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Avatar m tn Hi I went to see a dentist because I found a tiny lump on jaw line which can sorta move and be painful if I press it,he said because I have a wisdom tooth coming its a lymph node.its not growin and its been about 4 months but I'm starting to be be abit sceptical of his diagnosis any advise?
Avatar m tn All seem to be reluctant to take out wisdom tooth. The tooth rests just over the back tooth and has chipped off the enamel of that tooth. My front teeth are beginning to buckle and am sure that it needs taking out. Please advise treatments for these problems and I can arrange to get it translated into Chinese.
Avatar n tn I have a hard knot/lump on my lower right jaw bone behind my wisdom tooth which is still there. I noticed it yesterday and it makes it hard to close my mouth or eat on that side and it's painful. I just wanted to know if anyone might know what it could be. I have jaw pain from time to time which makes my wisdom tooth ache because I have TMJ, so my doctor told me last year. If anyone has any ideas let me know.
Avatar f tn Idk if it has anything to do with it but really hard to swallow any pill. Went to get wisdom tooth pulled the other day but oral surgeon either didnt see or notice it either nor did he acknowledge whiteiss ulsor looking lump on inside of bottom jaw.
Avatar f tn Tooth pulled by oral surgeon. Old wisdom tooth should have been removed years ago. All went well, I found a great caring surgeon.
Avatar n tn After looking at the area in a mirror I noticed that there was swelling of the inside of the cheek along the tooth line and a white fleshy lump hanging off the back of the jaw over the lower wisdom tooth. Every time I chew I have to be careful in order to prevent biting down on the skin. It is not very large and it is painful.
Avatar n tn ( , i have no dentist either the list to sign up is long and im waiting. how did all of u get rid of this toothaches.
Avatar f tn Hi, sorry to hear you're in so much pain. I had an impacted wisdom tooth removed and still have a lump in the jaw line with what feel like nerve damage. Every dentist, oral surgeon and endodontist I tell about the lump that pops out, just look at me. It was the same lump, but much larger, that was the reason I had to have the wisdom tooth taken out. How do you know that's lymph nodes and not some kinda of cyst?
Avatar n tn If I understand you correctly it sounds like it might be in the area of the wisdom tooth. I do not know how old you are and if your wisdom teeth have been extracted but if not i would consider seeing your dentist to get a diagnosis.
Avatar n tn Just an update. Since my last post, in addition to the small lump on my chin, I had one appear on my cheek and one between my eye and nose. I'm assuming they were acne, since the eye one is gone, the cheek one is near-gone, and the chin one is very small. The movable lump on my jaw, however, is still there and still painless, still the same size. However, there is also a lump on the other side of my jawbone.
Avatar n tn However it could be swollen lymph node due to impacted wisdom tooth or ear infection. It could also be a cyst as it increases and decreases in size with the day—less likely with a lymph node. The other possibility is TMJ or temporo mandibular joint inflammation. This can happen due to impacted wisdom tooth. It may or may not present with typical symptoms but can cause some discomfort on opening the mouth. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted.
Avatar f tn Almost 2 months ago i was on Amoclan 2 times per day because of wisdom tooth removal. I didnt take the medication properly then before removing other tooth i finished off the previous one and i started with new course. However during that time i found a painful lump in my labia majora.. It happened twice and its very painful when pressured. Usually it lasts for 3 days maximum. Now i feel like iam getting it again...funny because i was paranoid about the idea yesterday.
Avatar n tn It sounds like you may have an infection, it could be due to a wisdom tooth or a bad tooth. It may possibly be an abscess, you need to go to the emergency room you may need antibiotics. Left untreated you could have worse issues.
Avatar f tn why do I have my gums swollen on the lower right where the last wisdom tooth is at ? I also fill a lump in the curve where my gums end and cheek start. Its been three days now and is not going away.
1842266 tn?1318860459 t work so dentist is also outa da q...I gt a wisdom tooth that broken 2 the gum and other teeth are all broken...my symtoms I gt were fever yesterday pains in temple area dizzyness I also developed a lump in my neck last year after I quit smoking...I'm having my 2 teeth extracted friday the wisdom tooth and 1 molar...oh will the infection go away if all my teeth are extracted?
Avatar m tn First off, I have been having swelling on the left side of my neck for some time now. I have suspected that it was my wisdom teeth causing this because I have needed them pulled for some time now. My top wisdom teeth are decayed and falling apart(They are so hard to take care of!) and do occassionally have pain in them when I bite down on them. but the bottom ones are coming in really crooked and dont have any pain from them.
1082629 tn?1256232086 In May/June of this past year, I developed a lump on my jaw bone. Thinking that it was a problem with a tooth (maybe an impacted wisdom tooth?) I went to the dentist. At this point the lump was maybe not quite the size of a pea. I went to the dentist and they had no same-day appointments, and that if I was worried about the lump that I should go to the ER.
Avatar n tn d from the wisdom tooth? i went to the clinic a few months ago for the tooth And the Doctor said. she required a dentist for the tooth problem. she looked inn my ear and said everything looks normal. i have had swollen glands in the past. and i had her look at thoes also. she replied they Look normal!! iam fairly scard about this situation and dont know what to do?
Avatar f tn Just 2 add not sure if its important...I gt a life long problem with tooth decay my one wisdom tooth is rotten to the gum I'm scared 2 pull it cause I feel the pain through the anesthetic...now I'm gona suck up and be a man and pull it now friday just wondering if I do have and infection will it go away if the tooth is extracted? I also spotted a tiny lump in my temple area yesterday but I hope that's a pimple...
Avatar n tn Your description appears to be related to infection. Seeing an oral surgeon to investigate the source of infection is advised.
Avatar m tn s attached to my jaw bone. I had my wisdom tooth removed from that location about a year ago because it impacted my other tooth. I've read a little about tori but I'm not really sure at this point. It doesn't hurt either, just feels uncomfortable when I put pressure on it.
1082629 tn?1256232086 In May/June of this past year, I developed a lump on my jaw bone. Thinking that it was a problem with a tooth (maybe an impacted wisdom tooth?) I went to the dentist. At this point the lump was maybe not quite the size of a pea. I went to the dentist and they had no same-day appointments, and that if I was worried about the lump that I should go to the ER.
Avatar n tn I doubt that it is a cancerous lesion or a misplaced wisdom tooth.It is difficult to diagnosis it without seeing the bump. It is possible that it is a normal out pocketing of the bone which is called a torus. Get an appointment with your dentist or an oral surgeon for a definitive diagnosis.