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4518471 tn?1355798857 So I had my wisdom teeth just over a week and I am still in pain not as much when I first got them taken out and this pass friday I called the nurse and she said to stop taking the strong pain killers "hydro" and have been really like feeling sick but did not have a cold or anything just felt bad.
Avatar m tn hi. i had my wisdom teeth removed 5 days ago. it was on the right side top and bottom, and both wounds have dissovable stitches. i am still finding it very painful and taking painkillers every 3-4 hours. how long will the pain last?
Avatar f tn My husband is 21 and the dentist says he needs his wisdom teeth taken out. They are not impacted but they are growing in crooked and will not grow out all the way and are causing a bacteria build up. If we wait until they all pierce through the skin can he simply get them pulled and not have oral surgery.
6323602 tn?1380323698 I am going to get a scaling done, and after the scaling I am having all 4 wisdom teeth removed which is one of my broken teeth. Please help me, I have never had facial before and I am very scared, especially when I can't swallow.
Avatar f tn I am 24 years old and was referred to an oral surgeon for my wisdom teeth extraction. All four wisdom teeth are impacted, the top two have erupted through the skin, but the bottom two have not come through yet. The oral surgeon informed never once mentioned bone grafting- until I got to the counter and the recptionist was putting together the treatment plan- and then it was mentioned that it was recommended to have bone grafting done after the extraction of the bottom two wisdom teeth.
Avatar f tn You should probably get checked out by a TMJ specialist to see if your symptoms are related to the TMJ popping. There is a definite possibility with the muscle strain that opening and closing the jaw as well as pain is related to the TMJ but I'm not sure about the mouth dryness at this point. As for the teeth moving, it probably isn't due to the wisdom teeth as people without wisdom teeth have their teeth move as well.
Avatar m tn Though my wisdom teeth have started growing, they have not yet grown past the gum (I am 20 years old). My right side is fine. Is this a result of my wisdom teeth growing even further? Or is it an infection? I cannot close my mouth without biting into it and I think the blood may have come from me biting down in my sleep. I can't even eat without tearing up. The adjacent molar also aches, and I am scared that if it was an infection that it may be spreading. Any insight would be appreciated!
Avatar n tn in addition to the above.... the molars in front of the wisdom teeht are used as "fulcrums" by the surgeon in remvinf wisdom teeth, they are pushed on in order to elevates the wisdom teeth out of their sockets....this is very traumatic and can take a while to heal.
Avatar f tn i have a horrible headach ever since my wisdom teeth were pulled...any ideas...my dentist is stummped and I feel like im going to lose my mind with the pain!!!
Avatar n tn Hi My daughter (16 years old) had her wisdom teeth out about 16 days ago. She had "cysts"(what the oral surgeon called them) around her bottom 2 wisdom teeth and the top 2 teeth were impacting the sinuses so he had to put extra stitches in to close the sinus. The bottom left one was the worst and had to have an extra long incision cut into it. It would not quit bleeding so it was packed with gauze and we returned 4 days later for removal of the packing.
Avatar f tn I had all four wisdom teeth cut out five days ago. I was prescribed Oxycodone and Amoxocillin. I've never had surgery nor have I have taken these medications. Yesterday I started having frequent urination and today my lower back on the left side started hurting. I was wondering if these two things were correlated with each other. I thought the amoxicillin might have given me a uti. Is that even possible?
4518471 tn?1355798857 So I had my wisdom teeth just over a week and I am still in pain not as much when I first got them taken out and this pass friday I called the nurse and she said to stop taking the strong pain killers "hydro" and have been really like feeling sick but did not have a cold or anything just felt bad.
Avatar m tn Here is the background story: Got my wisdom teeth removed beginning of Jan; it's been a month. Surgery was the worst surgeon had done, according to him, it was supposed to take 30 minutes but took 2 hours, even had to take x-rays during because bottom teeth were really badly impacted; I was under local anesthesia. So during the 2nd week, I realized I had this weird sensation on my chin and bottom teeth as well as bottom (my left) side of lip.
Avatar n tn Hi, You wouldn't have implants to replace wisdom teeth. I had my four upper front teeth removed and had implants placed right after. I have been using a removable metal partial while the implants heal. I do feel that the partial was irritating the nerve in my lower jaw by hitting those teeth. My dentist made a small adjustment and the pain has greatly lessened. I still get a few little electric like jolts but nothing like before.
Avatar n tn I had my wisdom teeth removed about 1 month ago and a few days ago, I awoke with pain in my left jaw joint. Since then, it hurts to open my mouth wide in the jaw joint and down under my jaw as well. I also have felt a little tingle in my face in that area when I open wide and hear a small click in my jaw. Does this sound like TMJ and could it be related to the surgery? Should I contact my oral surgeon or a dentist that specializes in this?
Avatar f tn t have to and I may not, but a group of friends and I are getting together a week before my wisdom teeth are supposed to be removed, and most likely going to be smoking weed. My question is, would it do anything to the anesthetic to make it so I need to post pone surgery? As I said, I may not. I am just curious. Thank you! Ps. I've never smoked before if that makes a difference...
Avatar m tn I had my wisdom tooth(2) removed 6 days ago. my lower left lip and a few teeth are still feeling numb currently. is this numbness going to be temporary or permanent?
Avatar f tn I just had my 4 impacted wisdom teeth pulled a week ago and ever since the surgery I have had numbness in my lower lip on the left side. Also, my front teeth on the bottom left feel like they are numb/loose. Is this common? I figured that a nerve was bruised but how long does it normally take on average for a nerve to heal? Will this be permanent? Thank you for any feedback or past experiences posted.
Avatar n tn My teeth are about to fall out Upper Arch atleast holes in every tooth I use to have 32 teeth lol now I have 30,one split in half,14 rotting away, 2 wisdom teeth ect.. I know my opition is denture for the upper arch (implants are 1100.oo just for one its stupid.)Possiable bottom denture are there any good dentures out there that look real?, I have no dental insurance yet I have to be put to sleep for anything cause I have a history of punching my doctors.
Avatar n tn I'm 48 years old and just I had my wisdom teeth removed a little over 2 weeks ago As the healing process has been taking place, I have noticed that a somewhat sharp edge of bone around the socket where my lower right wisdom tooth was has become exposed. It is on the inside part of the mouth next to my tongue. While only slightly painful, it is quite annoying as I can feel it scrape against my tongue particularly when talking.
Avatar n tn I had my two top wisdom teeth pulled over 12 years ago and I still have a gaping hole where one of teeth used to be, I have been back to the dentist numerous times over the years because I think it gets infected. It starts to hurt really bad, then there is a blister type thing that fills the hole and eventually it goes down, but then my jaw will hurt for a week or so and I won't be able to open my mouth all the way no matter what I do.
Avatar m tn I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed 5 days ago, on Monday. Throughout this experience, the lower left area has hurt much worse than the other three. As of now, it is the only place that still hurts. It is a horrible, throbbing pain. I considered that I might have a dry socket, but after I've thought about this more and really looked at the area, I'm wondering what the problem might be. The pain is constant, but there are some times when it is tolerable, and others when it is not.
Avatar f tn What can cause extreme pressure pain and a pulling sensation in my upper teeth with gum sensitivity to touch? Denstist thought is was maybe from my wisdom teeth. No obvious tooth problems otherwise. A few days ago I had an upper wisdom tooth removed and a lower impacted tooth removed on the same side where I am feeling the pressure. (thinking it may help) So far, I have not had any relief. A few months ago I had a root canal on tooth #3 that still has not healed and is still very tender.
Avatar n tn hello i had my lower wisdom teeth removed on Dec 20th and formed dry sockets on each side. now it is January 25th and i still have 2 dry sockets, i went to dentist twice and he said keep rinsing and it will just take longer to heal because i don't heal fast when i was young, and no i don't smoke or use straws, if there any ideas on what else to do?