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Avatar n tn I have a pump also and I see no reason why you can't continue to work your abs. The only thing I would do is to test your blood sugar before you workout and if it is anywhere near normal or low, I would just disconnect the pump or lower your basal rate for that hour. Your doctor can give you better guidelines on how to adjsut your insulin when you exercise. I have exercised with my pump and I have never had any problem, other than being in lousy shape.
Avatar f tn Balance out your ab workout by doing lower and upper ab exercises as well, such as leg raises, knee pull-ins, crunches and stability ball sit-ups. Do 15 to 20 reps, three to four sets and work out two to three times a week. Google the peak 8 routine it's a great cardio work out. Doing weight training exercises will build muscle. By lifting weights and gaining muscle, you will burn more calories every day.
Avatar m tn I only do 6-8 sets for my abs at each workout. I usually do 3-4 sets of crunches and 3-4 sets of hanging knee raises, 2-3 times per week. I let the dieting and the cardio work do the rest. Both of them combined help me eliminate all the unwanted body fat that's covering up the cuts in my abs.
Avatar f tn Not that anyone knows how to best work the abs, though, as far as I can tell. For six pack abs, quite frankly, most who have them don't get them through exercise -- it's a sure sign of steroid use, since the belly should have some fat. You'll never see agricultural or hunter-gatherer cultures with flat stomachs. Other than this, the above post is right on.
Avatar f tn M,W,F: Arms, chest, back, abs. Th, Sat: Lower body That doesn't have to be the exact schedule, but you get the idea: stagger your workouts so you're not working the same muscle groups on back-to-back days. You can also do FULL body workouts, just 3 days a week, if you dont' want to be at the gym every day and don't mind longer workouts on your gym days and being completely unable to move on your off days. There are things you can do to reduce DOMS: --Decrease inflammation.
Avatar f tn Squats n stuff r ok at a pool ect takes pressure from abdomine n back. Also if u have tight abs they'll most likely split which ul need to fix early so keep them checked. Mine were gone around 15w cause of how tight all those muscles were.
Avatar f tn Balance out your ab workout by doing lower and upper ab exercises as well, such as leg raises, knee pull-ins, crunches and stability ball sit-ups. Do 15 to 20 reps, three to four sets and work out two to three times a week. As for the six pack It takes great discipline and a bevy of sacrifices to bring this to fruition. With that being said, it takes even more of a sacrifice to bring a six pack to reality.
Avatar n tn So I'm thinking, should you workout your abs after all other body parts during that day or you should workout the first thing before any other body parts?
Avatar m tn I'd emphasize lower weights, especially to start, to lower your risk of injury. Remember that you're looking for tone rather than bulk. Congratulations on a great start - keep us posted on your success!
801912 tn?1242101439 Ten minutes on stationary bike and then my Lower Body workout. I went with lighter weights since its been awhile so I would say it was a moderate workout. Abs are a little sorethis morning.
594189 tn?1386920207 What kinda workout can I do while I sit here? Any ideas please. I figured this would be a good time to get in some workout time.
1378094 tn?1278959660 Upper body and abs, some cardio Day 2: Lower body, some cardio Day 3: Cardio only - 30 to 60 minutes Day 4: Upper body and abs, some cardio Day 5: Lower body, some cardio Day 6: Cardio only, some cardio Day 7: REST ONLY How much weight is enough to lose fat and increase muscle mass? It depends on the individual person. Generally, lighter weights with lots of reps and three or more sets result in little muscle growth but more fat loss and calorie usage.
Avatar m tn She said since there is not a visible bulge and no pain in my testicles that it is probably not a hernia, She even checked them and said they appeared fine and said hernias usually appear directly in the middle of the abs rather than off to the side. She gave me permission to go along with my weight workout but with no ab workout and just to keep an eye on it. During my workout I felt the knot becoming larger, but not really painful, just uncomfortable.
Avatar n tn Leg lifts and side kicks work best for toning the lower abs. Regular work out for 15-20 minutes of abdominal exercises are good to lose the fat in a few weeks/ months. Hope this helps. Take care!
797860 tn?1237494512 20 Mintues of high intensity cardio (biggest loser) 20 minutes kathy smith upper body (2nd CD) 20 minutes kathy smith lower body (2nd CD) 10 minutes kathy smith abs (2nd CD) 25 minutes of Billy Blank's favorite moves Healthy Choice Meatloaf meal 290 calories + white tea 0 calories Fruit and jello 100 calories Lasagna 370 calories Snackage (mms and cheetos)=270 1030 calories I realize that eating the mm's was a bad decision.
Avatar n tn I have the same pain from the left testicle that goes to the lower left abdomem(between leg and belly area), if I press my left lower abdominal area and sims my left testicle disconfort to get better for a while(maybe im pumping blood on it dunno lol), also I have a lump on my left testicle. Did a doopler ultrasound and the doc said to me I had a varicocele, but Im afraid about the lump.
Avatar m tn In the mornings, my belly looks about half smaller (but still bigger than usual) but once I workout and drink a lot during workout I see the big belly one more and it stays until the next morning. Just yesterday, I realized my lower abdomen was becoming bigger as well and a little jelly like meat on the upper part of my penis. The scary part is, we just went to the beach and I was in the sun for about 4hrs.
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Avatar m tn my lower right back/lower right abdomen has actually been bothering me for quite some time. i would feel discomfort (pressure) only when i was sitting and it was completely random. sometimes it wouldn't even hurt at all but other times it would hurt not too long after i sat down. thought it might have been a pinched nerve since it only occurred when i was sitting. it got progressively worse the past few months until i went to get it checked out.
Avatar m tn 37 y/o male Same symptoms as the above Pain/discomfort in lower right groin and lower back that also seems to radiate to the right testicle or the opposite. I'm not too sure where it starts. Physical exertion, lifting weights or pushing on the areas cause no additional pain. Seems to get worse after sitting for a 30 minutes or longer. No changes in urine or semen. No discharges or burning. No STD's. No hernia.
Avatar f tn Hello im 17 and i currently workout and run, while the upper part of my body seems to be hard and toned, the lower part of my belly does not. I have abs under all my lower belly fat but cant figure out a way to get rid of the fat so that itll show. Any help??
Avatar n tn For the past four years, I've experienced a strange rubbing sound/sensation in my lower throat/upper chest area. It occurs only whenever I twist my torso from side to side, such as when exercising, or quickly turning to the side via pivoting at the waist. It feels & sounds like something is causing friction. I cannot pinpoint where it is coming from, but it seems to be my lower throat/upper chest, somewhere around collarbone level. It seems to be located within the windpipe or esophagus.
Avatar f tn While it's true that we can target particular abdominal muscle groups with different types of crunches, plank, or even push-up exercises, we unfortunately cannot lose fat in a particular area. So an improvement in diet will actually help things along even as you exercise!
Avatar m tn Doing exercises that target the abdominal area and the core in general can help, but having a lower percentage body fat overall can yield the best abs. But given your lower weight to begin with, you want to be careful that you don't get underweight. You might consider working with a trainer for specific fitness goals.
1174460 tn?1272366259 seeing real changes in gut, arms, hips. Biceps getting cut. Started working out w/Shawna yesterday. Thought it might distract me, hope not. Today I did interval training program on treadmill. Then while Shawna did legs I kept doing abs & core things to keep moving, kept sweating whole time she worked out, pretty cool workout today.
Avatar f tn I am in good shape and exercise regularly but when I spend extra time on my lower abs particularly in my hips my muscles get extremely sore. I do not tire out easily while doing the exercise but when I am finished and sit down my muscles lock and sometimes I can not get back up or even lift my leg. One time it caused me to fall out of my car because my leg was locked in the sitting position at the hip. What could be causing this? What can I do?
Avatar n tn so this Monday i worked out my shoulder, begining to feel lazy i began to drink a cold coke. While i was working out my shoulder with wheights i began to feel a stomach pain in my lower abs. Similar to the feeling when you run and drink water. i continued to work out ignoring the pain. Finaly i finished and the next couple of days i noticed that wenever i laughed or coughed my lower stomach felt weird like a cramp or small pain. why?
Avatar f tn Find a workout for either cardio(legs,running), upper body, lower body, core(abs), or all, stick to it, or create your own workout plan that's best for you. I work out, do pilates, and yoga 2 times a day, and im so happy for where i am. So, just motivate yourself. Its all that. Tell yourself you can, then you will, then you can get the body you want! Hope that helped!