bikinis than watch porn) So it makes me feel even worse. I have no idea why he's looking up his ex. So it's kind of getting to me.
704458 tn?1236844843 I usually find that my inches move much quicker than my pounds... we are all different which is why different weight loss plans work for different people.. the key is finding out what works best for you and remembering that because it is good for you does not mean it is the right way or the right plan for everyone else.
1127564 tn?1262548356 I have tried workout videos but I always find them tedious. I do 5 pound weights. I know that anorexia is bad I used to suffer from it. That is something I do not want. Yoga hmmm.....I will look into it.
Avatar f tn So I came up with a competition (errrrr--- WE came up with a competition) to lose weight. You know how you never ever feel motivated to workout? Well I decided to make up prizes and ways to earn money so that whoever loses 50 lbs first WINS. IT IS ON, people! If the Biggest Loser can manipulate people with all these prizes to lose weight we're totally doing it too. Apparently money is a great motivator! Check out what I just typed up and printed off on Word.
Avatar m tn I'm almost 20 years old and i first started feeling like this when my uncle posted a video all over the internet of me acting like mr.bean back when i was around 15. He then proceeded to post 2 more videos which brought upon a huge bullying episode for the rest of my schooling life (2-3 years). This i think, is what initiated my physical and mental behavior to change.
Avatar f tn I still didn't make it through the whole workout. Oh well, I guess I have my goals cut out for me then. Since I didn't make it all the way through, I decided to do some Wii boxing too. So I did break a pretty decent sweat. DH said it was gross :) I guess I will be satisfied with that for today. Tomorrow will be a "rest" day for me since I have class after work and darn if I'm getting my a$$ out of bed any earlier in the morning!
1654058 tn?1407162666 Thank you so much for all of the the kind words, support, reminders, and how to's. Your personal stories and anecdotes kept me pumped up throughout the long hard 43 weeks. All my girls, Frijole, Belle, Anne, Advocate, Orphanedhawk, Pooh, Dee, nygirl, Beeblessed, Gerbils..... i shouldn't start a list cause I could name you all. To all of those w/ cirrhosis, even ESLD, who are treating or considering it.... GO! Find a good transplant hepatologist and do whatever they say. I got my life back.
1842956 tn?1318786936 and I refused so agreed to start a really good exercise routine. I exercise 4times a week, with a good workout routine so that I exercise all parts of my body and I walk everywhere that I can. I have a problem to remember to drink water because I dislike the "taste" of water.. which I think may be part of my problem.. however I do not drink juice or any alcohol or soda, etc..
Avatar f tn I have also started exercising with the girls from work 2 nights a week. We meet at my chruch and do workout videos. We weigh in and take measurements. It has been a lot of fun and everyone has lost weight and inches. If you would like any more info on Weight Watcher, just let me know. I would love to loose weight with you.
Avatar m tn When I first saw this it didn't bother me but one night I was watching some youtube videos and I saw this guy who I thought looked good. It crossed my mind what if I could be gay? It didn't bother me at first but the next day it was killing me. I kept thinking about it over and over again. After a little while it some how went away for like a week. (That is why I think it is some kind of OCD) Didn't even bother me. It was still in the back of my mind but didn't bother me.
4614494 tn?1368359985 Omg toothfarie !! I wish I had an extra room for my treadmill. Not much extra room In the house. But I don't care I love it!! Lol. I use it ev day and am addicted to it too!! Lol. I get easily addicted to things. Lol. At least this is a good addiction. Right?? I have lots and lots of videos and weights at Hm too. Hi my name is Christina. I'm addicted to my treadmill. Lol. There. I said it.
Avatar f tn I could not of said it better then jifmoc!!! I just wanted to add one thing I did over 2 yrs ago is got some Videos and paperwork on Addiction in a more Scientific way. This will not cure you, but if your Hub or Family watches or reads they might give you more support. Do not beat your self up, it is a Disease and like all others we need help & support.
579258 tn?1250652943 Sure, there are videos for everything. I was hired to teach step at our Y, even though I had NEVER done it before. I had to quit a year ago, though, because of my knee. I had to practice too much. I'm just grateful that I can still go to class!!!
Avatar n tn About how we should also really worry about avoiding watching actual sexual actions and that pictures of arrousing images are ok and even videos of arrousing images are ok, aslong there is no actual sex going on?
Avatar f tn Most department stores have pedometers that range in price from just a few dollars that count only steps to very expensive ones that will tell you miles walked, calories used, etc. Also, there are a lot of good exercise videos you can get that come in handy for cold, rainy days or other times when you just can't get out to walk. Most don't require a lot of expensive equipment and you can do them while the baby is napping.
145992 tn?1341348674 I know I don't have anytime to workout either-I wish I did! I work full-time and by the time Avery goes to bed which isn't until 9, excersing is the last thing I want to do! Last night she didn't go to bed until 10:15. By then I am exhausted!! I also know people that had babies and they have no stretch marks, no sagging skin-It just isn't fair!! I hate people like that!
Avatar m tn Laughing is also one of the fastest methods of relaxation, know to quickly reduce stress and the physical and mental illnesses associated with stress. Additionally, laughing is a great form of exercise that burns calories just like a workout." There's a whole lot more.....but that's just a taste. I "binged" medical benefits of laughing and read for hours. And since my hubby has next to "zero" sense of humor....I'm on a new mission hahaha! Anything that is free...
Avatar n tn I think its just desensitization, It used to be just naked girls, then that got old then lesbians and so on, so now a beautiful woman naked on my bed I guess doesn't work despite my desires or intentions.
Avatar n tn Ive gone on a few dates but never invite or accept to go back to girls houses cuz im so scared. Im a recovered drug addict and I have substance induced anxiety, I was still having serious anxiety when I attempted to have my first time (17 years old) and i was sooooo nervous and i was like having an anxiety attack and i couldnt get hard or stay hard long enough to do the do.
Avatar f tn but i have seen one on the internet and was disgusted. i could never be with anyone who wasnt. and i know alot of girls who feel that way around here. and i wouldnt want my son to be made fun of later on in life. and i totaly disagree about the pain thing. my son cried for like 2 mintues and was over it. and it healed in 3 days.. wasnt a problem at all.
Avatar f tn Look up Lorna Vanderhaegue's site, she also has videos and a radio show on her site. The products she recommends have been all lab approved and tested. Pick up her book its great. Google site (I live in Ottawa, Ont, Canada) and research everything you could find on fibromyalgia. The Internet has a wealth of information available for you to peruse. Here is what I did: I made an appt. with an Environmental specialist and a Naturopath.