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728237 tn?1268112674 BREAKFAST: PROTEIN SHAKE AM SNACK: GRAPEFRUIT LUNCH: GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD & BAKED POTATO PM SNACK: 1/2 wheat english muffin & slice of reduced-fat swiss DINNER: SMOOTHIE KING FAT-BURNING SHAKE post-workout protein shot
Avatar n tn i though after getting on the synthroid and starting at least some king of workout, i would start losing some weight, but i'm not. any advice on how to lose weight when i can't do alot of exercise with my knees and hips?
Avatar n tn I think my sweat response may be abnormal. Sometimes I won't sweat at all during a workout, or I will sweat a little, but usually I sweat profusely after the workout is finished, sweat dripping everywhere. My face, arms, and chest also become very red, and sometimes I will be so hot (sweating very little or not at all) that I feel cold. What is a normal sweat response? Thanks.
1269044 tn?1393193503 Man it felt great to workout. And I've lost another five pounds. Ha! Probably from not eating. So I've dropped 25lbs since November not really even trying too. I need to focus on my diet and I feel like I can now for some reason. Maybe it's that natural instinct to try and look sexy. Haha!!! Gonna put myself on the market eventually right! Honestly I just want to feel better. I know how much more energy I have when I'm eating good and working out. Plus I think it will help my sleep.
82861 tn?1333457511 Her day began with a spectacular barf-fest, one last trip outside, and she spent the rest of the day on the couch covered with a blanket. Even seeing Maggie and King with rawhide chews sparked no reaction from her. There has been no urine output in 24 hours, and in my opinion, she has entered the realm of suffering. My husband seems to be trying to avoid the issue and I suspect he wants to wait another day. I just can't do that to her.
Avatar n tn palaties has had amazing success, also you can try searching the net for some low fat diet plans, or can check out <a href=""></a> it has some diet plans, work out plans and some good cardio workout excersies that might help, if you still have problems you can email me @ ***@**** and ill try to help you. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Well I had a chicken sandwich and a couple of fries from burger king. I checked and made sure I was in my range which is 60g. The sandwich only had 46g and I only had like 6 fries. After we ate we went and walked a corn maze for like 30 min and my sugar was still 134. Im usually really good but it seems like every other week ill get a high reading when it shouldn't be. My ob said something to me about meds too but my baby isn't big hes normal so idk. I don't have to go in for nst or weekly u/s.
Avatar n tn I just wanted to get your insight real quick on an issue i've been having with my cardiologist. I've been on a 2 lead king of hearts monitor and most of the tracings are saying that i have IVCD with a qrsd of usually anywhere from .12-.14. I went over this with my cardiologist and he said not to worry b/c i've had 4 12 lead ekgs 5 months ago that all showed a qrs duration within normal limits with the highest being slightly over .11.
Avatar m tn i try not to eat bad carbs w/my dinner and stick to healthier ones like the veggies. and for my snacks i have my protein shake for after i workout or a 100 cal snack packs, i love those things! or fruit, yogurt, nuts, etc. you just have to find what works best for you.
Avatar f tn My room is somewhat big, about the size of a garage I'd say. I have a King size bed, her crib, 3 dressers, and a TV stand with TV and a total gym workout machine in the room. It is VERY crowded! I don't really like the crib, i never even wanted one it's to big.
Avatar f tn My food all goes in the fridge prepped and ready so there is no thawing or chopping. I shop for 6 days and leave one day for Subway and Burger King (kids get Burger King) If I don't feel like one dinner I pick a different one. I can make whatever I want for that day as long as it's what I bought for the week. That way your not tied down to a specific meal every day. When I have a bad day, which is at least once a week my hubby runs to Subway and I don't have to feel guilty.
Avatar n tn So try to plan your intimate encounter on a day where you take off completely from any physical workout. There really is no need to work out 6 days a week for one or more hours each time. I find that 4 to 5 days max of aerobic exercise is more than sufficient to keep me in good shape and leave enough time and energy for other activities. I find that fast walking is the best exercise.
616227 tn?1251079998 lol glad you got the routine i kept getting lost!! At least you only ate a kids meal when i went to burger king last week i ate the bacon cheeseburger very bad but i did extra cardio to make up for it. i feel the same like i can really lose this extra weight i can already notice changes in my body my lovehandles are going down and my hips look a bit more toned! We just have to keep at it!!
2022474 tn?1328705151 If you opt to just purchase the suggested equipment, then you will probably spend about $70, that is a couple of several weeks of the gym membership or about 50 pounds price of freeweights. Stretch Before Your MMA Workout Stretching is an integral part of the pre and publish workout, out of the box starting to warm up. Immediately preceding a good work out, you need to take a minimum of 10 mins to stretch.
1493846 tn?1288671301 Something i have seen other guys do is workout, like weight lifting. You may not have much fat on you but you can build muscle and muscle weighs more than fat anyway. Protein shakes are high in calories and would be good to add to your diet. 120lb doesn't sound like it's unhealthy either, although you didn't say your height. I'm not a doctor by any means lol only a college student, but it sounds like exercise could help a variety of those issues.
6387282 tn?1381289822 I help them with their workout routines and support them when needed. Little did they know that they were the ones supporting me today? We did circuits, cardio and light machine work. While the students were eating lunch I snuck in a full upper body workout (haven’t done in years). At this point I realize that I haven’t really looked at myself in the mirror in a long time. I thought to myself, while pumping a massive 15 pound weight, Hot diggity, I look fu*cking awesome in these panties.
Avatar f tn Whey protein concentrate, NOT protein isolates Protein isolates are proteins stripped away from their nutritional cofactors. There are three problems with that... • All isolates are exposed to acid processing. • Your body cannot assimilate proteins in isolated form. • Due to over-processing, isolates are deficient in key amino acids and nutritional cofactors.
Avatar f tn he thinks we are different and he doesnt believe in relationship workout and thats the main problem, lack of communication......... just last night when I started to talk about it, he said you just repeat and repeat, its working or not thats the way it is and we cant do anything about it ... he said I think Im the king of the house and he cant stand it so he ignores me in return!!! its the most rediculous thing that I have heard, he is the bossy one and everyone knows that...
168732 tn?1311715679 First shot first night most people feel colder then they ever be in their lives. Next day bad flu. Next day bad cold. Next day heavy workout. Next day tired. Less tired. Next day, shot, start nall over. This week and next its a little better, if your on THE AUTOPEN your'll have a couple bad bouts and it will be over. On cope and your'll feel shtty and tired the whole time. Then you will hope you don't have a illness close to the edge because this treatment will bring it out.
Avatar n tn So try to plan your intimate encounter on a day where you take off completely from any physical workout. There really is no need to work out 6 days a week for one or more hours each time. I find that 4 to 5 days max of aerobic exercise is more than sufficient to keep me in good shape and leave enough time and energy for other activities. I find that fast walking is the best exercise.
1742220 tn?1331360327 and omg cake is playing a gig here in december and BOBBY D is playing in a couple weeks OM effin gah to see him in concert would be king!!!!!!! but im broke. positively fourth street OMG we went into the house just now. i commune with the house sit on the porch on the weeknds. weel be bak i tell it and .
1742220 tn?1331360327 my foot is still a big problem. i was gritting my teeth during my workout dvd and i just rolled right over it like lets keep on please, meegy and i just did. ouch! i think i am gonna call that foofy doctor, and if he tries to give me vicodin i will shove my foot down his throat ooh now thats not very martin luther king of me is it. im sorry i found this skinny cow ice cream in the freezer i bought a while back its ony 110 calories!!! whoopee! im planing to goto bed very. very. very.
1742220 tn?1331360327 oh yeah I told you that. so Maggie, who works at leasing, a tall stocky pretty girl, and some other chick were in the workout room working out ... I went in to get M an M's from the vending machine. I was embarrassed and the old old old guy was sitting in the armchair watching tv and .... I saw Jeff, the manager and I need to sign a new lease but its Sunday so he just said hi. he's like a Stephen King character he has this sinister smile and is sort of creepy I got my mail.
Avatar n tn I am a 43 year old male in average shape with high cholesteral (256). I have changed my diet and workout 4 times a week. I have only passed out once before. Currently I have a Reveal heart monitor in my chest and for the last 6 month have had no unusual cardiac events. It has been suggested by many friends that I should find a new doctor and have another complete work up (Clevend Clinic, Mayo, etc.). What are you thoughts?
Avatar n tn when you get a burn from lifting a weight, but with my tongue I am not giving it that king of workout and had never before felt it fatigue or even felt anything abnormal with it. Last week, my tongue just felt different, now it is feeling tired. It seems like it is getting worse rather than better. Any thoughts about this?
Avatar n tn This time it persists at the same intensity regardless of giving myself more than three days off from any workout. Any advice would be welcomed.
Avatar f tn It's rough to get the baby weight off, I gave birth 4 months ago and still have 20 lbs. left from the 60 I gained. To find the time to workout is extremely difficult as well. I hope it works out for you...good luck.
Avatar n tn Some of the redness I thought was from the UV lights at the gym might have been from heating up at the gym as well as anerobic weight work. I've changed my workout accordingly -- 12 minute sets of low-level aerobics instead of one harder 40 minute set. Also changed diet, eliminated hot drinks, coffee, beer, etc. Last two days started taking ASPIRIN. Several sites/articles suggested aspirin can cut down rosacea inflammation. So if it's too hot outside, I pop a baby aspirin.