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Avatar f tn even if it was possible wisdom teeth have a different, weaker root system not acceptable for the heavy chewing of regular molars. thats why wisdom teeth are the easiest to extract. once wisdom teeth get decay its much easier too pull them than restore them. not only are they more difficult for you to clean they are more difficult for the dentist to fill.
Avatar n tn Went to a new dentist, who seemed shocked that I had three wisdom teeth still in my mouth. Said I should get these out to avoid future problems. Is it necessary to take these out NOW? They are not causing any discomfort.
Avatar m tn but you need to get her to a dentist and not a doctor.... childern starts getting molars at around age 6. they are probably not wisdom teeth but in fact the first molar. seeing a dentist is advised!.... and have you taking your 10 year old to a dentist for xrays?
Avatar f tn Likely your lower wisdom teeth have erupted giving a total of 16 mandible teeth, while the upper wisdom teeth have not yet erupted. Give it more time they will likely erupt and you will have 16 on top and 16 on the bottom. If they do not appear until you are 21, There could be several reasons for this: the upper 3rd molars could be missing completely; they could be caught in such a way that they can't erupt (this is called impaction), or they could be present and just slow in erupting.
Avatar n tn Yesterday, I had three molars removed, two of them wisdom teeth. I also had to have a sinus flap done after the removal of the top molars. I was given antibiotics and Vicodin to take, which I have done so on schedule. So far I've felt ZERO pain. The post-op instructions all say to keep an ice pack on for swelling, which I have not used because there is no swelling so far.
1025061 tn?1252454030 Wisdom teeth can be painful while erupting through the gum, but unless they are impacted, there is no reason to have them removed. Your report shows your wisdom teeth are in an excellent position, which means they can erupt and cause you no problems. I have all of mine. I have never heard of itching with erupting wisdom teeth. Your wisdom teeth are not postioned in a way to affect your dental health, I would leave them alone.
Avatar n tn in addition to the above.... the molars in front of the wisdom teeht are used as "fulcrums" by the surgeon in remvinf wisdom teeth, they are pushed on in order to elevates the wisdom teeth out of their sockets....this is very traumatic and can take a while to heal.
8830311 tn?1400088806 go to the dentist they may just have to remove that wisdom tooth I unfortunately was born with 6 wisdom teeth very rare but happens. just go to the dentist it cud take up to 3 yrs. for your wisdom tooth to fully come in mine hadn't even broken the skin before it cracked my molars, hope this helps.
Avatar n tn A simple filling landed me in the ER with my face swollen so severly that my eyes swelled shut. I had my upper wisdom teeth (not impacted) removed 6 months ago and despite the fact that I don't smoke, take oral contraceptives, I ended up with a horrible case of dry socket that lasted a week and felt even worse than childbirth without pain meds. I was completely put out of commission for weeks.
Avatar f tn I would wait till second trimester..I'm 8months preggo and have had three teeth pulled a wisdom tooth and two molars..all in second trimester! Ur dentist should control the infection w/antibiotics until ur secobd trimester! As for pain after they gave me Tylenol 3!
Avatar f tn m 20 years old, i have a wisdom tooth poking out of my gum, and it hurts like hell, also one of my upper molars next to the new upcoming wisdom tooth is sharpening and loosing parts of it, is this normal?
Avatar n tn My dentist recommends removing my non-impacted wisdom teeth (I'm 45). The teeth lean just slightly forward and the x-ray shows a small "space" behind the teeth. He believes that these spaces may eventually form cysts and infection and could cause problems in surrounding teeth. I often have gum soreness around the teeth and sometimes bite the gums. Other than the gum problems, I have no pain or problems with the wisdom teeth.
Avatar f tn What exactly are wisdom teeth and why do we have them? Wisdom teeth are your third molar set. These are the final molars to come through your gums and they tend to appear between the ages of 17 and 25.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm wondering if any of the doctors could provide some insight on a concern I have over wisdom teeth removal. I'll try not to bore you with all the details but I got my wisdom teeth removed 5 years ago, at the age of 19, and since then think I've noticed slight facial changes. These are evident outwardly, and in my pre and post removal pano's. The changes include a slightly narrower face/jaw, flatter cheeks, and a more oval as opposed to square shaped face.
Avatar n tn a dentist--not an orthodontist--once told me that braces or invisalign could not move molars, is this true? i now have plenty of space behind my molars to push back my teeth into "ideal" place, which would retract my canines.
Avatar m tn I am missing 2 bottom molars and 1 bottom wisdom too. I still have 3 wisdom teeth and my bottom front teeth are crooked due to teeth shifting wich causes an uncomfortable bite. After I eat my jaw gets very tired. a couple months ago I started having face muscle tis all over my face. Under my eyes, cheek muscles, under my left nostril and near my jaws constantyly NON STOP!! VERY ANNOYING!!! could there be a relation between face muscles twitching and missing, crooked teeth?
Avatar f tn Hi, Actually, evolution has shortened the lower jaw, thereby making wisdom teeth (or the third molar) obsolete. Many people today are born without them at all. Those of us that have them, if they are crooked or impacted, it's recommended for removal. They can have a direct relationship to the alignment of your other teeth if they have no room to erupt. Not to mention the possibility of jaw bone problems with a tooth trying to erupt directly into it.
Avatar n tn it is swollen and I can feel the tension when I bite down from my teeth on top. My wisdom tooth is the one in front of the white patch. My wisdom tooth is pulled to the front from my braces after losing a tooth from a previous accident. Thank you for your help. Btw I just went to the dentist for a clean literally two days ago and dentist said my teeth are fine. Swollen gums started today. http://tinypic.
Avatar n tn finally my dentist found that I have impacted wisdom teeth on all four sides. The 4 wisdom and 4 molars are all inside horizontally going head-to-head. Also in my lower jaw my dentist said that I have periodontal pockets (15mm deep), which are slightly white on the top. I am scheduled to extract them very soon. My question is whether it is known for such a condition to cause general illness, mild tiredness, stomach issues (such as diarrhea > week) etc?
Avatar m tn re a dentist, and was hoping you might be able to answer a question on wisdom teeth I had! I got my wisdom teeth removed 5 years ago and since then, think I've noticed slight facial changes. I know dental implants are never done for wisdom teeth, but think I have found a specialist who will do them, and was wondering what your opinion is on this? I know they are commonly done on 2nd molars with positive esthetic results so am thinking they'll be the same for the wisdoms?
Avatar n tn My daughter has 4 impacted wisdom tooth. The lower one are impacted to the point that the oral surg said there could be some nerve damage done when the teeth are extracted. what kind of problems orther than numbness would there be.
Avatar f tn I forget if it was TMJ or not, but I finally went to a dentist about it and he said because all four of my wisdom teeth were growing horizontally into the molars in front of them underneath the gumline, that if I had them removed (or at the very least the upper ones removed), I would stop having the jaw lock up on me. It's been 6 years and I haven't once had it happen since the upper wisdom teeth came out. Good luck.
Avatar m tn Do you have any problems with your teeth/molars? Have your wisdom teeth come in fully--or are they impacted in anyway? Wisdom teeth are a common cause of ear pain in that area..especially when they are trying to come in, or are impacted. You're at the perfect age for them to start bothering you if they are coming in. Best wishes!
Avatar f tn I am having trouble with two lower right molars, they are next to each other. The teeth involved are the second molar from the back and the third molar from the back. The second molar is an old root canaled tooth with an almost flat crown on it, the third molar is not root canaled but just recently had a new crown put on it because my tooth broke..
Avatar f tn I have a cut between my tongue and my gums near my wisdom teeth and my molars, I've put Orajel on it and it helps for a half an hour, I can't eat without putting it on, I have had it for almost a week now and nothing has happened to it other than pain. I need help, with what I could do.
Avatar m tn t understand why other than the wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth themselves are fully erupted and are not impacting. I was recently at the dentists about 2 months ago and got x-rays etc. I was told that because my growth plates are still open and active that the movement of my teeth is more likely due to my jaw growing than it is because of the wisdom teeth. With that said, is it possible that in the future if my jaw grows that my teeth could "space out" and uncrowd?
Avatar n tn My rear wisdom teeth came through fine (im 21) thanks to braces earlier in my dental career. One wisdom tooth came in at 45 Degrees, pressing into my molars. Today when i picked at this tooth it came arat, almost a quarter of the inside of the tooth broke apart. The outside edge remained intact with just the center section coming out. The piece removed was very soft and almost crumbled under pressure. The part that interests me about everything is the complete lack of pain or odor.