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Avatar f tn Your descriptions suggest tmj injury instead of jaw bone fracture.seeing a dentist to have a preliminary evaluation is advised.
Avatar f tn Hi, Actually, evolution has shortened the lower jaw, thereby making wisdom teeth (or the third molar) obsolete. Many people today are born without them at all. Those of us that have them, if they are crooked or impacted, it's recommended for removal. They can have a direct relationship to the alignment of your other teeth if they have no room to erupt. Not to mention the possibility of jaw bone problems with a tooth trying to erupt directly into it.
Avatar m tn A doctor a year ago performed endodontic surgery in my lower jaw and removed infected tissue and bone in my lower four teeth. But infection again developed resulting in Jaw bone infection. I want to ask whether one year infection in bone can be cured with medicine and is clindamycin best for it or there is surgery required to remove the dead and infected bone. I will be thankful if any one guide me and God will help you in the time of need. Those who help humanity. God loves them.
Avatar m tn hi. i had my wisdom teeth removed 5 days ago. it was on the right side top and bottom, and both wounds have dissovable stitches. i am still finding it very painful and taking painkillers every 3-4 hours. how long will the pain last?
Avatar m tn A week has gone by from all four impacted wisdom teeth were surgically removed. My jaw on the right side feels like it is locked. I can only open my jaw 1 inch. When I try to open it farther I get excruciating pain and it won't open. Left side is fine. I was very swollen the first three days after surgery. What should I do?
Avatar f tn just to make sure your jaw bone looks ok. another thing when ever you pull teeth it can change the way your teeth come together,also they can shift..
786396 tn?1379366191 You could possibly take your CT scan and get a second opinion on the matter. It probably won't go away on its own. Yes, the bone in your jaw should be the bone as the bone in your arm, in general.
Avatar n tn The swelling indicated that the abscess has spread out of the jaw bone and into the surround jaw/face area. This can travel quickly through the head and be a dangerous situation. Best to go to the ER to get it checked out before it becomes worse. I would also recommend getting the offending wisdom tooth out as soon as possible to prevent any future risk.
Avatar n tn I am a 23 year old male who had his wisdom teeth removed about2 1/2 weeks ago. Just recently I was able to open my mouth completely since the surgery and noticed that in the hole where my lower right wisdom tooth was removed there is bone exposed. Also when I drink certain things, whether they be hot, cold or sweet, that I experience a sharp pain in my jaw when it comes in contact with that area. I was told that after my surgery that I might feel some discomfort for a while afterwards.
Avatar f tn I went to the dentist recently and dentist said that I had some decay on my wisdom teeth and that he wanted to pull them to stop infection and spreading he sent me to get an opg xray (I think that's what it's called) and when I went back he told me I had a really bad infection under the tooth in front of my bottom right wisdom tooth and it would need root canal treatment as the infection is really close to the jaw bone...
Avatar f tn He is 9 and they are adult teeth. We are raw foodists and eat naturally. I am afraid the mercury could be harmful to him because he absorbs things into his body better than other kids do.
Avatar f tn I just had my third surgery today to remove the bone fragments behind the top of my cheek bone and filled the lower jaw bone to smooth out those pieces of bone. Now the whole right side of my face from my lower eye kid to my chin is super numb. Right down the middle! Even my tongue is frozen completely down the right side... I hope it will regain feeling and the pain everyday will go away. I am in Ontario Canada.
Avatar f tn Sometimes ear ringing and I have got little lymphnode on the right side of my neck near jaw maybe 2 centimeters big. May wisdom tooth cause that problems ?
4518471 tn?1355798857 So I had my wisdom teeth just over a week and I am still in pain not as much when I first got them taken out and this pass friday I called the nurse and she said to stop taking the strong pain killers "hydro" and have been really like feeling sick but did not have a cold or anything just felt bad.
Avatar n tn I have a hard knot/lump on my lower right jaw bone behind my wisdom tooth which is still there. I noticed it yesterday and it makes it hard to close my mouth or eat on that side and it's painful. I just wanted to know if anyone might know what it could be. I have jaw pain from time to time which makes my wisdom tooth ache because I have TMJ, so my doctor told me last year. If anyone has any ideas let me know.
Avatar m tn I want to know why is it necessary to remove wisdom teeth? What are positives except that removing wisdom teeth will not affect other teeth lining and may prevent chances of infection around wisdom teeth? What are negative sides? I am tired of this procedure or that procedure and going to here and there, and now this. I don’t want to complain but I am already struggling with poor general health, stress, anxiety and insomnia and my GP is no help.
Avatar n tn I removed 1 bad tooth last year and planed to do implant it this year. My previous dr. left the org some time last year. The new dr. changed my plan after my yesterday's visit. He asked me to remove 3 teeth before implanting the removed one. The 3 teeth are, 2 were decayed teeth but haven't had problem almost 15 years, they are wisdom teeth. One is 2 teeth away from the one to implant, 1 is far away at the other end. For the 3rd one need to remove, i agree with the Dr.
Avatar f tn ve been in braces for 7 years because I had an inherited defect that caused me to be born without my number 7 and 10 teeth. Also, numbers 6 and 11 were located extremely high in my upper jaw and would not erupt. A gold chain was surgically attached to number 11 almost 2 years ago and was 'tugged' on by my braces for several months.
Avatar n tn Unfortunately, it usually takes the path of least resistance so it can spread quite rapidly once it goes through the jaw bone. It can potentially not develop this pus pocket and go straight into the sinus/head or it can travel down the neck depending on the tooth. If you are concerned about a possible infection, it would be best to address the issue sooner than later.
Avatar n tn About 7 years ago I had my wisdom teeth extracted (all 4). I had infections in both lower sockets after the extraction for which i was prescribed antibiotics. About 6 months after the extraction both of my ears filled with pressure similar to what happens on an airplane and it has turned out to be chronic, the pressure never dissipated on its own. I went to my primary care physician who made me feel as if i "didn't really need to go to an ENT," but i could if i wanted to.
481349 tn?1226710487 I recently had a wisdom tooth pulled from my top left side. The area has healed correctly and seemed fine. Now my whole left side of my face is in severe pain. Putting orajel on the teeth on that side doesn't help at all. The pain stops for a half an hour if I place orajel on the jaw joint inside my mouth. The pain is becoming unbearable and interrupting my sleep since I am up every half hour to put on more orajel and taking tylenol.
Avatar m tn ve had a really puffy left cheek and a lot of soreness deep in the muscle at the jaw bone joint and near the ear. The cheek itself feels numb. I had my wisdom teeth extracted about two years ago, but I'm not feeling the same sensations on my right side. What do you think this could be, and what kind of specialist should I see about this?
Avatar f tn You should probably get checked out by a TMJ specialist to see if your symptoms are related to the TMJ popping. There is a definite possibility with the muscle strain that opening and closing the jaw as well as pain is related to the TMJ but I'm not sure about the mouth dryness at this point. As for the teeth moving, it probably isn't due to the wisdom teeth as people without wisdom teeth have their teeth move as well.
Avatar f tn A couple of years ago, my dentist informed me that my wisdom teeth needed to be removed as soon as possible. I have still not had them removed and the far/upper region of my lower right jaw (near/below and the area around my wisdom tooth) is where I occassionally experience pain and swelling. Could my sore throat have anything to do with the wisdom tooth on the lower portion of the right side of my jaw? Or are the two wholly unrelated?
Avatar m tn s attached to my jaw bone. I had my wisdom tooth removed from that location about a year ago because it impacted my other tooth. I've read a little about tori but I'm not really sure at this point. It doesn't hurt either, just feels uncomfortable when I put pressure on it.
Avatar n tn Ok. So you had TWO wisdom teeth removed from the lower and nothing on the upper? I don't think its possible for the wisdom teeth to "jump" to the palate. Try getting your splint adjusted on the top palate area and see if that makes a difference. I wouldn't suggest you stop wearing your splint though because it may affect your TMJ.