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1190343 tn?1273994886 50 or :49 on Good ones on that interval, or :46 or :47 on really good ones on that interval. I did swim though and am tired. Got about 25% of my Invoice Project complete this morning. Hope to be 1/2 done by 5:20 when I have to leave...
Avatar f tn Oct. 2nd and 3rd I had unprotected sex. My calendar said I ovulated on the 3rd. 6 days later (on the 9th) I had really bad cramps with diarrhea and felt as if I was going to vomit at the same time. (SORRY TMI) The next day I started to spot and bled for a total of 5 days. Felt like a normal period. Now lately I've been SO, SO Hungry. I've been peeing a lot more. I even feel like I'm gaining weight even though I workout and have recently lost weight! My jeans aren't fitting comfortably anymore!
Avatar f tn I also started experiencing fatigue--getting winded much quicker during my daily workout and have even taken a few naps here and there. This is very odd for me as I don't tire easily. I've also been falling asleep easily and earlier at night, but I usually have difficulty falling and staying asleep.
Avatar n tn I found out last Tuesday and I disproved every theory except the Chinese calendar ! Im having a little BOY !
Avatar n tn Exercise is crucial, you gotta build up slowly, until where you're sweating like crazy and your workout is an hour long... you can mix it up, doing diff kinds of activities. The ones where you use your legs is the best, like walking and running. Eat more lean protein and less carbs, fill up with extra water, salads, and eat fresh fruit for snacks. Watch the TV show "Ruby" to help with motivation. If you can afford a trainer, they are worth their weight in gold.
5432782 tn?1368810556 i dont know how many doses you missed, but hopefully it will workout. i was hospitalised in week 3 of the same tx your doing. the drs couldnt get the pills from the pharmacy so i missed 2 doses of incivek and 1 dose of rib. it all worked out fine.
6579347 tn?1388505968 Hi, folks - I'm on day 70-ish (don't have my calendar!) on Zoloft. Have been on 50 mg. for 10 days. At the same time I increased to 50, I got ambushed by a wicked sinus infection that included steroids, 2 uber stressful weeks at work, and still working through a family death from a couple months ago. Saw my therapist, and assured me I was doing ok for everything I was trying to manage. So - my question. I got to a really good place on 37.
Avatar f tn I also started experiencing fatigue--getting winded much quicker during my daily workout and have even taken a few naps here and there. This is very odd for me as I don't tire easily. I've also been falling asleep easily and earlier at night, but I usually have difficulty falling and staying asleep.
8480294 tn?1406321297 I cant stay awake for anything in this world. Normal naps for me are 30 mins now its 3 hours smdh. Im ready to workout and just get back to normal.
Avatar m tn Which now has subsided but now I have been majorly depressed. No job, don't workout, and gave up on school. Starting seeing a psychologist which has helped little. Thought maybe I would try and start working out again but been too scared and depressed since I lost a lot of muscle. So my main question(s) is anyone else go through a similar situation and how did you get yourself better and able to start going to gym again and workout?
Avatar f tn So the solution is only have fortnightly once and that too after having a big salad or after have lots of watermelon/fibre food. Indulge for 2 days a month and workout a little more the next day. This will keep a control and watch on binging unhealthy foods. Try lifting some simple weights with inputs from a trainer initially and that would be sufficient as you do lots of home work for your twins. Do this 3 times a week and continue your cardio. Take care!
Avatar n tn I'm on a thirty day cycle and I find the EWCM comes much later than it should according to my target O day on my calendar. HB and I have been heartbkn every month so far. My last AF was June 7th. This month I got EWCM on the 27th but my temp was 98.1 We BD (I don't now what that actually stands for but I think it's the right term) on the 21st,23,26 for kicks then on the 27 because of EWCM then it dried up. Temp went to 98.8 July 3rd and 99.
Avatar f tn When i looked at my calendar i saw the spotting happened 2 weeks before my period was supposed to start. Then the 15th came and i didnt start my period at all i've taking 4 pregnancy tests thru out this week and a half and they have all said negative but i still have yet to start!? I'm nervous because Now i am 1 week and 1 day late...I would have started by now.
Avatar f tn Highlight those days on a calendar in Yellow highlighter to make them stand out and be proud! I strongly feel getting OFF of them will help you tremendously. Just give it some time to get out of your body and don't stress over it. You obviously know about Opiates. Time to say goodbye to them for good! Congrats on being at such a low dosage too! Easy to jump ship now! Exercise...Sweat...Sunshine...juice if you can...and eat healthy. Great job!
579258 tn?1250652943 As promised, though I skipped working out in the AM, I did accomplish a 30 minute stint on the stair machine this PM. OK, now to fill in my tracker, rest and drink lots of water. Barb135--I have Wii fit, too, but haven't used it that much yet. And walking during work is a great idea if you can fit it in. Good ideas.
Avatar f tn I decided to take mirena for three years :)
Avatar f tn Around 3 days before my period I will start getting what I call landmark cramps. I never keep a calendar or journal because I usually have these indicator cramps. Lately theyve become longer and more severe, even extending into other pains. I have noticed that I get a sharp pain upon sitting or doing something else in vaginal and rectal area. Also I am an avid exerciser. Lately I can't workout from 2 days before to 2 days after my period.
Avatar m tn Don't worry about how often you post - I can post for days, weeks on end, then disappear for months at a time, but people are still here for me when I need them - we all understand - Keep up the GREAT work - feels good, doesn't it? I know that if I miss a day of marking another clean/sober day off the calendar, I totally feel like I'm missing something important :-) Take Care!
Avatar n tn // It even has info on getting pregnant and how to NOT get pregnant!!
1438638 tn?1304950057 My husband loves that schtick because...well because he's a redneck! I get him the calendar every year. So I thought it might be fun to do our own version and laugh at ourselves a little bit. So that's mine... "You probably have Dysautonomia if you have to pack a snack to run down to the store or to the doctor!" Let's hear yours...
Avatar f tn (exercise meaning walking 1-2 miles at a brisk pace, I used to workout 1-2 hrs a day 4-5 days a wk). The dr I was working with said not to worry about nutrition, that he didn't know if or when I would be able to exercise or get off my pain meds. In addition he did not suggest genetic counceling, and said my disorder was more of an annoyance than anything else. I live in Portland, OR and would be so grateful if someone could suggest other resourses.
649848 tn?1534637300 Still buried in snow here but the date on the calendar says it is getting closer to spring!! You could give us a plane ticket to come see you!!!!! You probably dont want one from me!! lol Motivation is key here so am looking forward to this.
Avatar n tn Goodluck with the workouts. I used to workout twice day 5-6 days a week. I have 18 shots to go. I worked out after the 1st shot too but that was it. I haven't been to the gym since last August. I know world class runners who are on the same treatment that continue to do real excerise but in my case I just can't muster the energy. Again Good luck and I hope things go better for you than me.
667078 tn?1316004535 last time i wrote my whole year calendar. I will be careful this time and say I am working on getting the company budget related software and fixes.
572651 tn?1531002957 Janus, a mythical king of early Rome was placed at the head of the calendar. With two faces, Janus could look back on past events and forward to the future. Janus became the ancient symbol for resolutions and many Romans looked for forgiveness from their enemies and also exchanged gifts before the beginning of each year. " from www Its your turn .... what are your new year goals? cheers!
4614494 tn?1368359985 Omg toothfarie !! I wish I had an extra room for my treadmill. Not much extra room In the house. But I don't care I love it!! Lol. I use it ev day and am addicted to it too!! Lol. I get easily addicted to things. Lol. At least this is a good addiction. Right?? I have lots and lots of videos and weights at Hm too. Hi my name is Christina. I'm addicted to my treadmill. Lol. There. I said it.
Avatar f tn I'm trying not to look too closely at the calendar and panic about summer slipping away. I return to work in about three weeks....
1110049 tn?1409405744 For example, if you think that you are not in the best form and is makes you experience sadness, then do something to modify that to create a experience that is better for yourself. Get on an workout system and don�t be afraid to get out there. Try to prevent other depressed types of individuals. If you are down in the dumps than it is likely that you already have a not so good lifestyle and by associating with other individuals like this, you will only nourish into your own pessimism.
Avatar f tn Bam - I tihnk there is a place here that does poll dance workout lessons s well. DH wants me to take lessons.. I would If I had the money!!!!!! when we get a house im going to get a poll in the bedroom... im sure there are ones that are easy to put up and take down.
Avatar n tn I've started feeling flu symptoms a couple of times over the past month. Generally within the next couple of days after an intense workout. I started drinking about a shot and a half of apple cider vinegar with about a liter of water... at least twice per day. If I feel a little worse, I’ll have an extra liter of acv/water. One thing to note as well, I never stopped or slowed down on working out since I've started this.