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Avatar m tn I am going to be having a few surgical extractions done on May 29th, or at least i am considering it. My teeth are in very poor condition, and the teeth that i am having taken out are broken down to the gums. My question is will my mouth and gums be healed enough to go back to work 14hrs a day 7 days a week starting on June 6th? Is that enough time to heal?
Avatar n tn i got my wisdom teeth pulled about two months ago but where my lower left one was removed there is a sharp portrution like a piece of tooth was left in the hole and there is some pain to is this something i should be concerned with.
Avatar m tn m definately not going to let this oral surgeon pull these teeth, but my question is if wisdom teeth are fully erupted, is it necessary to make an incision in the gums to get them out?
Avatar m tn After researching I am little concern about the side of extraction. The gums in front of the extraction (teeth 18,19, 20) are bleeding when I floss, and when I put pressure on them with my finger. There is also a slight pain as well. Is this normal? Or is this an infection of some sort?
Avatar f tn Exactly a week ago on Friday March 24th I got all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed. Since then I have been taking my medication as indicated and have been following all of the rules. On the 3rd and 4th day my swelling was extremely bad... swelling is still not completely gone and I have large bruises on my face. As of right now I can't seem to open my mouth more than 1 and a half inches apart and I find it extremely difficult to chew even the softest foods like mac and cheese for example.
Avatar m tn When I had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed, I found that food used to get stuck in the healing lower gums, and especially rice. I used to pick it out with a clean toothpick. If you do have a problem of getting it out, see the dentist to help you to remove it, otherwise it will delay the healing process and it could get infected. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn I guess not a wise choice after all. Where the wisdom teeth were extracted, the gums tends to swell and cause pain from time to time and, yes, the unfortunate smell. I had the area x-rayed/Panexed(?) as well as examined by several different orthodontists and periodontists, but to no avail. There never seems to be an issue. . . . yet there is. Gargling with warm sea salt water followed by a clove oil soaked cotton ball tend to to alleviate the pain enough to get some sleep.
Avatar n tn it is swollen and I can feel the tension when I bite down from my teeth on top. My wisdom tooth is the one in front of the white patch. My wisdom tooth is pulled to the front from my braces after losing a tooth from a previous accident. Thank you for your help. Btw I just went to the dentist for a clean literally two days ago and dentist said my teeth are fine. Swollen gums started today. http://tinypic.
Avatar m tn Just had a tooth extraction, removed all of my wisdom teeth. All areas have healed more or less except my bottom right. That area still hasnt healed and gums are beginning to surround my molar (tooth 31)? Also the inner lining of my mouth near my jaw line is a blood red. Is this an infection? Should I seek a dentist out asap?
Avatar f tn Alright ladies I'm 22w+2 and I'm starting to cut my wisdom teeth can I have them removed while I'm pregnant???
Avatar m tn Call it an erupting wisdom tooth from the back edge of the gums inline with the teeth. First dentist said that they'd need to do surgery including cutting to fix it urgent which a number of online people make similar statements. The second dentist, a New Jersey Unversity and Dental School graduate, didn't even mention surgery although she needs to take better care of her teeth and take a special rinse.
Avatar f tn I guess ever since ive been taking prenatals and ive been pregnant my wisdom teeth have been killing me! They were growing before I was pregnant but now im waking up with a sore jaw line and gums. Im not even sure if I can get them taken out while im pregnant. Has this happened to anybody else?
1375649 tn?1279566419 In early January, I had a deep gum and tooth cleaning, being given instructions to keep my hygiene even better. I also had my wisdom teeth removed and since mid February, ZERO blood in gums/mouth and sockets are healing great. One is still slightly open, but no infections in mouth ever since surgery and ZERO blood when flossing or in mouth in general now. Great guy turned out to be HIV + and I am worried. The info out there on oral sex is so misleading and confusing... SO, AM I AT RISK???
Avatar n tn the teeth, if they are chipping, are probably decayed. Additionally, they are causing your gums to be inflamed. I would not jump to the conclusion that your sore throat issue is due to the wisdom teeth scenario, but I guess it's possible. Why dont you have the teeth removed and see if your sore throat problem clears up?
Avatar f tn My teeth werent ever more sensitive but my wisdom teeth did come in since ive been pregnant. it was horrible i was in so much pain.
Avatar m tn My words to them was I need to get my wisdom teeth checked, not pulled. They did an x-ray of my wisdom teeth, because apparently I moved and it didnt show all my teeth. Put in mind I haven't seen the dentist yet, the lady that has been dealing with me came and asked me if they can pull my teeth that day someone cancelled, I told them I would have to be put to sleep for that. I have no tolerance for pain, and i am somewhat scared of needles.
Avatar f tn Has anyone have problems with their teeth during pregnancy. . I mean my teeth and gums are freaking sensitive. .
Avatar n tn I was given hope within the first 6 months but I have been told that after this long I will never have feeling in my tongue or gums again. Maybe at 28 years old I was too old to get my wisdom teeth pulled???? Maybe the nerve was too close to the extracted tooth and the dentist should have known???? I wanted to post this because three years ago I searched the internet trying to find people with the same problem.
Avatar m tn I have a strange odor and taste by my wisdom teeth, mostly the bottom ones. They don't hurt but they just smell awful. I have rinsed with peroxide, warm salt water, and brush thoroughly in there location but the smell and taste will not go away. what is it? should I have them removed right away?
Avatar f tn ) Help wanted So I recently had 3 wisdom teeth removed, all went well according to my dentist, but he said he had a difficult time with the lower right tooth due to bone density(?) so anyways, it’s been 4 days, I’m not expecting to be completely healed yet, but I have noticed a foul taste and odor coming from my lower tooth that was extracted. I went back today to find it if t was infected but he said it’s normal to hve some oozing coming from it?
Avatar f tn t properly cleaned by a hygienist for awhile, I get either an infection or inflammation of the gums between my wisdom teeth and the back of my mouth. I am currently dealing with this problem. I believe I have toris. No one has ever told me that, but I have bony, rounded protrusions on the inner sides of my bottom jaw. On one of these protrusions,a small (around 1/16th of an inch at most), sharp protrusion has broken free of my gums. The gums aren't sore there.
Avatar n tn When I was drinking and smoking, the next day I could feel pain where my wisdom teeth used to be. My dentist said I was burning th gums with the heat of the cigarette. I tried over & over to quit over the years. In Nov, I noticed more pain, and my gums in the back stopped healing, and every cigarette hurt the area...a burning feeling. I quit smoking right away. It's been 3 months and I can still feel the burnt stinging in my gums behind the molars.
Avatar m tn I recently had my bottom two wisdom teeth removed and i cant open my mouth more than an inch. When i try to open my mouth it feels like something in my gums is being pulled. It feels the worst in my gums under the tooth fourth from the back so i don't think its pain from getting my wisdom teeth taken out, but maybe from having my mouth open too long? I don't know if it needs to be stretched or if i need to rest.
Avatar n tn i was sick for 3 days.. two of my wisdom teeth is growing and they hurt like hell.. i could barely eat because my throat hurts and my teeth are really sensitive.. what can i do to make the soar on my lip go away?
6323602 tn?1380323698 t experience facial swelling after the wisdom teeth are removed, but it will take a few weeks for the gums where the wisdom teeth have been extracted, to heal. For your severe periodontal disease, clean your teeth morning and night time and floss every day. The flossing will help to get your gums well again, but you will find that they will bleed, but that will gradually stop.