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Avatar m tn I'm soon to be 60, great health, eat right, workout regularly, take no medication, a few month back I wake up and discovered when I look up and to the left my vision seperates into two images. I have had my eyes checked, both are healthy and near 20/20 vision. What could cause this?
Avatar m tn I can't look at any images on my system, but am wondering if they are parallel to the crease at the top of the leg where it joins the torso? If so, have you changed your type of underwear or workout wear such that there might be a crease, wrinkle or binding edge that is irritating the skin?
Avatar n tn During morning exercise, I sense it is going to happen, and slow down a bit, tilt my head down and look up, and I can realign images. I'm always able to continue my workout, often raising my heart-rate with no recurrence of the diplopia. I rarely experience it during exertion later in the day. Have had workup for MS: negative MRI of brain and c spine; normal VEPs, normal LP, negative MRA. Am being referred to top neuroopthalm. Have also had extensive bloodwork--all normal.
Avatar n tn You appear to be in very good cardio condition based on what you state in your post. The CT angio images the anatomy of the coronary vessels, and provides views of the 3 layers of the vessel and if there is any soft plaque between the layers. There is a calcium score that provides a numerical value representing the degree of soft plaque. Soft plaque can rupture into the vessel channel and cause a heart attack.
3076954 tn?1341182335 I used to change my oil, paint my house, carry heavy objects, workout 6 days/week (which I really miss). Will the artery repair? I was told blood clot would be there indefinitely, ? So many questions I hardly know where to start!
Avatar n tn It got to be where I could not walk across the room without both my legs feeling like I had a long workout. My blood work , and EMG came back normal. My MRI just came back however my doctor will not be back in town until next week. It looks like this is the only thing that came back: Lumbar was normal Brain: 1. No evidence of acute intracranial infarction or abnormal intracranial enhancement. 2.
Avatar m tn //img600.images.../i/img0448p.jpg http://img825.images.../i/img0449d.jpg Still the same part of my neck, just a different angle. Near my armpit/underarm http://img109.images.../i/img0450x.jpg http://img141.images.../i/img0451n.jpg Shoulder Area http://img10.imagesh...i/img0452ds.jpg http://img818.images.../i/img0453v.jpg My back http://img35.imagesh...i/img0454rs.
572651 tn?1531002957 Body Blast was another choice, and I paused with images of being shot from a cannon or being hosed down by firefighters and knew that wasn’t a reasonable option either. Then finally I found a class that should be just perfect for me and my MS riddled body. The FREE class that I chose to attend yesterday was yoga. Having never done yoga before, but seeing those meditative, restorative, and still poses in literature and on the web, I thought this would be an excellent class to attend.
Avatar f tn There is no injection that I am aware of that will "fix" this, however, I would suggest that you look at your workout routine and reduce the exercises you are doing for the obliques. You may also want to consider some band stretching exercises, pilates or yoga to help lengthen those muscles while also keeping your core in shape. The transverse abdominal muscle is a most important, yet many times gets overlooked.
Avatar n tn I am 27 year old, workout 3-4 hours a day, healthy otherwise. The thickening, could it from something else? Thank you.
Avatar n tn I had sweat and the libia rubbed againt the workout pants. Yours could be the same from getting to moist and the skin rubbing on something, clothing, skin, even condoms. But you should definitely see a doctor just to be safe.
Avatar m tn I also get weird problems with my ear and occasion what i call tension headaches where i feel out of it--sometimes its painful, sometime not. Ringing in ear is recent. I am very active, workout 4 to 5 times a week and it includes running 30 minutes and lifting weights (although not too heavy, its more for tone). I am not overweight and have around 10% body fat. My question is, could these results be causing my symptoms? In addition, I have a delima.
Avatar n tn Since Sunday I've been experiencing a numbness in the base of my thumb, to the best of my knowledge (after consulting an palm anatomy map on google images) the opponens pollicis, and part of the abductor pollicis brevis muscles. I read on that "You may also notice that the muscles in your hands (especially at the base of your thumbs) become flatter with time." listed as an early symptom.
Avatar f tn I actually crisscrossed and used my left arm to snake around and change the station. I've done nothing workout wise at all so not sure why it's doing this. Anyone else have this issue or know what it could be?
Avatar n tn and is it appropriate to go to a chiropractoe for joint problems and he has taken no images to see if there is anything more serious going on. i dont want to be paying to go to him for the hell of it. Again being ahealthcare profressional myself i acknowledge my faults. i have quit smoking getting into workout regiment because i know weight can be issue for spine as well. all i know is i want relief becaue i am tired oof the pain. i will do acupunture whatever i need to do.
Avatar m tn Hello. I have a question. I'm a 42 years old male, I'm healthy and I workout and run in a gym for some years so I'm used to exercise. Since 2-3 weeks I've noticed that while running and usually just after the first 5 minutes, I get a kind of chest pain that somehow feels kind of muscular pain but makes my running difficult and I usually stop. It seems located all over my chest, like I got my muscles tired over there, on my cage rib. But my breeding is ok, I don't get out of air.
1742220 tn?1331360327 I can only imagine it is some kind of PTSD, not from the fire, oddly enuf, but the divorce. I think. its like really really really really really disturbing images that flash in my brain. images of me being dead ... and like a LOT of permutations of that image that I wont go into, again its disturbing. I get these images of other people too.
Avatar m tn The LV cavity appears dilated at both stress and rest. Stress SPECT images reofmrate din the short and long axes shows an area of moderate perfusion defect invoving the Apex, apicoseptal and apicoanterior segments and inferior wall of the LV myocardium which shows mild reperfusion in the resting images. Tracer distribution in rest of the left ventricular myocardium is within normal physiological limits at both stress and rest.
Avatar f tn To keep things brief, I am going to quote your most relevant questions and answer those: "Fast forward to my Nuc med stress test results, my cardiologist said "you're young, ill do a bubble study, but I don't think it will be anything, if anything I might just write this off as anxiety related"...I can be sitting down, not doing anything and get hit with a palpitation or be walking around at the grocery store and they happen.
1207048 tn?1282177904 Holy cow this is taking way longer then I thought it would! Back in January I had a brain MRI, ordered by my PCP. He had also ordered c-spine and upper spine MRI's but insurance denied both of those. In early February I saw the first neurologist, who ordered a c-spine MRI. Insurance approved it, but before they approved it I "fired" that neuro and saw my current doctor (a neuro-opthamologist) for the first time.
Avatar n tn When I feel the area where the marks are it kinda feels scaly but I just started noticing this system about 6 months ago. I workout and sweat a lot and I wear a baseball hat to keep my hair out of my face. Could this be from the sweat running down the sides of my face? I don't want to go back to the derm and shell out even more money for the visit plus more meds on just another guess. I have looked up pics on roseaca on the net and what I have does not look like roseaca.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am a 35 yr old female 135 lbs, and I have been having medical issues for the past 15 years but only recently (late last year) have doctors actually stopped to pay attention. I workout and eat healthy and I have had elevated liver enzymes since 2012 (ast&alt 90', 100s, 300s and fluctuates). (No Liver Biopsy done as of yet as sonograms always come out normal) I have changed my diet and tried eliminating foods to see if that was the cause but yet enzymes are still elevated.
Avatar n tn with movement or at certain times 4)You have sensitivity to light with blurry vision and HOW OFTEN with OR without headaches 5)DOUBLE VISION - phantom(faded) images coming off the sides of images you look at 5)Have you been sleepy/lethargic or have loss of tone or posture with behavior changes (becareful not to mistake it for stress, puberty, or hormonal changes as an answer for this.) 6)Have swelling in face in the mornings or your EYES LOOK SUNKEN in at times.
Avatar m tn Here is another picture where the "peeling" skin is more visible :
Avatar f tn QUOTE: " Ken, I also have left ventricular dysfunction and hypokinesia of the septum, is it ikely that this may be caused by a blockage?" >>>>If the hypokinesis (impaired heart wall movement) is the result of ischemia (lack of blood flow), the defect can be successfully treated with restoration of adequate blood flow to the deficit area....often with ischemic hypokinesis the heart cells are stunned or in hibernation.
Avatar m tn During the imaging, I had to lie prone because the radiologist wasn't getting good images with me in bigeminy in a supine position. Initial report from the radiologist shows large, moderate severity reversible abnormality in the apex, inferior and septal walls. My questions. Is there a chance this is an inaccurate reading based on being in bigeminy and prone? I realize there is a chance of inaccuracy when read as a mild perfusion abnormality, but this was definitely read as moderate.
20794198 tn?1534533093 I believe the reason it affects me this much is down to the fact i enjoy a workout, and dont like leaving it too long before returning after being unwell. I know it could mean that i fall in the category of higher risk due to that. Just how worried should i be about this? I can find no proper statistical data on the prevalence of it.