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Avatar m tn It depends on the situation and how close that tooth is to the nerve. Sometimes on a panoramic x-ray, the tooth will appear to be close to the nerve. Since the panoramic x-ray is two dimensions, it doesn't provide as much information as a CT scan which can be view in 3D on a computer screen. That would help the doctor determine where the tooth is more precisely.
8830311 tn?1400088806 You're correct that it could be your wisdom tooth. Without seeing an x-ray it's impossible to say for sure, so your best bet would be to see a dentist and have an x-ray taken in the area that's bothering you. It doesn't seem like this problem is going to resolve itself on it's own.
Avatar f tn My mom said not to do the x-ray but other people say just to inform them you are pregnant and they will cover your belly with something so that the baby will be safe during the x ray . I know what tooth needs to be pulled so im just gonna go ahead and not get the x-ray just to be safe .
Avatar n tn if my x-ray shown that there is a cyst forming near my left upper wisdom tooth, should i have it taken out as soon as possible, or should i wait until the tooth is fully grown? would a wisdom tooth grow back once it's taken out?
Avatar n tn if my x-ray shown i have a cyst forming near my upper left wisdom tooth, should i have it taken out as soon as possible or should i wait until it is fully grown?
Avatar n tn You had also mention to take a x ray of the X ray of the paranasal sinuses.So what doctor should i go to that can read this x ray and to check if i have and infections in the roof of my mouth because thats the area which pains the most.
Avatar f tn He did not see anything wrong. But, on physical exam of the wisdom tooth, thought he found crack in tooth, below gumline. He said that's probably why infection keeps coming back, bacteria is constantly getting into gum. So, oral surg Rx'd more Amoxicillin, will Extract in a week. Went fine, with no drugs. He didn't tell me if tooth was in fact cracked, and I did not ask. Check Up- no dry socket, instructed how to rinse area with syringe with Rx rinse.
1470662 tn?1287789856 Prior to starting the root canal, the dental assistant took a panel x-ray. The x ray revealed an impacted wisdom tooth near my sinuses. The dentist referred me to an oral surgeon. I have been experiencing bad headaches and muscle/ joint/ body aches. Can an impacted tooth do that? Your feedback is greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Thank you for your response, Doctor. I went ahead and got the 2nd opinion, and my surgery is scheduled for this Thursday. I don't have the X-Ray on hand at the moment, but I suppose I could request it on Thursday and make a scan of it then (will an X-Ray show up on a scanner?). I am 18 years old and I live in Los Angeles, California. The previous surgeon was Dr. Rashti, and she is located in Beverly Hills.
Avatar f tn Went to wisdom tooth dentist, he said I should not remove tooth b/c the nerve is too close and I could do damage. Of course if I'm in pain, then they will remove it. The restorative dentist then went ahead with the crown prep, but warned me several times that they wouldn't be able to take out the wisdom tooth. They did take a panoramic xray and I did see the nerve, extremely close to the wisdom tooth. It also appeared to be pushing the molar.
Avatar n tn ve been referred to an oral surgeon to check the radio-opacity of #32 area, which I understand to be the location of a wisdom tooth that was removed about 22 years ago. My insurance will not cover another dental exam. I've had no physical problems with this area, and my previous dentist never mentioned any concerns with it. I'm suspicious and tempted to ignore his advice and go to a different dentist (or back to my old one) for my next cleaning in September... Thoughts/Advice?
1477436 tn?1287317905 It's a good chance that is what it is. A couple of Advil or Alleve should help. Keep an eye on it, and it might be worth getting an x ray of, just to be sure it's the wisdom tooth, if you have pain for many more days.
Avatar f tn Almost 2 years ago I had my lower left wisdom tooth removed, ever since I have had problems with my jaw. My jaw now pops, clicks, grinds, and makes crunching noises as well as locks. It causes me a lot of pain at times and seems to now be very sensitive to cold weather. I also notice that when opening and closing my mouth it seems like the alignment of my jaw is wrong, the right side appears to pop out when my mouth opens and the left does not.
Avatar f tn Im booked in to have a tooth out in august and they need to do a x rays and make my mouth numb will my baby ok i will be in my 3rd trimester then x
Avatar m tn Then 25 days later my parents told the dentist to make a copy of the panoramic image I had on a CD, in order to show the Panoramic X-ray to an oral surgeon to advice us about what to do with my wisdom teeth. When i went there he told me to make another X-ray in order to have a "contrast" of my teeth 25 days later.
Avatar f tn I had an xray on my bottom right wisdom tooth. I had two vest on. One was diagonal across my little baby bumb and another on top of that covering me. Is this safe? My dentist said it was less radiation than going outside. Also, has anyone had their wisdom teeth taken out while pregnant?
Avatar n tn Do you know what is the limit on x-ray exposure? I mean like how many times is the x-ray exposure safe? Is going behind concrete walls safe enough for me from the radiation????Oh my God...I have a 2 year contract there! I am so worried!!! I am only 21 years old.... :( Please please please please help me clear this out.. Thank you so much.....
1354136 tn?1331875317 going in on friday to get an upper wisdom tooth pulled. can't afford the sedation so just opting for a local. never had a tooth pulled before, hopefully i'll be fine? tooth is already out of gumline. any insight would be appreciated, just nervous here. thanks.
Avatar n tn It would be best to get a x-ray and get a root canal done on the tooth before the cavity gets larger and it becomes difficult or impossible to restore the tooth.
Avatar n tn I am going to have my impacted wisdom tooth and another descending wisdom tooth pulled. They just came in. I have been having nothing but pains in my sinus/tooth/ear area ever since having a deep filling done, which turned into a root canal. It has been more than 2 months and I still feel awful? I am terrified to have the wisdom tooth surgery. Any chance my pains are related? I still have sensitivity in the root canal tooth, which my dentist told me was not possible. Ugh.
Avatar f tn A dental x-ray would show it. You probably get those once a year.
Avatar n tn I extracted my wisdom tooth nearly 8 weeks ago. I was bearing with the healing process and was taking all the precautions I was told by the Dentist. But now for the past 1 week I am getting severe pain which travels to my ear. My cavity has healed. Visited my dentist and the xray shows a big whole. According to my dentist it is a dry socket. Is it possible to have dry socket even if the wound has healed. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/421645'>Dry socket....
Avatar m tn t think to ask that day, arg), saying I needed 1 wisdom tooth extraction (the other, since impacted but attached or blocked by bone, would require breaking what I assume would be zygomatic bone), 2 crowns ($400-500 per crown (porcelain v. gold)+$100 so already $1000), mentioned possible work with inlays (fillings I assume), and mentioned no implants. This clinic also mentioned possible diseased regions up above the gum line which the first clinic didn't mention.
Avatar f tn m a surgical dental assistant you can get your teeth pulled you can get an implant and you can have an X ray u have to have a double leaded apron though as I do to take an X ray well.... you can take a pain medicine also if you in okays it you would only need it for the first 3 days anyways there's no risk to the baby at all... The dentist just needs an okay from your ob to pull it. In your case you would be in pain due to not being able to.tske.any pain medicine I jope.
Avatar n tn I have been having some dull pain and smell coming from one of my crowns. When I floss it on the back side, the floss sometimes gets caught and splinters. Does this mean that there is a crack in the cement and saliva is getting in to the post? My dentist looked at it said he is not sure what is wrong with it (he doesn't see anything on x-ray and the gum looks healthy). But I know that you can't see through crowns. He said he can cut it off "if I want".
Avatar n tn I'm not sure if its okay or not. You can ask your dentist or oral surgeon to arrange an x-ray to get that evaluated possibly. A panoramic x-ray should show if there's anything in the palatal area. Again, I would recommend adjusting the splint first to see if theres a simple solution.