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5623087 tn?1377892884 My mouth is swollen and in a lot of pain due to my wisdom teeth and my mom wants me to go to the dentist but i am concerned about what they will say and I'm eleven weeks pregnant so i don't want it to affect my baby any this is so difficult I've been dealing with too much lately dehydration vomiting all the time and now this so terrible
Avatar f tn Hi. I can't believe I allowed the dentist to take out my wisdom teeth a week ago, they were all in perfect alignment & functioned like perfectly normal teeth, minus one which had grown in from the side & the other one which was impacted... But I probably only had pain twice whenh they were coming through, then after that I had no pain at all again.
Avatar n tn the symptoms are teeth hurt, vomiting, mucsles hurt in stomach it has been going and going for a week and a half and i know my wisdom teeth should have been taken out about 5 yrs ago. and when i brush my teeth it is a reddish brown color.
Avatar m tn I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed 5 days ago, on Monday. Throughout this experience, the lower left area has hurt much worse than the other three. As of now, it is the only place that still hurts. It is a horrible, throbbing pain. I considered that I might have a dry socket, but after I've thought about this more and really looked at the area, I'm wondering what the problem might be. The pain is constant, but there are some times when it is tolerable, and others when it is not.
Avatar f tn Im barely starting to feel better from nausia and vomiting. Then have this going on. I hope its only my back teeth. Anybody experience something similar?
Avatar n tn Hello, I have had hydrocephalus caused by a Dandy Walker Variant since before I was born. Twelve days ago, I had my wisdom teeth removed under general anesthetic. I had the procedure performed in hospital because I have Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia which is kept under control by Digoxin and Tiazac. Until Six days ago, I was taking an antibiotic and Endocet, but my symptoms of severe weakness (my legs buckle when I go up the stairs.
Avatar f tn My 18 year old daughter has the same thing. It started suddenly after her wisdom teeth were removed (Can't see that that is related but that is when it started). She has had the same extensive testing including the upper endoscopy and a computer chip sewn inot her espogagus to monitor it's every action for 24 hours. Still no answers or relief. This last week she home from school and eating a meal with us and without warning it all came back up on her plate.
Avatar n tn I think that if I could give him a hint on what he has and the treatments I can get him to go... His father thinks it's a systematic infection resulting from his impacted wisdom teeth I'm not so sure.... Please please help me... I've searched and searched on his symptoms and can find nothing... Your help would mean alot...
Avatar n tn I have never heard of an arrhythmia being caused by the symptoms you described. I would be concerned about a gingivitis effecting a person with heart problems. Especially valvular disease and mitral vavle prolapse. It would behoove you to make frequent visits to your dentist and the hygienist.
Avatar n tn I have an appt with my gyn at the end of January BUT I am having surgery to remove my wisdom teeth before then. I have always read that the home tests are accurate but I would hate to have surgery and then find out that I am pregnant. Any advice? Would it be possible to be ten or more weeks pregnant and still not be showing on a home test? All the symptoms could just be a hormone imbalance or something....ya think? Thanks for any insight.
Avatar f tn I don't know if he had open sores or if the vomiting hours before could carry DNA with it? and I am not sure if my wisdom teeth soreness constitutes open sores. Please let me know if i am at risk. Thank you very much.
Avatar m tn After realizing what I had done, I panicked and induced vomiting with my fingers in my throat although not much happend, my wisdom teeth are growing in and I didn't know what to think. I also have a minor cut(one day old) on my thumb that bled after cutting it with a knife, that touched the tooth brush and maybe my mouth. I now am feeling pains on the back of my toung . My brother never told me he has HIV but he takes a pill called Ablixa or something around that name?
Avatar n tn If you are able to move your neck, I wouldn't be as concerned, as I would then probably focus a little more attention to your wisdom teeth. Your wisdom teeth can cause all sorts of problems when they come in, which is why so many people end up having to have them pulled. If your headache is relieved by tylenol, I would personally recommend taking the tylenol, and resting. Maybe also using some ice/heat on your head and neck to calm things down as well.
Avatar n tn I had my lower wisdom teeth cut out 4 days ago. I am not a smoker and did just what my surgery papers told me to. Unfortunately the pain pills made me sick and i ended up vomiting later that day of the surgery. So, needless to say I have two dry sockets. I've never had this b4 and anyone who has knows it hurts to the extreme! Can someone please tell me how long I'm looking at before the pain eases up??
Avatar f tn So this time around I have some bad cavities that just popped up the past few months. It started as a small line in the crack of my tooth. But now it's gotten bad. My teeth have been hurting as well as my gums. Please tell me I'm not alone. Is there anything to do other than getting them filled?
Avatar n tn I had a root canal on my upper left tooth, the one right before my wisdom teeth. Well, it is now fractured and part of my tooth has came out leaving the tooth filling exposed. I had swelling for a few days and now has gone away. My filing is now loose and I know that it is going to fall out any time now. I have a bad taste coming from that tooth now. I beleive that I will eventually need that tooth to be extracted. Now I have developed an inner ear infection (with no pain in the left ear).
Avatar m tn i had my wisdom teeth removed two and a half weeks ago. they gave me darvacet for pain. the medication stopped me up so i could not make a bowel movement. after three days stopping the medication i could still not make a bowel movement. i took natural laxatives and only had dirrehea. i have had mild to severe stomach cramps. so fter not being able to eat because of lack of appetite and vomitting i went to the doctor. i had an order for a cat scan and blood work.
Avatar f tn Yes, my top wisdom teeth were found to be decaying around December or so. My dentist was hoping we could wait until after my son was born to extract them, because of the panoramic X Ray and the general anesthesia. What happened was my left wisdom tooth got so bad with a cavity and infection that I couldnot brush my teeth, nor floss, nor eat. I could barely talk. I had Vicodin, Tylenol, and Aspirin and was taking all three and still nearly in tears.
Avatar n tn My second question is related to pain medication given after surgery. I have had wisdom teeth removed, a bad tooth extracted and my gallbladder removed in the past. For each of these I was prescribed either hydrocodone (vicodin) and tylenol 3. I have terrible reactions to these meds.I feel sick to my stomach, very dizzy, and I usually end up vomiting or having dry heaves (not fun when you have abdominal stitches for a gallbladder extraction.
Avatar f tn ENT says everything is normal, I take nexium for acid reflex, klor-con, slowmag, vitamin d3 2000, iron pills, in decemeber I started having vibrating in my lower body in legs , feet, buzzing sensations, and tingling on back of my head, and tingling on my left side of tounge, I do have my wisdom teeth inside still and one is impacted.
Avatar m tn Had wisdom tooth surgery on May 1st, 2014. I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth extracted under General Anestia. Afterwords I developed dry socket and had to have daily appointments for the medical guaze. My oral surgeon had me on keflex for almost a week then clindamycin for a week. The dry socket in both my teeth has recovered. Starting alittle over a week ago I started having extreme nausua and vomiting, diarhea and all the symptoms above. I am not on any anti-biotic at this time.
Avatar f tn I had ONE wisdom tooth pulled years ago and was very sick after the extraction (fever of 103, vomiting....just very, very sick) and in extreme pain. I have two teeth that are literally throbbing. The pain is so bad. I went to a new doctor and he said "the suboxone should help with the pain." Well, it doesn't.
Avatar f tn From my own personal experience, I had all my wisdom teeth removed last year and took a vicodin while I was still numb in anticipation of the pain and felt nauseous and threw up. So I would discontinue the vicodin for now. Vomiting from antibiotics could be a side effect as well but I'm thinking it may be more due to the vicodin also. So how many days of antibiotics have you taken so far? Amoxicillin is similar to augmentin.
421455 tn?1254079705 I have heard it could be impacted wisdom teeth! I have a dentist appointment in 3 days. I'll keep you all updated!
Avatar f tn He flushed them all, and put a clove paste on the 3 wisdom teeth. I still can't eat regular foods, b/c it all gets stuck in my teeth... And I can't see the upper wisdom teeth holes bc they were turned towards my cheek... Ugh... I'm afraid that there is food getting trapped and I won't know it. The headaches are mainly in the temple region, and the right sided pain from my teeth, is only there when I lick my lips or move my mouth in a certain way.
Avatar m tn second time im going thr type of ew this too,u think i would of learned my lesson after doing it the first time but man they are so frfeaking addictive.. i got hooked on em 8 months ago started off cause of my wisdom teeth being pulled and with my addictive extreme personality i wanted more right away. didnt thin they were that powerfull at the beginning but know im scared my bodys really freakin hooked on pain killers pers,vics,roxcys,xanax.
Avatar n tn Earlier this month I had my wisdom teeth pulled, and since I didn't want to deal with my period for the week I'd be recovering, I skipped my placebo pills and started a new pack. Since I was out of it most of the first day I took my pill several hours late, and the second day I spent the entire day vomiting, so I know it didn't stay down. I expected to start my period, but usually if I continue taking my pills on time it goes away.
Avatar n tn Doc says it reflux/ stomach acid problem Problems with wisdom teeth as well, tightness in jaw and sinus problems Probably is reflux but Im worried it something more sinister. What could indicate a neurological problem?
Avatar n tn Doc says it reflux/ stomach acid problem Problems with wisdom teeth as well, tightness in jaw and sinus problems Probably is reflux but Im worried it something more sinister. What could indicate a neurological problem?