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Avatar n tn Mike, My hats off to you for working out so diligently. I wish I had the discipline. I have a pump also and I see no reason why you can't continue to work your abs. The only thing I would do is to test your blood sugar before you workout and if it is anywhere near normal or low, I would just disconnect the pump or lower your basal rate for that hour. Your doctor can give you better guidelines on how to adjsut your insulin when you exercise.
4059843 tn?1541422896 One time I remember I went to the shops in the morning by myself, and I had 2 little sushi rolls (or maybe 1, I don't remember). OH and a juice (hats actually very filling). After that I decided to not have anything else for a while. Got home later, was so hungry!! BUt nope, no food Marcy, you have to lose weight. Every little time you don't eat counts! I was anxious and started to get stomach pains because of how hungry I was. bad stomach pains.
Avatar f tn Welcome to our forum. There are cooling hats, vests and neckwraps that are very useful during exercise, and a lot of MSers have them. Sometimes you can get them free from MS organizations. Others here can give you pointers on this, as I don't have these, yet.
Avatar n tn 20 years ago I used to get horrible tension headaches that left me vomiting and incapacitated but I've learned that wearing hats stops them from happening. I almost never get a headache now. Family history: my mother died from a stroke at 82. My father had dementia of unknown type and died at 86. Both had high blood pressure in their 50's. My stats: My blood pressure was around 128 / 82 but since I lost 25 pounds it's around 124 / 79. I weigh 170 lbs and am 5' 8".
Avatar f tn I got ten of everything. 10 onesie, pants, socks,hats,mittens, outfits for newborn, 0 to 3 and 3 to 6. When he turn 4 months I'll shop for 6 to 12 months. I'm 36 weeks and have not started my nursery.
408795 tn?1324939275 I stopped wearing the patches right away as I didn't like the feeling they gave me. I hope to get off my tired butt and start a small workout program prior to tx. Any other ideas of positive reinforcement, or anything physical or mental that I can do to help my self out during tx? Oh I don't have a start date as of yet, but my hopes are high as my initial bloods did not exclude me, I've been told that much.
7223533 tn?1397758955 That's what I told him and he still won't budge. I'm 38+3 weeks and I'm trying to help induce labor naturally. I've been walking and squatting. Trying sex but he will not w/o a condom. I'm so irritated by it.
1742220 tn?1331360327 well, i marked it in my book and i wanted to go there but never have been. boy it is a tough workout!!!!! they say maybe 2 1/2 miles but they always say that in this book and it seemed like four miles at least! it was hard and long. part of it goes past this thing called TreePeople idk what it is some kind of enviro retreat and i looked at it a little and i did not get what they do at all. there was one thing like hay in a cage? idk.
1742220 tn?1331360327 don't flirt with guys who wear sock hats. they weren't wearing sock hats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so Chula said she is safe and she is just going to go to bed, I sed I will leave my fone ON and in the bed with me. case you call. I gotta go I am so tired the sheep are counting ME I love you medhelp. even the ppl that don't love me no more. it was just a joke.
1755089 tn?1376057155 Pool again. On saturday : Nothing there but it's game board night with all the family. Even on days where I think my head would split open I can't change that schedule, even if I feel weak and ready to faint I don't derogate... I tried not long ago a part time job and I lost consciousness at work and I ended in the hospital for a week. I wonder why people don't get it! My week as it now is sometime already to much for me!
136849 tn?1327325110 Also, get lots of exercise if you can. Getting into a regular workout routine along with trying to help others has saved my sanity. Best of luck!
1711722 tn?1356491154 I'm slowing it down til after Dopplar because of varices. Im really proud of you all for pushing for any workout you can tolerate. I also believe a strong core is a key to strength now and after treatment. I also think it takes a load off of the joints to have core and muscle strength. I ache so back some days. Yoga always helps if I force myself. Many times I didn't wanna get up and thought of my fellow treaters on here who are trying to keep it up.
Avatar n tn A lousy workout is better than no workout at all. You'll lift less weight, do less reps and all that. But in the long run, what does it matter as long as you get in there,see some friends, work your body and get some endorphines going. Good luck and hang in there.
572651 tn?1531002957 (this works really well on the humid days) 3. I hate wearing hats, or bandannas, but a bandanna works wonders believe it or not. That's all I got so far.
917815 tn?1377501854 sometimes I get cravings but they pass and for the most part, I am TRULY enoying life. I go hiking, i go to the mall, I go grocery shopping, play tennis, workout, take my daughter to the park, etc etc..all without having to count how many pills I have, will I make it through the day, worry about Withdrawal, etc etc. I sometimes used to joke around, saying we are mathematicians to a certain extent..always counting, averaging, dividing, just so we 'have enough' to get through the day/week.
Avatar m tn To dentist or not, sensitive PCR or other, take tylenol or not, sailing vacation or not, fly for a firboscan or not, herbs and supplements or not, reduce meds or not, increase meds or not, blood letting or coffee enema, mircowaved blood or aluminum hats with wires. Sometimes the decisions and approaches are overwhelming espicially for those of us who know they are not necessarily in tip-top shape to make fully rational decisions.
Avatar n tn I used to work out 3x plus a week. My daily workout now consists of getting showered, dressed (hopefully the right way) and try and sound intelligent at work!!!
1323747 tn?1364810482 Since my heart rate doesn't speed up under increased need my respiratory system would have to take up the slack and in less oxygen it might get quite a workout. I suppose it would depend on my activity level and the temperature etc. how that would work for me. I am not going yet but when I do go I will take all the precautions and have a back-up plan. Thanks again for the input...
Avatar m tn I have been taking vic's for a year or so only a few a day (2,3 sometimes maybe 4), so I am assuming that the symptoms I am feeling, however terrible, are minor compared to some that have taken much more. (my hats off to you) Even though only taking that amout each day, my body is aching, head is hurting, legs are restless, and I dont even want to start about the stomach. :-) I know this is only day 2 without the pills this is no fun.
Avatar f tn It's like my skin is severely dehydrated but I drink tons of water, workout, and eat healthy. My skin actually hurts to move. It's tight and dry and feels like it is ripping when I make movements. I literally look 80 on a good day. I did abuse a tanning bed in my 20's but none of my friends look like this. I have become a recluse basically which is not my personality.
Avatar n tn I went to look at maternity bras and the damn things looked like giant hats. Or the superstructure of the Brooklyn Bridge. I never thought my bosom would decide it wanted to flop sideways, but that is where it seems to be heading. ps -- I got a lot of maternity clothes on eBay for very little money. Most are cute, one so cute I even wore it to my 5-week blood test when I had no need for the expanded waist!
Avatar n tn i go to the gym 5 days a week. do an hour of cardio workout and twice a week lift weights. i am not overweight. 5 ft. 8 in. 155 lbs. i am always feeling tense when these episodes happen. would love comments from other people feeling the same things. peace to all!!!!
Avatar f tn If severe, all I can do is roll around on the ground until it passes - which usually takes 20 minutes and subsides in waves. It doesn't seem to matter what I eat or when I workout. But, I am starting to think a slow warm up is key. Alternating jogging and walking for the first 20 minutes seems to help.
Avatar m tn Truth can wear so many hats, could we even spot it if we saw it on this board? I'm not sure I could. Levity and religion, someone posted these things are not Hep C related, well, once you get past the virusology and the side effects, there ain't sh!t in my life that is NOT related to Hep C. Perhaps I am twisted, but this damn disease touches all aspects of my life. And I ain't afraid of none of the aspects of my life. I'd rather smile at the truth Mr.
314692 tn?1214084110 Take time to get your nails done, maybe the toes, too. Wear cute clothes that accentuate the head... cute little hats for summertime... do you want a wig? They, to me, are hot, but some women prefer them. There's lots to do with scarves. Oh, you'll do fine. Keep your spirits up. All of this is just TEMPORARY. When it's all said and done, you'll wonder if it was all a bad dream. The only rememberance will be some scars. Maybe I've oversimplified...
79998 tn?1291188201 besides if you could handle the worst part of withdrawals you can handle a painful work out trust me), finally considering that you did a pretty intense workout if you want to do that, you have to do the force real well high protein, moderate carbs, quality fats...4-6 times a day with tons of fluids because you need to recover from training and recovery is VERY important during withdrawal way more important than when you are clean and it's still very important when clean.
Avatar n tn Last summer I had to wear long sleeves and hats to keep my skin out of the light. My appointment with an allergist is not until May, but I feel like this is it. I know there's dozens of reasons for burning hands and feet but I wish in all my internet searching I had seen a post about Dairy reaction so I have to post this. It can take DAYS for lactose to react in your intestines which is why it was so hard for me to realize I was having a reaction to my food.
Avatar n tn I found that keeping a diary was really useful, because after a few months, you notice improvement VERY slowly, and you need to be able to look back 3 months to notice it - otherwise you get depressed. None of you sound nearly as bad as I was, and hats off to you for figuring out the problem before I did. :-) I still have times when my toes get a little numb, and when that happens I know something is out of wack.
Avatar f tn Hats off to you once again Bridgette, your amazing!! Welcome to all the newbies! Well, cd28 for me so i'm just hanging in there(praying)!