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Avatar f tn For example, I am moving from walking to running using a 8 week training plan -- walk-run; lower body strength training using body weight; low impact aerobics; etc. Currently, the entries look something like the following: running day -- 13min running; 27min walking; and recovery day -- low impact aerobics; 30min weights. The system will not allow me to log under the same time (4:00AM). How do I show this is alternating between the different activities?
Avatar n tn Are you losing weight at all? The best way to keep weight off is to lose a bit at a time so it stays off, and you don't say if you're getting anywhere or getting nowhere. I would ask, if this exercise is new to you, meaning you weren't doing this before, do you notice anything positive happening in the shape of your body?
Avatar m tn I try to make sure that I am consuming half my body weight in water. Most of my workout consists of 45- 50 minutes of cardio, and I have not had any problem. I recently worked with a trainer to introduce weightlifting, and the soreness and hives followed. Yes. Even with my so-called healthy lifestyle, with lots of nutrients, I had an outbreak of hives. There is medical research that suggests that pomegranate juice is effective for reducing the soreness associated with DOMS (i. e.
Avatar f tn researchers argued that the present recommended daily allowance of protein, 0.36 grams per pound of body weight, was established using obsolete data and is woefully inadequate for an individual doing resistance training. Researchers now recommend an amount between 0.8 and 1 gram per pound of body weight. Add a serving, like 3 ounces of lean meat, 2 tablespoons of nuts, or 8 ounces of low-fat yogurt, to every meal and snack.
Avatar n tn i gained a lot of weight after my 2 mc. For me i think it was a mixture of hormones, and depression eating. Also i wasnt very active, real upset and couldnt get out of bed. So i started this pregnancy ( 36 weeks now ) almost 15lbs heavier then i should have. Its going to be hell trying to get it off!!!
Avatar n tn I`m just now getting results using a weight loss clinic. Pills, shots, diet exercise, and not much food. And water, lots of water. I am still on effexor and probably will be for a while yet. This diet , is at least motivating me to really keep working at it and hopefully be able to get off the diet meds, and the effexor sometime,too.
Avatar f tn Personally, I would dig a little deeper to find out what may be causing your body to store the extra fat. I blew my rapid weight gain off for a few months before I finally relented and had the labwork done...thankful to know that it is something that will correct itself with proper and prompt treatment.
Avatar n tn I am 5'10 and also considered obese by most charts, but I tend to disperse the weight over my whole body. I think that about 75% of my weight issues are mental and revolve around feeding my emotions (depression/anxiety) and the PCOS/insulin resistance only compounds habits that already existed. I have had to get "real" with myself and seek out other ways to deal with my anxiety and seasonal depression. Working out is that las thing that I would ever want to do, but it does work.
Avatar n tn In the meantime she said that the body will refuse to give up the weight, and that if I undereat, the body is so desperate to keep the weight that it will eat away at muscle before it eats the fat.
649848 tn?1534637300 Now is the time to rethink options and make our resolutions It's time to decide what we are going to do for the next year, regarding our weight loss efforts. I know there are a lot who are having health issues and of course, LIFE takes over sometimes and we don't seem to be able to follow through with our commitments.
Avatar n tn You should eat at least 1800 calories a day if you are exercising. Your body is clinging to weight. It's in starvation mode.
Avatar f tn I don’t need the same amount of muscle to support a smaller weight. As I gain weight I gain more muscle to support the weight, if it didn’t the body would cave in on itself. But for that same reason, as I lose weight the muscle that grew to support the extra weight will atrophy (get smaller)! when I am losing fat weight and am over 250 lbs, I will not gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. I will lose fat weight, muscle weight, scale weight.
98010 tn?1305903335 If you are exercising more then drink more water - if you don't your body will store fluid to counteract the sweating and salt changes in the body - your weight increase could be fluid.... ideally drink water before during and after your exercise- Muscle weighs more than fat but to make a difference on the scale you need to be building muscle which you do by weight training not aerobic/cardio exercise....
Avatar n tn I also weight train 3 days a week. 1 days lower body and two days upper body. My body fat has increased and my pants size has increased. Why can't I lose the weight or at least the body fat? Does anyone have advice for me?
Avatar n tn I have added weight training to my routines (all of this in my good old basement....with a mirror for proper form and body-awareness, and my blarring music). I had a surgical menopause in 2000 and had no idea of the fallout from that and I do many things to deal with it, but if I drop the exercise for any period of time.....I truly suffer. This is great modeling for your kids, too. That is why your patience is also important.
Avatar f tn I had talked with my doctor about the shot possibly having an effect on my weight since I had not changed my diet and exercise routines and had unexplained weight gain. She assured me that weight control was only dependant on calories consumed versus calories burned and that I must have changed something without really noticing, that the shot could only potentially increase my weight by 5 pounds in a year.
Avatar f tn Drink lots of water throughout the day, even during workout. Breath! Dont hold your breath during strenuous routines. You can also try a creatine & protein post workout drink to help you along the way.
Avatar m tn Your body can handle more weight as you're lowering the bar than as you're pressing it up. Repeated lowering of a heavy weight will slowly help your body adapt and learn to handle more weight in general. Eventually, you'll be able to press a heavier load too, says Philippi. The slow lowering also creates a lot of tension in your muscles as they work hard to keep the bar stable. That builds more size. Your Legs Need a Boost Fix It with Partial Reps Set up a box about 2 inches behind your body.
Avatar f tn Plus the doctors keep telling how I'm going to make labor so much easier on myself because I continued my vigorous workout routine. I hope this helps encourage you to keep up with your workout routines. Good luck with everything!
Avatar f tn And if I do toning exercises after cardioid will it tighten my skin up? I workout 6 times a week. I do different things in different days. I give myself one day to rest. Am I working out to fast? I do eat right. I eat small portions also. I mainly workout with videos and stuff like Jillian Michaels. Can anyone make suggestions in my routines?
Avatar m tn Get into using Gymnastic Rings for an amazing and challenging upper body workout. You can strap them up pretty much anywhere that is strong enough to hold your body weight. I'm personally just getting into using rings and love it, and although I heavy weight lift I am finding it even more challenging!
Avatar f tn When you go to stretch after exercise, the warmed tissues may allow the stretch, pushing the force into the unwarmed tissue, which is then more likely to injure. Using a foam roller, you're placing pressure from your body weight onto a foam roller, knots in your muscles can be released. It is similar to acupressure or a deep-tissue massage where a massage therapist will put pressure onto a knot to release it.
Avatar m tn I know it burns calories and it works body muscles, but i am not seeking to lose weight, my weight is normal and good. I am doing all body muscles workouts at home (sometimes intense workout) including abdominal workouts. I want to start swimming for a while and i want to know what are the benefits of swimming, and what will my muscles and abs benefit from it.
700223 tn?1318169294 Start with an easy cardiovascular workout to raise your body temperature and heart rate, and finish with slow easy stretching. Stretch slowly and don’t bounce. Stretching lengthens muscles while it increases blood flow and muscle temperature. When you’re finished, your muscles are ready to perform and are less likely to be injured. 6. Use proper form. Sprained ligaments and strained muscles often result from poor technique.
Avatar f tn This is the fastest way to lose fat and build muscle in the body. Peak 8 actually stimulates the growth hormone in the body. I personally feel that it is one of the best ways to exercise, especially considering the speed at which you can lose fat and build muscle. What you eat after Peak 8 training does matter It’s recommended that you do not eat sugar or carbohydrate for 2 hours after the Peak 8 exercise because these foods can impact the release of the growth hormone in the body.
Avatar f tn This is the fastest way to lose fat and build muscle in the body. Peak 8 actually stimulates the growth hormone in the body. I personally feel that it is one of the best ways to exercise, especially considering the speed at which you can lose fat and build muscle. What you eat after Peak 8 training does matter It’s recommended that you do not eat sugar or carbohydrate for 2 hours after the Peak 8 exercise because these foods can impact the release of the growth hormone in the body.
1396846 tn?1332463110 Other exercise routines that you might find beneficial are Yoga and Tai Chi. Both of these, if done properly, give your body at minimum a toning workout. You can also really work and lose weight with them...... I hope something in here sounds interesting to you - enough to get you to try it!
729886 tn?1232666481 I never felt comfortable putting any kind of unregulated unnatural substance in my body for weight loss, even when I was 300 lbs. The thing is we have no idea how these substances will effect our bodies in the long term so I think the safest thing is to avoid them all together and just start adapting a healthier lifestyle to get extra weight off.
958098 tn?1246812818 I'm 14 and I really need to lose weight. I have tried going on a diet and not eating a lot, but that would be a bad thing to try now that I'm PMSing. I always fail at dieting. Anyways, does anybody have some exercises or suggestions on how to lose weight at home. I also currently have a broken wrist, so nothing that will affect that. Also, I am not gonna go to any type of gym or anything and I don't really wanna do anything around the neighborhood because there are bad people around.