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1748829 tn?1338037041 hey had tooth removed today or technically had twisted gross broken root remove today and my Dr told me liquid diet for three days and i am trying to follow that to the letter because this is the worse tooth issue I have ever had to deal with and don't want it to get worse in anyway, so my question to you is what are some ideas for liquid diets that i could drink before my pills so there is something in my stomach so I am not any sicker then I have to be.
998476 tn?1249839997 Hi there have you had any luck with opening your jaw?? I'm going through the same thing!! I had 4 wisdom teeth out 1 week ago and just a little worried!
Avatar f tn A couple of years ago, my dentist informed me that my wisdom teeth needed to be removed as soon as possible. I have still not had them removed and the far/upper region of my lower right jaw (near/below and the area around my wisdom tooth) is where I occassionally experience pain and swelling. Could my sore throat have anything to do with the wisdom tooth on the lower portion of the right side of my jaw? Or are the two wholly unrelated?
88793 tn?1290227177 here in the U.S. most simple wisdom teeth removals are done with ga and sometimes a little gas just for relaxation not to knock you out. even more complicated procedures like impacted wisdom teeth rarely require a hospital. being completely sedated is more risky than just being numbed up. i only had two wisdom teeth come in (top only) and yes after they were pulled under ga in the regular office i walked a mile home!
5761267 tn?1384393974 I'm starving. I had my wisdom teeth pulled on Monday, so I'm on a liquid diet (of course I never had huge cravings until now! Lol) so I had chicken pot pie, put in a blender with milk, cheese and topped with cottage cheese. Ha.
Avatar n tn Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me I had my Upper left Wisdom Tooth out almost 3 Weeks ago, just by normal extraction & I am still suffering with pain. I get earache in my left ear & pain behind my left eye, and when the pain comes on my teeth feel weird like I need to bite down, it's a bit hard to explain!
657020 tn?1238037518 When I was 16, I was supposed to have the teeth next to my wisdom teeth pulled out to make room for my wisdom teeth, but I only had one of them pulled. I do apologize for the lengthy post, but it's hard to ascertain which symptoms are caused by which conditions. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Hi shar03! I am in no way a "certified" dental expert, however, when someone (myself included) spends countless hours on the internet trying to find the source of a "smell problem", you tend to learn a thing or two..... Anyway, it sounds to me that you MAY have what's called "impacted wisdom teeth." It's where your wisdom tooth/teeth are stuck between open and close in your gum.
Avatar f tn I can barely talk or open my mouth, my gums are swollen, my wisdom teeth is coming out and it hurts a lot, I tried Tylenol, like 8 times a day and its not working, I tried orajel and it just hurts a lil bit more... I have pus coming out of my gums, I was bleeding yesterday... I have to wait until tomorrow to see the dentist...
Avatar f tn I would get fillings, then pulled all 4 my wisdom teeth, because they were the first to start chipping away, and then it went from filling cavities to crowns, then root canals until just last yr having 7 teeth pulled. I've lost a lot of teeth and have spent a lot of money on expensive dentures to fill in what teeth I have lost. Anyways, it all started from the medication I was taking and if I had known that at 24, I would of stopped the medication then.
Avatar f tn Should I take an allergy test at the doctors?? Why would my lymph nodes be infected? My teeth dont hurt but can it be due to wisdom teeth coming in?? I just want to feel normal again and continue my life. I dont have energy for much anymore. Thanks for any help.
Avatar f tn I want to get down to 115 Ibs (52kg). I want to lose it as fast as possible. I think I will try the liquid diet for one month. Does any of you have experience with that?
Avatar f tn I was searching for diet plans when I came across the liquid one. Have any of you tried it? Is it safe?
Avatar n tn the symptoms are teeth hurt, vomiting, mucsles hurt in stomach it has been going and going for a week and a half and i know my wisdom teeth should have been taken out about 5 yrs ago. and when i brush my teeth it is a reddish brown color.
Avatar n tn Do wisdom teeth effect the inner ear?
Avatar f tn I'm 16 and a half and my second wisdom teeth are just about to break through, every night I'm waking up in agony with the pain from one side of my mouth. I've tried taking ibuprofen and paracetamol and also using bonjela at the same time, but I'm still in so much pain, what can I do? My exams are soon and I don't want the pain to affect them!
Avatar f tn I had my wisdom teeth pulled over the summer. I was not pregnant but I couldnt imagine not having ibuprofen afterwards. I cant handle vicodin so I lived on ibuprofen. It was very painful for weeks afterwards, the bottoms were impacted. I would try to wait if u can, recovering will be painful when u cant take meds.
Avatar f tn I guess ever since ive been taking prenatals and ive been pregnant my wisdom teeth have been killing me! They were growing before I was pregnant but now im waking up with a sore jaw line and gums. Im not even sure if I can get them taken out while im pregnant. Has this happened to anybody else?
Avatar f tn Definitely see about having your wisdom teeth removed by an oral surgeon as opposed to a general dentist. Chances are with a general dentist, the most you would receive as far as sedation would be gas, although some dentists are now using what they call "sedation dentistry" where you take an oral medication about an hour before your appointment to help relax you.
Avatar f tn I'm 15 weeks and my wisdom teeth is killing me.I don't want to risk getting it taking out and I don't want to take pills.Are there any numbing creams?
Avatar f tn I was thinking about getting my wisdom teeth pulled should I wait until after the baby is here or now since I'm so early into my pregnancy
Avatar n tn Went to a new dentist, who seemed shocked that I had three wisdom teeth still in my mouth. Said I should get these out to avoid future problems. Is it necessary to take these out NOW? They are not causing any discomfort.
4518471 tn?1355798857 So I had my wisdom teeth just over a week and I am still in pain not as much when I first got them taken out and this pass friday I called the nurse and she said to stop taking the strong pain killers "hydro" and have been really like feeling sick but did not have a cold or anything just felt bad.
Avatar f tn What do do? All my wisdom teeth are growing in at the same time and I have a horrible headache. I knkw I can't get them removed anytime soon becauae of being pregnant. Is there any thing I can do to help ease the pain?