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Avatar f tn Week one is actually shot 2. That's how my doctor counted it in a calendar that he gave me telling me what labs and office appointments I needed to schedule for the whole 48 weeks. I'll be getting my 12 week viral load on or around my 13th shot. Oh! and welcome to the group.
Avatar f tn ve learned a lot and I did my birth plan at 20 weeks. I started with a template I found online then revised it for myself. I have the link for the template in my journals.
Avatar f tn I am getting mine from etsy. It will cost me around $10 for the customized template. I'm going to take the template to office depot and have them print them for me on cardstock.
Avatar f tn the quantity of the virus is useless, you can have no virus at all but many infected cells which can create new virus from a dna template of the virus inside the cells, hbsag can reflect more or less the number of this dna template
1901977 tn?1333991726 I found this birth plan creator and think it's brilliant. I used their template and then copied and pasted the results into a Word document so I could keep tweaking it, but it saved me a lot of time so thought it might be useful for my fellow June procrastinators. :) http://www.pregnancyandbaby.
Avatar f tn I purchased a template on etsy for 8 dollars and got 50 invites printed. This was the cheapest I found and the quality is great!! Just wanted to share.
465737 tn?1315754922 On our own 'homepages' we should have a tab for a personal calendar. So that we could post DR appointment, remind oursevles of important dates along the way (BFPs, starting certain meds. etc) We should be able to make it viewable to everyone, just our friends or it can be private. Just a thought!
572651 tn?1530999357 t forget how important it is to have an up-to-date medical card in your wallet or purse for emergencies. There is a great template at this website that allows you to TYPE your information instead of hand writing it on those little cards. This is a commercial website that also has some unusual med id jewelry but you don't have to buy anything to use the id card template.
Avatar m tn Thanks a lot.
Avatar n tn Please don't stress about it. I ordered my baby shower template from etsy and printed them at Costco. I am happy I did it tat way because it was cheaper. 8 dollars for the template and 45 for 50 invites. I did the planning of mines as well and it was overwhelming. Although my husband was with me every step of the way. I was very satisfied with the end results planning 8t myself because I was in charge of everything.
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Avatar f tn @wayfunmommy....I have worked in healthcare for over 15 years as a nurse and now obtaining my doctorate. I am not going in blind or uneducated nor do I need your opinion on different things. I could care less what or how you give birth nor do I care about extended placenta time or epiderals or other things. I have researched far more than you even understand and have done and am currently participating in numerous clinical trials.
Avatar f tn Try Walmart. Go online and go to there photo section and go to cards and invites then go to all invites then clear the selected and click on baby shower.
Avatar f tn How does everyone workout everyday to stay fit? I am a FTM and I want to stay fit and not lay around the house everyday gaining weight. So can y'all help me ? Please .
Avatar f tn I really recommend pregnancy yoga in your 2nd and 3rd trimester, before that aqua aerobics, swimming, normal yoga and Pilates, gym workout, light jog, stationary bike and cross trainer, anything really as long as you are feeling well and comfortable doing it.
Avatar n tn Hello, everyone! I recently had some STD testing done. All came back negative. Here's the results: HIV Rapid test: NEGATIVE HIV Viral Load: NEGATIVE Chlamydia(Urine): NEGATIVE Gonorrhea(Urine): NEGATIVE Gonorrhea(Oral): NEGATIVE Here's the problem, at no point did anyone swab my mouth for anything, so why would it say, "Gonorrhea(Oral): NEGATIVE?
Avatar n tn hbv is from herpes virus family, its template can stay inside cells for decades and reactivate if immune system is damaged by drugs (steroids, chemio) or diseases like aids this is why you cannot donate blood or organs, but do not worry you have total immune control over the virus so only making damge to immune system it can come back
Avatar n tn I found out last Tuesday and I disproved every theory except the Chinese calendar ! Im having a little BOY !
Avatar n tn those who had hbv, acute, resolved or chronic will always have the hbv template in their own dna so blood/organs cannot be donated irrispective to having or not having any virions