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881165 tn?1265988188 I was told to put them on wearing vinyl gloves. The first time I tried taking them off I almost strangled my legs! They rolled down and compressed and I was in a panic to get them off. Now I have the hang of it. My problem is I have both low and high blood pressure. I have to be careful when and how long I wear the stockings to get the right effect. If I wear them too long my blood pressure goes too high. If I don't wear them long enough it goes too low.
Avatar n tn then he thought it could be perniois (Chilblains) because it is currently cold here in Ohio and I wasn't always wearing gloves outside. I am supposed to go back in the summer time to see how it is doing. I really don't think it is either of those two things. It is only on my right hand on my fingers (not my thumb). I mostly have them appear on my ringer finger and my middle finger, and they mostly appear above the knuckle on the sides of the fingers. They feel like splinters.
Avatar n tn 1) seems to be seasonal 2) is not daily but I haven't paid enough attention to note if there's a reactive trigger (my guess is that there is) 3) I've always wrinkled fast in water, even as a kid 4) I have exceptionally sensitive hands no matter what (very tactile person and don't even like to wear gloves if I can help it - they feel too restrictive. Same with my feet). 5) my extremities do get cold easily - always have.
Avatar n tn It is completely ruining my days with endless scratching and embarassment, as well as making it hard to workout/run/ or even socialize. Please help with this problem, because it is truly ruining my life. Thank You.
Avatar n tn Extreme activity where hands are drenched in perspiration by wearing the same gloves over a course of only a week or two can also produce them rapidly (few weeks) due to immersion in bacteria-breeding perspiration (a fungal petri dish). Same with wearing the same clothes every day for hard manual labor without washing them, as well as using same towels every day, etc. How do I know all of this?
Avatar n tn But the good news is that I do find that my hands really respond when I moisturize and - a big help - use gloves when I wash dishes. The other thing is I recently lost a bunch of weight too, and that's when I noticed the skin on my elbows. I think at least some of the problem is from the weight loss, which makes some sense. I figure if I exercise my arms, it'll "pick up" some of the slack, so to speak! As far as cipro and levaquin - have you been really sick lately?
Avatar f tn 3- wash your hands as much as possible, eggs on your hands are not persistent but make sure to use an antibacterial soap, 4- use disinfectent for cleaning the bathroom, but do not inhale while doing so, those products are extremely dangerous, 5- bathe twice a day (especially in the morning) or at least swipe your bottom with vinegar in the mornings (or a mixture of mashed garlic and vaseline at night so that the females can't go out and lay eggs), 6- keep fingernails as short as possible,
Avatar n tn When I go to other peoples houses I see them too, they say I don't know what the he.. is going on or why their here or where their coming from. Even when I go out to different stores or restaurants I see them too, I know they were already there, are you sure that's not what it is?? They seem to be a lil of an epidemic right now for some odd reason. That's why I even came across this site, I was look'n to see how to get rid of them and spread the word.
Avatar f tn After the stent implant and release from the hospital for congested heart failure, there were no restrictions with discharged instructions, I felf very energetic and very active (mowed lawns on my 2 properties the day I was released). Presently, I take a nitrate when going to the gym to workout and no problems. Also, my medication is an ACE inhibitor for blood pressure control, a beta blocker (coreg) for bp and rhythm stability, and a med for cholesterol.
Avatar n tn Mix equal parts of vegetable glycerin (available at health food stores) and aloe vera gel. You can also add a couple of tablespoons of olive oil or jojoba oil. I itch less if my skin isn't so dry. Try going as long as possible without shaving your legs. For some reason the hair on the legs helps hold in the moisture. Or, at least it seems that way with me.
Avatar n tn The feeling I get is like someone is walking over my grave but it's felt in the back of my hand. Drafts set it off too - I wear fingerless gloves at home and when sleeping. (Two on one hand as it's only my right hand). And if I still get it I flex my fingers out. I've also got heat treatment cream and ice treatment cream and a small tens machine. They all work - I find pain and movement stops it or at least reduces it significanting.
Avatar f tn Syntol can be purchased online and in select health stores like The Vitamin Shoppe). Oddly enough, the product I found to work BEST topically is a nasal wash I found at Walgreens called ALKALOL. It contains essential oils known for their antimicrobial  properties so i decided to apply it to my skin by saturating cotton rounds and applying it like you would a facial toner. This magical liquid did more for my skin in one day than the typical OTC antifungals had done in months (yes, MONTHS).
251922 tn?1193786078 Do you suggest a total workout or will simply walking be a good exercise?? I've never been much on cardio but walking and Yoga or Pilates I can do with no hesitation. Again, I do thank you for your responses. I'm really looking forward to beginning tomorrow.
Avatar n tn I have been on a cream (wich is a compound,and is hard to find.) It is Eurex Cr with Valisone. The big name drug stores don't make it. So I found a mom pop drug store who does compounds. And he mails it once a year. Let me tell you that cream was a life saver . I had tried everything, Differant MD's telling me this and giving me that. That biopsy made life a whole lot better. Now I control it. But, I still have itching till this day. I have learned to live with it.
Avatar n tn I've moved from the dry state of CO to the humid state of OH. I'm a workout fiend, but severly slacked during college. I'm back to exercising a lot now, wearing spandex, so maybe the excess sweating instigated it? But I shower immediatedly after every workout. For the past 2 weeks I have been biking 5-6x a week, but switched to running the past few day (before the itching occured). ***As for skin conditions...
288415 tn?1231634102 Those who want to try the hydrocortisone cream should get a script for the lower .2%. The stores sell 1% cream, which should not be used on thinner skin- any part of your face & ears.
Avatar n tn i dry mine so i have a years supply, just laying them out and covering with newspaper so air can get at them but not light a tablespoon of them to one one and half litre boiling water; i put in flask and drink throughout the day, or put a few leaves fresh or dried into a cuo pour on boiling water leave for 5 mins flavour if need to and drink: hope this is what you meant!!!