Wisdom tooth blood clot fell out

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Avatar f tn on april 19 I had I got two wisdom tooth pulled at the top on my left side i had a extra tooth on the side. i am worry that the blood clot came out. i am having pain right now. Which i know it's going to take time for the pain to go away. And i have to remember that i had two teeth pulled by each other. I don't have a lot of blood. It's only a little on the quaze. The quaze make me gag i feel like throwing up. I am really not bleeding that much.
Avatar f tn I had 2 wisdom tooth taken out with a simple extraction just numbing of the area and pulling it out. The top tooths blood clot is visible and looks like it's good the bottom tooth I can't see the blood clot on it all I can see is a yellowish film.
Avatar f tn Hello, After tooth extraction it is important for the blood clot to form to stop bleeding. Be careful not to dislodge the blood clot while brushing your teeth near the extraction site for at least 3-4 days. Carefully wipe the area with a clean, wet gauze pad. If you are worried about the size of clot it is best to get it seen by your dentist. That will help allay anxiety. Take care and regards!
Avatar n tn I just had a wisdom tooth (on the bottom) extracted on Monday. I followed all of the dentists' instructions post-surgery, but I somehow still lost my blood clot today while I was at work. I had cottage cheese for lunch, as my dentist said that was safe, and when I checked the extraction site in the mirror afterwards I noticed that not only did it appear that the clot was gone, but there were some cottage cheese pieces sitting on the extraction site.
Avatar m tn My saliva touched it, and I kind of swallowed back the saliva. And before that, I spit out a blood clot from the tooth extraction wound (a pretty big clot, almost the 4/5 size of the fingernail). I fear that could be body fluids spilled on me from a HIV patient, and that the fall off the blood clot may leave my wound susceptible to the virus.
Avatar n tn I had my lower impacted wisdom tooth extracted one week ago. I am still experiencing a rather large amount of pain that I sometimes feel in my front teeth and very much so in the cavity. Is it normal to have a decent amount of pain a week after? Also at this point is it safe to irrigate the cavity with a syringe or does it still pose a threat to dislodging the blood clot? Thanks for your help in advance.
4518471 tn?1355798857 Dry socket is alveolar osteitis when the blood clot at the site of the tooth extraction has been dislodged or has dissolved before the wound has healed. There is severe pain since the underlying bone and nerves are exposed. It is best to contact your dentist and get a dental check up done. A clinical examination will be helpful. Best wishes and regards!
4483971 tn?1401777079 In my dream, I stick my hand in my mouth and start wiggling my wisdom tooth back and forth. I finally just yank it out. The dream ends with me covered in blood. I read that if you dream about your teeth falling out, it's a sign of you having alot of anxiety. I can't find anything on pulling them out yourself tho...
2074452 tn?1331938068 Yes, I do think the second dentist did the right thing. You need that blood clot to form again. Do not smoke, drink through a straw, only eat soft foods for a few days, no soda. Rinsing your mouth with warm salt water should help. No mouth wash and no swishing. Just let the salt water rest in your mouth for a minute and let it run out in the sink. I really hope this works and you have no more problems. Keep me up to date.
Avatar f tn I had my wisdom teeth removed 6 days ago and today I was checking out the inside of my mouth and pressed back on the inside of my cheek and a pink substance kid of squished from one of the bottom extraction sites. It didn't hurt or anything and I immediately rinsed my mouth with the solution I was given by the doctor. I am scared it was a clot.
Avatar m tn i removed my four wisdom tooth on 13th aug.and if your dentist is saying then u should go with ur dentist.the reason can be u have impacted wisdom tooth means that they are grown partially a bit upwards the gum and then downward.aud second reason can be there is no space or may be they are rotten.if they are impacted the food can caught between your tooth and the impacted wisdom tooth and may be it creates a big cavity.
Avatar n tn Mine hurt day 2 bad, had to go in emergency appt for meds for it. My tooth when pulled did not bleed much only a few drops! My other wisdom teeth bleed like crazy so that's the difference.
Avatar f tn I had my third molar removed through emergency dental surgery two days ago, thankfully. My jaw swoll up to the size of a grapefruit going down my throat and into my ear with a red discoloration on my skin, very angry like with heat and a lot of severe pain. The dentist misdiagnosed my problem, thinking it was an impacted wisdom tooth. Two days later my face was disfigured and I was in the ER getting antibiotic iv's and morphinr for pain. Since then, the tooth was extracted.
Avatar n tn this was an old wisdom tooth that grew in, in the place of a regular tooth that was previously pulled many years ago. This was on the bottom left. The sight itself does not hurt, but my jaw hurts ONLY when I open my mouth. There is some swelling on the cheek. What is the problem? There is NO PAIN except when I open my mouth....the jaw hurts, or the muscle in the jaw. Is this from the shots the dentist gave me before he extracted the tooth?
Avatar f tn When I was sick I felt something come out one of the holes then saw something I thought straight away is the blood clot. It was thick, jelly like, slug looking dark red purplish.
19028025 tn?1473902866 But, that did not stop my concern. Now, as I looked at the extraction site tonight, I do not see a dark red blood clot. I see a yellow spot. The spot is relatively small, as my tooth had been broken for months before it was pulled. It looks a lot like a dry socket, but if it is, the pain has not started yet (although, I have read it will not start until 3-4 days after the extraction).
Avatar f tn I just got my molar extraction 3 days ago I have so pain nothing but today morning I saw blood clot fell off what so ever got no pain I am doing salt gargles every day I am not eating anything from that side .. Drinking lot of water and eating soft food .. And having soups but lukeam soup not too too hot but I can see my sitch didn't dissolve yet and its just one sitch came up I can see sitch..
Avatar f tn Going back to your surgeon to have a post op exam is advised. Limited mouth opening is a common complication of lower wisdom tooth extraction, and tends to recover within a week if antibiotics is administered appropriately.
Avatar f tn It feels like as if I got punched in the face. Ive had my other wisdom tooth come out but not like this pain in my cheekbone like a swollen pain.
Avatar f tn Its been eight days since I got one wisdom tooth removed under local anesthesia, and I've have no pain so i thought its gonna be smooth sailing from now on. im eating normal food and being extra careful that no food gets in there. but i noticed some weird symptoms, for the past few days I get a bad taste in my mouth that wont go away.
Avatar n tn are you in any pain??.... what fell out? the blood clot??.... almost sounds like your going to geta dry socket..... ouch!
Avatar n tn If I am correct then dry socket is when you have a tooth pulled you get a blood clot in that hole. If you drink through a straw,smoke, that kind of thing you can dislodge the blood clot and it (this is where I get a little unsure) irritates the top layer of bone. It causes pain that knocks your socks off...lol. But can usually be stopped by going back to your dentist and they will pack it with gauze and (I think)oil of clove.
Avatar n tn i took out my wisdom teeth about a year ago and ever since that ive been in pain all over my head ,jaw and face ,i went to a jaw specialist and he said i had tmj and gave me a splint to wear and advised me to eat soft foods.all the tmj pain is gone but i have a pain in the roof of my mouth which doesnt seem to go away, it gets worse when i close my mouth and pains even more.