Wisdom teeth infection treatments

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Avatar f tn I was thinking about getting my wisdom teeth pulled should I wait until after the baby is here or now since I'm so early into my pregnancy
Avatar n tn the symptoms are teeth hurt, vomiting, mucsles hurt in stomach it has been going and going for a week and a half and i know my wisdom teeth should have been taken out about 5 yrs ago. and when i brush my teeth it is a reddish brown color.
Avatar f tn I'm 15 weeks and my wisdom teeth is killing me.I don't want to risk getting it taking out and I don't want to take pills.Are there any numbing creams?
Avatar f tn Im 7mo and all 4 of my wisdom teeth are coming in. i was planning on getting them removed. there is a lot of discomfort of them pushing my teeth together but i don't know if i should do it know i know im pregnant.
Avatar f tn What do do? All my wisdom teeth are growing in at the same time and I have a horrible headache. I knkw I can't get them removed anytime soon becauae of being pregnant. Is there any thing I can do to help ease the pain?
Avatar n tn i got my wisdom teeth pulled about two months ago but where my lower left one was removed there is a sharp portrution like a piece of tooth was left in the hole and there is some pain to is this something i should be concerned with.
1757114 tn?1312651561 Normally people removes their wisdom teeth just for the growth for other teeth. Wisdom teeth has no function in our dental structure. So I suggest you meet your dentist to remove your wisdom teeth.
Avatar m tn I have a strange odor and taste by my wisdom teeth, mostly the bottom ones. They don't hurt but they just smell awful. I have rinsed with peroxide, warm salt water, and brush thoroughly in there location but the smell and taste will not go away. what is it? should I have them removed right away?
657020 tn?1238037518 When I was 16, I was supposed to have the teeth next to my wisdom teeth pulled out to make room for my wisdom teeth, but I only had one of them pulled. I do apologize for the lengthy post, but it's hard to ascertain which symptoms are caused by which conditions. Thank you.
4842016 tn?1372039067 So I have some major dental problems including caveties and needing my wisdom teeth removed, I'm currently 24 weeks pregnant. does anyone knew if I can get this all fixed while I'm pregnant.
Avatar n tn Went to a new dentist, who seemed shocked that I had three wisdom teeth still in my mouth. Said I should get these out to avoid future problems. Is it necessary to take these out NOW? They are not causing any discomfort.
Avatar n tn If there is an infection from wisdom teeth, antibiotic would be helpful.
Avatar f tn My husband is 21 and the dentist says he needs his wisdom teeth taken out. They are not impacted but they are growing in crooked and will not grow out all the way and are causing a bacteria build up. If we wait until they all pierce through the skin can he simply get them pulled and not have oral surgery.
Avatar f tn Wisdom teeth are generally indicated for extraction, unless specific condition exists.
Avatar f tn Hello again. It's been 4 days... I'm still having strange headaches, but I am also now having pain on one side where an upper wisdom tooth was extracted and an upper pre-molar. I went in today, but only saw a dental assistant. He flushed them all, and put a clove paste on the 3 wisdom teeth. I still can't eat regular foods, b/c it all gets stuck in my teeth... And I can't see the upper wisdom teeth holes bc they were turned towards my cheek... Ugh...
Avatar f tn Definitely see about having your wisdom teeth removed by an oral surgeon as opposed to a general dentist. Chances are with a general dentist, the most you would receive as far as sedation would be gas, although some dentists are now using what they call "sedation dentistry" where you take an oral medication about an hour before your appointment to help relax you.
4144828 tn?1351683716 My bottom wisdom tooth is coming in & it's so swollen I can't even close my mouth . Im 12 wks & where I would usually take a vicodin because it's the only thing that works for pain for me , I cant now . This is the most uncomfortable pain i've ever been in . Does any one have any tips ? Or anything to make this feel better .
Avatar m tn I want to know why is it necessary to remove wisdom teeth? What are positives except that removing wisdom teeth will not affect other teeth lining and may prevent chances of infection around wisdom teeth? What are negative sides? I am tired of this procedure or that procedure and going to here and there, and now this. I don’t want to complain but I am already struggling with poor general health, stress, anxiety and insomnia and my GP is no help. and I see a psychiatrist, who suggests meds.
Avatar f tn I would wait till second trimester..I'm 8months preggo and have had three teeth pulled a wisdom tooth and two molars..all in second trimester! Ur dentist should control the infection w/antibiotics until ur secobd trimester! As for pain after they gave me Tylenol 3!
Avatar n tn So lately I went to the doctor and he said its just a swollen Lymp node, that could be caused by an ear infection or maybe my impacted wisdom teeth, inwhich he reccommended I remove them. So he told me to have them removed and see if the lymph node goes away. Plus he also reccommended me to a ear specialist to check to see if I have an ear infection.
Avatar n tn finally my dentist found that I have impacted wisdom teeth on all four sides. The 4 wisdom and 4 molars are all inside horizontally going head-to-head. Also in my lower jaw my dentist said that I have periodontal pockets (15mm deep), which are slightly white on the top. I am scheduled to extract them very soon. My question is whether it is known for such a condition to cause general illness, mild tiredness, stomach issues (such as diarrhea > week) etc?
Avatar f tn I'm 24, and I had my wisdom teeth taken out about three years ago, and everything has been free of complications, until possibly now. It started as a sore throat, swollen lymph nodes ect; and infection, and I noticed I had a small sore were my wisdom tooth used to be. Over three days the infection has gotten much worse. It's a constant ache in my jaw, and is very painful to open my mouth or chew. the area is hot, very swollen, and tastes kinda like blood.