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Avatar f tn Don't make excuses, everyone can find time to workout. What I do if I don't really want to go workout is ask myself, how will I feel in 2 months if my health has gone downhill because of my laziness? Best of luck to you.
Avatar m tn - Call a good friend - Go for a walk - Write in a journal - Workout - Take a long bath - Light scented candles - Listen to music - Read a book - Get a massage - Spend time in nature
503893 tn?1292103433 Even small tasks such as gathering everyhting I need to go to work in the morning and putting it all in one spot doesn't seem to work - it will take me at least three trips to the car because I 'forgot' something; I have started to carry a small notebook around with me so that I can jot down what it is that I am supposed to be doing; the list can go on endlessly. Pain: I am in some type of pain constantly - I wake up with pain and I go to bed with pain.
Avatar m tn A lot of pushups sit-ups...that kind of thing. Now I’m so used to the PT that at times my body craves the workout instead of the drugs. I’m not saying it’s for everyone especially if you have some disability, but for me it’s worked and worked well.
1742220 tn?1331360327 he said so many things i would share them with you but its too much info i wrote it all down in a notebook. i have so many tech problems on so many computers devices audio spit and tvs i think i will keep him in business forever except he dont charge much which is good for me. he told me a lot of excellent helpful stuff for my tv and my music and my fone and everything. three hours.
Avatar n tn WW sells these very cute bracelets to keep track of your points, but I just use a small notebook. You don't have to go every week, or you can just join online and do the whole thing at home. I've lost about 12 pounds so far in 3 weeks. Most of this was probably water weight, but I can tell a big difference. I expect now the loss will slow down to a sane 1-2 pounds a week. As I said, I'm following it loosely and am not going overboard.
1742220 tn?1331360327 I was smiling I went to kinky's and made copies cuz the skule have a nice copier but nobody change the toner and also its in the principals office which is tiny and if she meeting with someone which is always you cant go in at home I worked out I think its my fifth workout this week I showered and then I got dressed and set up a backpack and I went to Trancas Canyon Starbucks yes I keep Star in business but I got ice tea there at Trancas I wrote a story.
8323481 tn?1405709254 Before, to really get into an aqua session for my back, I would get a warm oxy glow going, so I could enjoy my aqua workout. In fact, I "needed" a buzz to do anything! So, for example, pop a pill-then wash the car. Next, pop a pill-pay the bills. Time to relax, so pop a pill-watch a movie.....SAD Now my emotions and experiences, good and bad, are totally mine.
Avatar f tn Once they're on paper, you can start working out a plan to resolve them. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer pen and notebook, a phone app, or a file on your laptop. The important thing is that you’re honest about your feelings. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, seek out a friend. Have a friend who’s dealing with the same worries as you? Even more reason to open up. You'll both feel less alone.
1571533 tn?1322947109 and so you dont think that is making it worse, although i have the chiari i have been extremely active the few years before last, i was running in races, on treadmills, and twice a day with my dog, plus doing p90x, yoga, pilates, and about anything else i could find and 6 out of 7 days a week m y working out and running equalled about 4 ro 5 hours a day and i didnt have the pain.
184674 tn?1360864093 That way, as he writes it out on notebook paper, he can remove a strip at a time and have a nicely arranged story, and it then has become a "hands-on" project, which he enjoys. BUT, the more time consuming the project, even if it is hands-on, the more quickly he gets frustrated and shuts down. So it would be great to have a few more techniques and tricks up my sleeve to use to get these assignments done as painlessly as possible.
Avatar n tn I do not workout anymore and can't do small chores even around the house. I fold a half load of laundry and have to rest. Turn the steering wheel in the car when driving and it feels like I just lifted wieghts. What is happening here. PLEASE HELP!
Avatar f tn They increased my procrit, to 60,000 a week and to get me caught up I did 80,000 this week. Lmr I keep a little notebook and sometimes I print stuff to take with me. it is wearing and can be so discouraging sometimes. Helps you to remember the questions you want to ask. (Just remember to bring it with you) lol You will get there! Deb Call Now! CALL NOW!
Avatar f tn There are many, many factors that can contribute to this, your best bet is to explain explicitly to your doctor whats going on. I suggest keeping a notebook by your bed for a week or two, and as soon as you wake up, right down not only what your feeling but also what your dreams consisted of. This may help, and i hope it helps.
195469 tn?1388326488 needhelp11607 (Lisa)43 yo female no dx experiencing sx since july 07 just joined group tonight, i've read a lot of the post.
2065348 tn?1331078807 So my conclussion is for this, having intense workout and focus on something might get you out of it. Cause i had this deep internal talk with myself and didnt mind the derealization feeling, and then 'bam' something happened. Might been an epifani though. My memory have gone up and down in periods, i think it got more worse along with the derealization feeling getting more worse, some periods i had a hard time speaking, i chuckled and didnt get it out right.
231744 tn?1189759427 like i said ryan i train mixed martial arts so i am getting the best and intense most vigorous workout u could imagine and i exercise often and during the day i just feel like shat. and it says that fatigue and lethargy is a common symptom of heart disease..and during the day (while driving, since i have a mobile job)i am just always soooooo tired... i always wake up in the middle of the night too. they say that waking up alot in the night is a sign too.... gosh i am freaked..
Avatar m tn Oh, back when I used to be able to do stuff (I'm older now), I had a morning exercise program that I had a stretch routine, did a few miles on my stationary bike, lifted weights, and then after work, I went to self-defense classes for a good workout, took long walks twice a week in parks, and I also had a weekend job working with dogs for hours and hours.
612551 tn?1450025775 This fairly strenuous exercise did make me a bit breathless and I found my HR only in the upper 90s. Before Atenolol I recall a similar workout would have put my HR over 130, or near my maximum allowed rate. Research on the web says that Atenolol is much longer lasting than Metoprolol and suggests that Metoprolol Tartrate has to be taken twice a day... Atenolol only once !
314692 tn?1214084110 Listen to your docs, make sure you understand what you are about to face...go back with questions. Keep a notebook to write stuff down when you think of it. Good luck to you!
Avatar n tn We encourage you to take a notebook and log your measurements are each week. This way you will know exactly what your progress is, and will also encourage you to keep up the exercises. This next exercise is called "jelq". Jelqing has been done for centuries by many tribes, cultures, and as a family secret. Passed down from father to son for generations, it has been held in the highest regard as the most effective method for enlarging your penis.
Avatar n tn If I sleep later (like on a Saturday or Sunday) I wake to pain in my lower back and right hip and it usually lasts all day long. I workout at least 3 to 4 times a week. My exercises begin with Situps and Pushup and then I run (on a treadmill) and an elyptical machine. I notice while doing situps that I get some pain near the hip area (lower back but on right side). I just wanted to pass my info along to the group and if anyone has information for me please provide it. After reading above.