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Avatar f tn I had my wisdom teeth and an unemerged molar surgically removed. I was having severe pain before (the teeth were still embedded in the jaw) and following surgery, I was on opioids and that really helped and that is definately not an option for you. I totally undertand with the BF and no bottle, my little one is also a breast baby although I got a strange comment from my MIL that it's bad that she doesn't like the bottle (????), I find it great that she prefers the breast.
Avatar f tn I had my wisdom teeth pulled over the summer. I was not pregnant but I couldnt imagine not having ibuprofen afterwards. I cant handle vicodin so I lived on ibuprofen. It was very painful for weeks afterwards, the bottoms were impacted. I would try to wait if u can, recovering will be painful when u cant take meds.
Avatar f tn Wisdom Teeth Pain Relief: - Sore Mouth Rinse - Benzocaine - Cloves and Clove Oil - Ibuprofen
Avatar n tn finally my dentist found that I have impacted wisdom teeth on all four sides. The 4 wisdom and 4 molars are all inside horizontally going head-to-head. Also in my lower jaw my dentist said that I have periodontal pockets (15mm deep), which are slightly white on the top. I am scheduled to extract them very soon. My question is whether it is known for such a condition to cause general illness, mild tiredness, stomach issues (such as diarrhea > week) etc?
Avatar f tn Have any of you gotten your wisdom teeth pulled out? Did you take the motrin and penicillin that the dentist prescribed?
Avatar f tn What can cause extreme pressure pain and a pulling sensation in my upper teeth with gum sensitivity to touch? Denstist thought is was maybe from my wisdom teeth. No obvious tooth problems otherwise. A few days ago I had an upper wisdom tooth removed and a lower impacted tooth removed on the same side where I am feeling the pressure. (thinking it may help) So far, I have not had any relief. A few months ago I had a root canal on tooth #3 that still has not healed and is still very tender.
Avatar f tn I am 26 weeks and my wisdom teeth are really starting to bother me. I took Tylenol about 45 mins ago, but the pain is still there and not sure what else I can take? Has anyone had their teeth extracted while pregnant and/or know if you even can? We all just need some relief! :( Thanks in advanced.
Avatar f tn Im 32 weeks also and had my teeth pulled yesterday. Best thing I could of done its such a relief and doesnt hurt at all because of the numbimg injections!! I feel your pain was literally pacing the floors, and didnt know what to do with myself.
Avatar f tn Baclofen is a second line drug that can be used to TN. The first line drug is Tegretol. Impacted wisdom teeth would show up on an x-ray and trismus. Grinding typically causes TMJ type pain at the hinge of the jaw, TN and Atypical Facial pain are typically related to demyelination The Trigeminal Nerve is Cranial Nerve 5 (CN5) and the Facial Nerve is CN7. Cranial nerves are part of the CNS.
Avatar f tn My top wisdom teeth are decaying. Normally they don't truly bother me. This is the second time that my left tooth has caused me severe pain for several days. I have taken ~5300 milligrams of Tylenol within 24 hours and it didn't relieve me. I have flossed my teeth, brushed as normal, taken four aspirin, and two Vicodin. (not all in the same 24 hours, these are just what I've tried).
Avatar n tn the symptoms are teeth hurt, vomiting, mucsles hurt in stomach it has been going and going for a week and a half and i know my wisdom teeth should have been taken out about 5 yrs ago. and when i brush my teeth it is a reddish brown color.
Avatar n tn Do wisdom teeth effect the inner ear?
3240950 tn?1351539258 / they need out nd even tho i could get them out now id rather juss wait till after baby comes so i gatta deal with it wenever the pains there... its not constant but wen it comes it hurts...
Avatar f tn I'm 16 and a half and my second wisdom teeth are just about to break through, every night I'm waking up in agony with the pain from one side of my mouth. I've tried taking ibuprofen and paracetamol and also using bonjela at the same time, but I'm still in so much pain, what can I do? My exams are soon and I don't want the pain to affect them!
Avatar f tn I guess ever since ive been taking prenatals and ive been pregnant my wisdom teeth have been killing me! They were growing before I was pregnant but now im waking up with a sore jaw line and gums. Im not even sure if I can get them taken out while im pregnant. Has this happened to anybody else?
Avatar f tn Definitely see about having your wisdom teeth removed by an oral surgeon as opposed to a general dentist. Chances are with a general dentist, the most you would receive as far as sedation would be gas, although some dentists are now using what they call "sedation dentistry" where you take an oral medication about an hour before your appointment to help relax you.
Avatar f tn I'm 15 weeks and my wisdom teeth is killing me.I don't want to risk getting it taking out and I don't want to take pills.Are there any numbing creams?
Avatar f tn I was thinking about getting my wisdom teeth pulled should I wait until after the baby is here or now since I'm so early into my pregnancy
Avatar n tn Went to a new dentist, who seemed shocked that I had three wisdom teeth still in my mouth. Said I should get these out to avoid future problems. Is it necessary to take these out NOW? They are not causing any discomfort.
4518471 tn?1355798857 So I had my wisdom teeth just over a week and I am still in pain not as much when I first got them taken out and this pass friday I called the nurse and she said to stop taking the strong pain killers "hydro" and have been really like feeling sick but did not have a cold or anything just felt bad.
Avatar f tn What do do? All my wisdom teeth are growing in at the same time and I have a horrible headache. I knkw I can't get them removed anytime soon becauae of being pregnant. Is there any thing I can do to help ease the pain?
Avatar m tn I have a strange odor and taste by my wisdom teeth, mostly the bottom ones. They don't hurt but they just smell awful. I have rinsed with peroxide, warm salt water, and brush thoroughly in there location but the smell and taste will not go away. what is it? should I have them removed right away?