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293845 tn?1227997530 Hey girls, I'm looking for a workout video to get me back in shape. I want one that I can feel sexy doing. I looked at Carmen Electra's aerobic striptease DVD but it got bad reviews. People said it wasn't much of a workout but they did feel sexier doing it. I also saw the Girls Next Door video and that one got better reviews, people said they were sore from the exercises. But it doesnt have any stripping or anything like that. Does anyone know of a good sexy workout video??
Avatar f tn I workout everyday with a pregnancy pilates video. I did pilates everyday before becoming pregnant. It Keeps you toned and prepares you for delivery.
Avatar n tn I'm currently doing the insanity workout video, so how do I track that? Should I have my phone on me or just add it as an video workout on the exercise section??
193609 tn?1292180293 Hey everyone!! I think it would be a great idea if everyone shared your workout!! What are you doing to get fit? How effective is it? Would you recommend it to others? I currently workout at Anytime Fitness! I love it and would recommend it to everyone! All the cardio machines have a 13 inch TV on them, and have the Dish Network! I love working out there and their weight machines are great! I also just started Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred! that 30 minute video will kick your butt!!
773214 tn?1295135069 I don't have a video or anything, but I hit the gym 3 days a week. I just do some light cardio (making sure I am never short of breath) and mini crunches on an exercise ball, and them some light weights on machines (they aren't very heavy so that I strain, but I do lots of repetitions so that I can still feel the burn). I have been going this whole time through even my last pregnancy and I think it helps me with the symptoms.
Avatar f tn Does any know of a good yoga dvd or other prenatal workout video? I need to work at Zen. :) Plus I normally do a workout video & jog to stay in shape but after I found out I was prego I stopped cuz my last two pregnancies I miscarried. But I'm finding I need some kind of outlet for my witchyness so I need a low impact workout.
Avatar f tn Thank you so much! What a great idea ...short time and a trememdous workout! The video is really great! I need to run to Toys R Us now to get a new jumprope! THANKS AGAIN!!!
Avatar f tn These workout videos on Amazon, they had a 3 dvd pack which incl. A pilates video, a yoga video and a simple workout to slim and tone. Im pretty excited, and im gonna try em out tomorrow! I usually dont take the effort to do anything but this is my 2nd preg.
427382 tn?1298209586 ) I bought mine on Amazon, but you can find the video in stores too. The workout is only 20 minutes, which doesn't sound bad, but for me it feels like an hour workout.
Avatar f tn I am trying to find a workout video to help keep my strength and mobility. I have tried a yoga class. Did not do so well at it and personally didn't care for it. Any suggestions? Thank You.
Avatar m tn Studies show that the best results for your toning is by changing the routine of your workout, so do a different ab video,everyday! Also for some people every other day of working out shows better results. That's up to you! For a diet there are certain foods like pine apple that supposedly take away blotting in the stomach. Hope I helped!
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284738 tn?1283106819 so i have found this awesome workout that is very low impact go to and on that page there is a free video for a one mile walk... its super easy and soo fun and you burn 150 calories in 15 minutes...
7615538 tn?1392668171 I was going to start doing a workout dance I saw on YouTube but a friend made me worry when she said it was "unsafe" Its called "dark horse workout" I believe it might say "working out with Jessica" but im not to sure.. the video isnt very hard to do and there is NO lifting at all but my friend really just weirded me out... Ladies I need help lol do you ladies work out and if so what do you do?
Avatar m tn Now am very afraid that the shopkeeper might misuse it. He may post our video in internet also. I dont want to cause any trouble to my gf. Now what can i do? Can i take any legal action against him, if he ever posts them in internet. Kindly help me. Dont take my problem lightly. PLEASEEEEEEEE. Thanks to all in advance.
Avatar f tn You can do a workout video like yoga or a body boot camp.
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Avatar f tn If u have a dvd player get you a workout video and try to workout every night before bed. You want to start out with a slow paced workout and build yourself up. Good luck & have a great time on your trip.
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Avatar f tn its a hole long routine of butt workout video. its pink and says bikini butt and theres a butt side view and around the waist shes holding a yellow measuring tape. i love it.
435139 tn?1255460391 That will get your heart rate up to a safe number (no more than 140 after 3rd trimester) and still give you a workout. I still do that and a Leisa Hart pregnancy workout video now. Congrats to you for trying to stay fit during your pregnancy! Just remember not to push it if you don't feel like it.....
435762 tn?1244682620 I did 30min of a pilates video today. It was hard but I don't feel like I did anything vigorous. How should you feel physically after doing pilates if you are doing it right?? If I jog or do step aerobics, I feel like I am gonna fall over after it is done lol (not literally)!! Just wanna make sure I am doing it correctly. Sorry for all of the posts. I guess I am getting obsessed. If anyone has any good recommendations for any good workout videos let me know. Thanks.
Avatar f tn One month ago, i had sex with my gf and i had the weak erection and could not penetrate. I researched and knew the problem is from watching porn and masturebation. I went to see urologist doctor and the doctor checked my penis. She told me it is OK. She also gave me the Viagra. I stop watching porn for a week and doing kegel exercise. Could you please give me some advices?
Avatar f tn I think it is more important to do the right kind of abdominal work than to do a lot. Have you ever taken pilates. I highly reccommend it for having long, lean muscles and a flat strong core. A video is not the best way to learn it as you don't get any feedback as to if you are doing it right or not. It is easy to "cheat" without knowing it.
684175 tn?1295477838 t get to touch it until Christmas. Hopefully there will be a wii fit for me under the tree as well. Hoping to get the Jillian Michaels workout as well. Looks interesting. Going to the gym after I get off of work. Thats the plan. The bed is really trying to tempt me, but I really need to get my workout in. Then errands, then sleep and work another 12 hours tonight. It never ends. LOL!
7773990 tn?1400728625 My ex and I have been spilt for about 2 months now and he is sopose to have a girl friend. We video chatted tonight for like 2 hours and he still has our ring on. He bought it to wear wanting people to think we was married. I don't really understand why he still has it on. Surely he isn't using it with her? Could his "girlfriend" be just to get to me?
Avatar m tn I'm having problems getting and maintaining an erection during sex. I'm fine leading up to sex however the minute we move on to sex, it goes away. This is with a new gf and I'm a bit nervous as you'd expect but nothing out of the ordinary. I'm mid 30s and in good health and fitness. I've just found this website and all the great advice from people with the same problem and have read about connection between porn and ED.