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Avatar f tn s called) and when I went back he told me I had a really bad infection under the tooth in front of my bottom right wisdom tooth and it would need root canal treatment as the infection is really close to the jaw bone... I had no pain in that tooth but I thought back to a few months prior when I was having painful aches in my jaw, it felt like I couldn't open my mouth and so it made sense... Ok I said do it... but then he went ahead and removed the wisdom tooth behind the infected tooth...
Avatar n tn I have a hard knot/lump on my lower right jaw bone behind my wisdom tooth which is still there. I noticed it yesterday and it makes it hard to close my mouth or eat on that side and it's painful. I just wanted to know if anyone might know what it could be. I have jaw pain from time to time which makes my wisdom tooth ache because I have TMJ, so my doctor told me last year. If anyone has any ideas let me know.
Avatar n tn For a couple of months now, I have been experiencing pain/pressure on the right side of my face-sinus, ear, and back of my jaw-that would come and go. I also had a wisdom tooth that had recently cut through on that side so I figured that was the cause. I went to a dentist to see if she thought anything was wrong with my wisdom tooth, but she said that it was pericoronitis causing my pain. She gave me a referral to an oral surgeon anyways since it was so far back that it was difficult to clean.
Avatar f tn I ignore it, because the pain subsided, no swollen jaw and face no tooth ache at all. But after two days I started to feel sick, severe dizziness as if something is eating my energy inside my body, i feel pressure at the back of my head. Extreme fatigue, muscle ache and weakness, GERD, spaced out, balance problem. I can't concentrate, I want to just lie down in our bed and just sleep.
Avatar f tn need to go back to the dentist ... he will be able to make sure all the tooth is out... and that your not having some kind of TMJ problem... or make sure that there is no infection.... there is alot of antibiotics that can be taken with birthcontrol and have no effect on the birth control....
Avatar n tn I had 2 lower wisdom teeth, and one was removed a month ago. Those teeth would ache when I developed sinus pain from allergies. It was a dull ache, and the sinus pain was much worse. Now the side where the tooth was removed is very painful when my sinuses act up. It hurts into the jaw, and I need pain meds. Is this normal?
Avatar n tn Wisdom tooth pain can radiate and cause a lot of problems, especially if they become infected or are impacted. Fillings can also be sensitive after having them done. Especially ones where a white filling material is used due to the bonding materials used during treatment. It is reasuring that you Dentist has taken xrays which shows there is no apical infection present or any decay. If you still have problems I would go back to the Dentist you saw.
1402335 tn?1280877356 omg my jaw clicks and it hurts alot when I yawn or take a bite of something like a burger or whatever ...sometimes I can't even bite down all the way. It does it all the time, worse this past 6 months or so. It's been happening for about 2 years. it's horrible. what is that??
Avatar n tn I got my wisdom tooth taken out 3 years ago and the dentist said I'm fine and I haven't realized it till now but my jaw is still swollen. It looks completely disfigured from the other side. What could be causing this?
Avatar f tn Sometimes ear ringing and I have got little lymphnode on the right side of my neck near jaw maybe 2 centimeters big. May wisdom tooth cause that problems ?
Avatar f tn Removal of wisdom tooth probably has no effect on tmj symptoms, unless wisdom tooth has occlusal contact with opposing tooth. Limited jaw oping is generally caused by muscle spasm or disc displacement, or both. Seeing a competent tmj specialist is advisd.
Avatar n tn I had my lower left side wisdom tooth removed about a week and five days ago and I am slowly experiencing more and more pain in my upper jaw area. I am having diffculties opening my mouth because of the pain and soreness. What I need to know is this normal to have pain in the jaw area after a wisdom tooth extraction? And if so, how long should I expect to experience this pain?
Avatar m tn Bottom line is that the pain has always been worse behind my ear, beneath my skill and the bottom corner of my jaw. And it always seems like it starts in the jaw joint, wisdom tooth area. And sometimes identical pain happens on my right side but it is so SLIGHT, and i stress that. Its more a real slight discomfort that pain. And my bottom bite is misaligned as well. So I want to believe its TMJ.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am having what looks like a slightly larger appearance of a "heart-like strip" below my adam's apple. I can feel a mile (nearly non-existent) ache always from that area. My doctor tells me it is my thyroid. It looks like it is mildly swelled up, and has been there for 4-5 days. A few weeks ago, I had a wisdom tooth extracted, and had swelling and slight pain in the surgical site areas.
Avatar f tn i am having some terrible pains in my right hand side jaw area and up the same side of my face is this tooth ache reason i'm asking is there is no specific pain in my teeth thanks
Avatar f tn what ever happened with your jaw alignment problem?? because 2 months after my bottom wisdom tooth removals my jaw looks very uneven and still i have pain and numbness around the area of the removal. i have yet to get an x ray of my jaw but had x rays of the area where the removal took place. im just confused and dont know what to do.
Avatar f tn The pain last for seconds only, I looked in the mirror to see any damage in my wisdom tooth, suddenly the tooth cracked. I ignore it, because the pain subsided, no swollen jaw and face no tooth ache at all. But after two days I started to feel sick, severe dizziness as if something is eating my energy inside my body, i feel pressure at the back of my head. Extreme fatigue, muscle ache and weakness, GERD, spaced out, balance problem.
Avatar f tn to whom it may concern, I am a 23 year old female with left lower mouth pain where the wisdom tooth should be, i went to an oral surgeon today who said he thinks its tmj but told me that the left lower wisdom tooth is impacted and in the bone near the jaw, im am thinking that it is my wisdom tooth that is causing the problem but he doesnt think so. he thinks its tmj what do any of you think it is.
Avatar f tn I have a wisdom tooth coming in and it hurts really bad. Anyone know what I can take to get rid of the pain?
Avatar f tn Waiting with wisdom teeth that are growing crooked can make the rest of your teeth go crooked as the wisdom tooth tries to push in. It can also give you a terribly nasty infection, pain in the jaw and tmj problems. All in all, I'd say have them out when there are no other problems but the simple tooth removal. Why wait until there is infection and impaction? If they can't get out because of other teeth and they are crooked, they are impacted. They can only cause a problem.
Avatar f tn Surgeon is also making me a grinding thing to wear at night in case its that and not the wisdom tooth, I know they taking all precautions but I feel they don't know what it is. Its like guessing games really. The pain comes from the wisdom area, either sharp going to ear or dull ache. My tooth is in upright position slight bent towards back, the top part but not a lot. Its right next to my molar with a very slight gap between. My wish would be just to get the thing out and done with.
Avatar n tn I knew when they were doing it that they were pulling fairly hard on my jaw and possibly unhinging it as I go to a chiropractor often to get my jaw aligned. I told them of the pain in my jaw as they were yanking and pulling but they said the bottom right was on a nerve and that was what was causing the pain. They sent me home and three days after the extractions, I noticed a very hard bump in my lower right jaw about an inch from my mouth that was hot and tender to the touch.
5739386 tn?1378836460 I'm having a real bad tooth ache and it my top and bottom wisdom tooth in the back. Ik it's ok to get it pulled while you pregnant. Just need an ok by my doc. But the thing about it is being awake while it happens..... Have anyone had it done before?
Avatar n tn Syetemic administration of antibiotics is helpful for managing post-op infection of wisdom tooth removal. Seeing your dentist is advised.
Avatar n tn if my x-ray shown that there is a cyst forming near my left upper wisdom tooth, should i have it taken out as soon as possible, or should i wait until the tooth is fully grown? would a wisdom tooth grow back once it's taken out?
Avatar f tn I have braces on my upper jaw and I just got my lower wisdom tooth extracted, its been 5 days, the swelling did go down but I can notice that my face has changed. Do extraction of wisdom tooth make the face fat ? Thnk you.
Avatar f tn The last year or so i’ve Been feeling like another wisdom tooth is growing in on my lower left jaw where my wisdom tooth was. I am now 28, so it’s been 8 years. But it totally reminds me of when my wisdom teeth came in. Not sure what else this could be.