Wisdom tooth while pregnant

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Avatar f tn I left out that when I was prescribed the pain medicine I was not pregnant at the time. Then I had another wisdom tooth that needed to be removed when I was pregnant.
7918705 tn?1395359903 Just talk to them and let them know how far along you are. I got a wisdom tooth removed when I was pregnant with my daughter.
Avatar f tn Its safe to get wisdom tooth out when pregnant im ONly 6 week and My tooth is coming out so its very painful is ir safe to take out
Avatar f tn My wisdom tooth is bugging me does anybody know if u can get them out while ur pregnant
2020005 tn?1628125976 Thanks! my appt is next Thursday, just sooo anxious about having it done while pregnant! Had a wisdom tooth removed a while ago but wasn't pregnant. just hope he's okay in there!
Avatar f tn Has anybody been to the dentist while pregnant? I'm pretty sure a lot of you have. Such a dumb question but im curious about getting my tooth pull out and all that. Should wait till after birth or do it now?
2020005 tn?1628125976 Has anyone had a tooth extraction while pregnant?? I'm 23 weeks, having serious pain in a cracked molar, it started to swell up last night so I went to the ER and started amoxicillin, saw my dentist today and he suggests getting it removed next week. I'm concerned about a risk of preterm labor with an extraction, although I know it's there with an infected tooth also. Anyone have any experience with this?? Thanks!
5739386 tn?1378836460 I'm having a real bad tooth ache and it my top and bottom wisdom tooth in the back. Ik it's ok to get it pulled while you pregnant. Just need an ok by my doc. But the thing about it is being awake while it happens..... Have anyone had it done before?
Avatar n tn The best time to see the dentist is during the second trimester. I had a tooth filled when I was like 4-5 months.
Avatar f tn You don't get it pulled. It's bad on the baby. The only thing u can get while pregnant, is a clean but with no chemicals.
10724724 tn?1432178017 I had my wisdom teeth pulled while pregnant. My doctor didnt like tge idea of it but he gave me the ok to have it dont because they hurt so bad and I didnt have any problems.
Avatar f tn m 27 weeks pregnant with extreme mouth pain just found out today I need 5 teeth pulled one is broken off the rest wisdom teeth has anyone been through this while pregnant .. It needs to be done I'm not sleeping nor eating due to the pain so overall it would be better for me and baby ..
Avatar f tn Had a tooth removed while pregnant with my first baby but not a wisdom tooth, Has anyone had a similar situation while pregnant?
Avatar n tn I had my impacted wisdom tooth removed while I was pregnant they just used local anesthetic shots and I was fine it didn't bother me in fact I had my second one removed while pregnant with my second child too.
Avatar f tn Have any of you gotten your wisdom teeth removed while pregnant? Ive heard the dentist can only do it if its an emergency and in about your second trimester. Im 18 weeks right now. And i wanted to see if any have gotten this done.
Avatar f tn t wild about the idea of pulling my wisdom tooth while I was pregnant either, because of the stress it causes. I wanted to wait, but he honestly told me that the infection was so bad and so painful for me, it would be better to get it out. Having cavities done is nothing like having a wisdom tooth out, I'd rather have another five cavities than let anyone take out another tooth.
Avatar f tn My dentist said it was less radiation than going outside. Also, has anyone had their wisdom teeth taken out while pregnant?
Avatar f tn Any one get theirs out while pregnant!? How was it with an oral surgeon?? That's who I gotta go to. Was it very painful ? Cus u can't get Iv or that gas stuff. U can only get numbed by injection. I'm terrified of being coherent like what if they don't numb me enough !
Avatar n tn I've been having some crazy wisdom tooth pain for the past week, can I get it removed while pregnant or should I wait until after the baby is born??
Avatar f tn Your doctor can give you a list of safe procedures and medicines to give to the dentist. I had a wisdom tooth pulled with numbing stuff and had a few fillings while pregnant.
Avatar f tn Any one removed a tooth while pregnant. I have to get my wisdom tooth removed today because I have a horrible cavity causing pain. What should I expect.....
Avatar f tn I am about 24 weeks pregnant and I have an extremely infected tooth that is causing me so much pain, I can barely eat or sleep. My dentist office couldn't get me in to get it pulled for about 2 weeks. They gave me Tylenol codeine for the pain and said I could take it every 4 hours as needed, and I have been. EVERY 4 hours because the pain is just that bad. Is that okay for the baby?
5593804 tn?1372869274 has anyone had any dental work whilst pregnant? Bit worried concerned about getting a tooth taken out whilst i'm pregnant, but if I don't do it tomorrow will.
Avatar f tn can i get my wisdom tooth pulled im only 17 and my wisdom tooth started growing out of nowere literally
Avatar f tn So I'm 20 weeks pregnant and have had my top right wisdom tooth coming through for I'd say about 6 months now. It hasn't been painful at all up until a few days ago. Only the tip of the tooth has broken through so it's not fully grown but definitely coming down. My question is will dentists work you while pregnant? Has anyone experienced this before? If so, how long did it take to heal? And what kind of pain relief do they offer you?