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1701959 tn?1488555141 I'm not fitness instructor but I do workout at least 4-5 times a week (weights and minimum cardio) I used to have migranes long ago then they stop but with this pregnancy which is my third (First one 17 years ago I Was 17 years old, second last year which I ended up losing and now I'm 34 weeks) migrants came back.. they gave me medicine which is supposedly safe to take but I refused to take them.. well long short story what was causing it was the fact that I stopped drinking coffee.
Avatar n tn I cannot confirm that you have ALS or not, as I have not evaluated you personally In general, fasciculations in the absence of muscular weakness or atrophy (wasting) are benign/not ALS Fasciculations can be caused by a variety of conditions, not just ALS, such as nerve root or peripheral nerve compression, in association with cramps as a benign condition, and in normal people as a response to cold, exercise, fatigue, or certain medications, or certain viral infections of the lower motor neuron
Avatar n tn My hypothesis is that I should be able to regain some of my fitness of 2 years ago. My concern is that perhaps some of the grafts didn't take.
Avatar m tn Hey everyone. I'm a young actor in LA, and I'm just looking for some support, and stumbled on this website... I'm having decompression surgery on Friday, and just felt like trying to talk to someone who's gone thru this already. Some of the posts are very encouraging here, others are quite terrifying lol.
Avatar n tn Hi all, I am happy to see this post too. I was at my chiropractor's office (a great overall health and fitness person as well) today and in addition to my other various ailments was telling him about how I feel so sick the day after I exercise and then for a few days, and YES backtracking any progress that you have made. Anyway, he had suggested that it could be.....something to do with our creatin (I believe) and there was a specific name for the condition.
1323357 tn?1274826939 The carbon dioxide in soda water is actually very good for you, since anxious people tend to have low levels of it in their blood. It is good for preventing hyperventilation and also helps the blood flow in general. In general, fruit and vegetables are very good for diminishing anxiety and DP. Eat plenty of spinach, carrots, onions, beetroot, celery, wholegrain cereals, asparagus, avocado, garlic, eggs, fish etc.
Avatar n tn OO. Then I workout. i also have a 3yr old and 10 mo old. Also it's to hot here in az. to go out at night. Thanks for the advice.Well see how I do. So far the diet has workout.
61536 tn?1340701763 they are suddenly and furious. Its horrible. Also fear--and my ever present General Anxiety. 6. Do you have GERD, and if so, do you think it aggravates your PVCs? Ive never been formally diagnosed with GERD....but I do have heartburn on occasion...I think it does aggravate PVCS, but I do not know why. 7. Do you have or have you ever had any structural heart problems or heart disease? After much testing, absolutly no heart disease at this moment. 8.
446896 tn?1237806342 Thanks for your response and I do realize that it may be a problem if I get my own machine. Ihave been checking my HR at home with my workout monitor and I seem to be doing that all the time now...
1042670 tn?1253372663 It started from heart palpitations then to just a general strong pulse, then to a pulse that rocks my body slightly and just very recently i have started experiencing the earthquake feeling with my pulse. It's certainly very hard to describe to a GP, and especially family aswell. People just dont seem to unerstand what I am talking about when i get this.
Avatar n tn I was depressed and in pain for first week since I was laid up in the pull out sofa bed at home. Pain was not acute (except at night) , but was a general cramping and "antseyness" that drove me crazy. I'm a 45 yr old male diagnosed with patella tendonitis in left knee last Dec. Continued to play basketball with patella brace. Knee always sore afterward, but would do light quad extensions in nautilus machine after which seemed to help.
Avatar n tn Still short on breath climbing stars but will get better after some workout. So guys don't give up; we can handle this. The scary part is the pulpitation; I never know if it was my last heartbeat or not....just have to live with it I guess. Here is a link to the study: Godd luck to you all!
Avatar n tn Very interesting. I am so sorry that you are still in pain. In the hospital, I remember saying that if the pain would just go away, I could handle the rest. Luckily, I was pain free in about a month. I wonder if that means that you had a worse tear and just need longer to heal? I hope that is what it means (i.e., that the pain will go away eventually). I started back at the gym 6 weeks post dissection, slowly, and my doctors didn't like it. At first, cardio only, no lifting.
Avatar n tn I am trying to get in to a new neurologist at Mass General Hospital. They said hopefully before Christmas. I hope to not get any more weak before then. I did go to a neurologist last Friday who said I have polyneuropathy. I have started to go much further down hill though. I have read all the posts here and feel for all of you. I hope we all recover sooner than later.
Avatar n tn do you have any suggestions for quick home workout routines? I have a membership for 24hr fitness but with a 2 month old its a little difficult to make it. I'm 5'6", 158 lbs. I really want to maximize this hcg diet!
Avatar n tn I am a vegetarian really into physical fitness. I am at a loss. Even the much renouned ACAI berry has not worked. If anyone out there has found out why this is occuing it would be great to know. I do plan on seeing a dr but will be out of town for a while so a lenghtly process of elimination is really not in my future... at least for a few months. I am terrified to think what I will look like if I wait a few months. Has anyone had any luck with slimfast or metafast???
Avatar n tn My job and my life require mental fitness. I have responsibilities in 3 different countries in 3 different languages the thought of brain damage call it fog or whatever is a huge factor for me. My brother for the past 30 years has mental problems and is on medication. I have an idea what depression,paranoia ect.... can do to a person. Never mind flu like symptoms that`s a walk in the park compared to metal disorders.
Avatar n tn If I sleep later (like on a Saturday or Sunday) I wake to pain in my lower back and right hip and it usually lasts all day long. I workout at least 3 to 4 times a week. My exercises begin with Situps and Pushup and then I run (on a treadmill) and an elyptical machine. I notice while doing situps that I get some pain near the hip area (lower back but on right side). I just wanted to pass my info along to the group and if anyone has information for me please provide it. After reading above.
Avatar n tn Simeons manuscript on the hcg diet info website and I'm curious what the general consensus is on the two protocols between Kevin Trudeau and Dr. Simeons. Which protocol are you following and how do you compare the two? Is one considered safer than the other? Is one considered more effective? Also, I see a lot of posts from people bashing Trudeau- but very few talking against Simeons. From what I understand, Trudeau just took Dr.
Avatar n tn Google it once in a while as No One - in medical profession -takes me seriously. There is nothing in particular at all that instigates it. I'm in general Good health. This must be a Symptom of some venous problem. Let's team up and all write to a reputable medical research hospital.
Avatar n tn - Not Age-related - Not primarily weight/physical fitness-related - Not a muscle spasm - IS effecting nerves - Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Codine, Xanex, nor any of Julie131's plethora of drugs seem to stop it completely These possible causes have Not been refuted: - Low quality (or lack of) sleep - Stress - Nerve impingement I experienced a good dose of both stress and low-quality sleep before my "cell phone" started ringing. Anybody else?
Avatar n tn Next, I visited multiple general practitioners and noticed that they were generally ignorant regarding this condition. Their knowledge was limited and knew only what their Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra reps had taught them (a bit bias to say the least). I took the pills and generally had the same problem and began to grow really concerned that a solution may not exist me.
Avatar n tn Last week, I was drinking Traditional Medicinals Dandelion tea (it's kinda bitter, FYI) and this week I think I'll get some dandelion greens at Whole Foods in the produce and make some salad out of it. just more raw fresh green food in general i guess. The dandelion is said to help stimulate the liver to create bile which is needed for digestion. I probably have sluggish digestion which also means food is sitting in the colon too long and creating additional toxins.