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Avatar m tn Hi I went to see a dentist because I found a tiny lump on jaw line which can sorta move and be painful if I press it,he said because I have a wisdom tooth coming its a lymph node.its not growin and its been about 4 months but I'm starting to be be abit sceptical of his diagnosis any advise?
Avatar m tn Impacted wisdom tooth might be serious at any stage, so you may consider about removal of wisdom teeth. Wisdom tooth can cause some risky dental issues such as pericoronitis, tooth decay, gum disease, periapical infection, etc. Also it can damage the structure of the jawbone. So, don’t delay and contact dentist as soon as possible. Treatment: • Extraction of wisdom tooth. • Radiotherapy. • Reconstruction surgery for impacted jawbone.
Avatar n tn I thought healing was going smoothly until the week after, my lymph nodes (neck) on the side where my tooth was pulled became extremely swollen. I freaked out because this never happened to me when I had my other wisdom teeth pulled out. Most of the swelling went down in about 4 days. The dentist also prescribed me antibiotics for it, which I finished in a week. However, it has been 3 months now and when I look in the mirror, I can notice that the swelling hasn't completely gone down.
Avatar n tn Hi, I had 3 wisdom teeth removed on 4/1. They were able to remove the teeth intact without cutting my gums or breaking the teeth. I know some swelling is normal, but I'm having slight pain on the glands under my ears. Is this normal? Mainly, the glands feel swollen, but I have no temperature and the clots are still in place. On one side, the clot looks black like it was blood and on the other side, the clot looks greyish. Just want to be sure nothing is wrong and this is normal.
Avatar f tn Hi, sorry to hear you're in so much pain. I had an impacted wisdom tooth removed and still have a lump in the jaw line with what feel like nerve damage. Every dentist, oral surgeon and endodontist I tell about the lump that pops out, just look at me. It was the same lump, but much larger, that was the reason I had to have the wisdom tooth taken out. How do you know that's lymph nodes and not some kinda of cyst?
Avatar f tn Just a follow up i went to an great endocrinologist who also performs general medicine and he told almost instantly not to worry cause its from my 2 wisdom teeth extraction (upper and down) from the right side. Whats your opinion can an extraction cause a lymph like this and how long will it stay in this condition.
1809287 tn?1316744936 i am due to get my wisdom teeth removed in a short period of time and am considering putting it off until all this pain is gone. ive had a lot of work done on my teeth in the last month, including root canals and even another extraction, all of which went by smoothly and the healing process was quite fast, however, this time around, it is becoming unbarable. i find myself in tears after hours of constant pain. i would love some answers. please help!
Avatar f tn Couple of swollen lymph nodes in groin ofc i had circumcision in september. And right now 1 lymph node 4cm in left armptit and 2.5 in right but i had a flu before 10 days with fever and cough that went away after 5 days no antibiotics. Ct scan 2 months ago clear in chest and said nothing significant l. Blood tests clear for hiv ebv toxo and cmv chest x ray clear. If not lymphoma with that information what else can it be? Thank you in advance.
Avatar m tn I felt okay after some time but when my wisdom tooth started growing, the gum was dark red(the gum above the wisdom tooth) and i noticed somekind of boil in the place of extraction,extra bump(swollen lymph) in between my right cheek and jaw, almost where the tooth was extracted and then i noticed other two growing under my chin(one sub-mandibular and the other one, on the upper right side of my throat). I went to many dentists and they said there must have been a tooth broken in the gum.
Avatar f tn The ache may be from food being stuck in there and rotting away resulting in a bad taste. I just got my own wisdom teeth out about a week ago too and had that happen to me as well. Maintain your hygiene and it may resolve on its own. If not, probably dry socket and a visit to the dentist may help with that.
Avatar f tn Impacted teeth that are symptomatic can cause a lymph node to react or swell. Pretty common actually. The teeth may not be currently be infected but be developing an infection. OR the swelling in the lymph nodes from the previous impacted teeth issue just hasn't gone away yet. That can take a bit of time. Are you going to have the other impacted teeth removed? It might be a good idea. I would not be concerned since you have a legit reason for the lymph nodes.
Avatar f tn So now im thinking either for tb or lymphoma but as you mentioned after 2 wisdom teeth extraction and only 3 days antibiotics and no ibbuporfen (idiot dentist) and then a 10 day full course that made the first lymph bode shrink to 1.5 cm-2cm without re-expansion i might order new blood tests adding the tb ones.
Avatar m tn I am a 20 year old female who had her two wisdom teeth on the left side removed approximately a year ago, and ever since then my lymph node has been swollen. For the most part I can ignore the swelling, as it doesn't hurt, but once in a while I will get swallowing pains on my left side and that's when I can really feel my lymph node throb. For a while I had an abscess at the extraction site, but that was drained and no reason was given as to why it was there.
Avatar f tn I'm 24, and I had my wisdom teeth taken out about three years ago, and everything has been free of complications, until possibly now. It started as a sore throat, swollen lymph nodes ect; and infection, and I noticed I had a small sore were my wisdom tooth used to be. Over three days the infection has gotten much worse. It's a constant ache in my jaw, and is very painful to open my mouth or chew. the area is hot, very swollen, and tastes kinda like blood.
Avatar n tn about 5-6 months ago i experienced a really soar throat and major pain in my mouth due to an impacted wisdom tooth, I went to the dentist and he told me that i have impacted wisdom teeth and that they will have to be extracted. I didnt have the cash to get them removed because of how bad they are I have to go to an oral surgeon, they said it would cost me 250 dollars a tooth and i need 4 extracted, so the dentist prescribed me antibiotics he said that it will give me some more time.
88793 tn?1290227177 here in the U.S. most simple wisdom teeth removals are done with ga and sometimes a little gas just for relaxation not to knock you out. even more complicated procedures like impacted wisdom teeth rarely require a hospital. being completely sedated is more risky than just being numbed up. i only had two wisdom teeth come in (top only) and yes after they were pulled under ga in the regular office i walked a mile home!
Avatar f tn I am 24 years old and was referred to an oral surgeon for my wisdom teeth extraction. All four wisdom teeth are impacted, the top two have erupted through the skin, but the bottom two have not come through yet. The oral surgeon informed never once mentioned bone grafting- until I got to the counter and the recptionist was putting together the treatment plan- and then it was mentioned that it was recommended to have bone grafting done after the extraction of the bottom two wisdom teeth.
Avatar f tn A mild swelling may occur in many cases. Here I found information on wisdom teeth ( www.webdentist.
Avatar n tn A dental infection can be cause for problems such as swollen lymph nodes due to infection and possible heart infections on damaged or artificial heart valves. But if she's getting her teeth removed, the source of infection is removed and the swollen lymph nodes return to normal. The bacterial heart infection may need to still be treated after the teeth are removed. Your physician should be able to properly refer her to a cardiologist if there is an possible damage to her heart valve.
Avatar f tn I think the problem is with your wisdom teeth. The wisdom teeth might be pushing all of your teeth in due to its growing sideways. This is causing a block and nerve damage. This ight has caused you a feel of sensitivity. Get your wisdom teeth removed.
Avatar m tn He was never unable to open his mouth or talk, so far no swollen lymph nodes or anything like that. His dentist originally said the infection was "minor" but I can't help but feel that it's a LOT more than minor if his cheek got irritated. He went to the dentist again and they told him that the wisdom teeth were not impacted, but that he should get them removed.
Avatar f tn Have you noticed a foul odor or taste emanating from the tooth socket? The lymph nodes in the your jaw or neck should also be enlarged if you are experiencing a dry socket. It seems to me that it is such an easy diagnosis they could not miss it. I suggest that you consult with an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. They are dental specialists who have not only completed 4 years of dental school, but have also completed at least four years of a surgical hospital residency.
Avatar n tn I haven't been to the dentist in years, but the last time I went I was told I needed my wisdom teeth out. I didn't even consider it because I heard it costs thousands and I had/have no insurance. Since then I have had 2 chipped teeth (1 bicuspid, 1 1st molar) that seem to be a result of crowding due to 3rd molar eruptions. I have taken pain killers almost daily for weeks and I know that is unhealthy so I'm starting to get concerned.
Avatar m tn It is not normal to feel the submandibular lymph nodes because they are not palpable. If you feel them then u need to check ur teeth for abscess formation, periodontal pockets or wisdom tooth infection.
Avatar m tn My dentist said one of my back tooth was a bit weak and that they will need to check it up every 6 months. Well it hurts every once in awhile, but I can't have it checked because I have camp. The inner tooth hurts. I did have my wisdom teeth taken out about 2 and a half weeks ago, could that be the problem? I don't remember MAYBE my tooth hurt even before the wisdom teeth extraction.
Avatar f tn Should I take an allergy test at the doctors?? Why would my lymph nodes be infected? My teeth dont hurt but can it be due to wisdom teeth coming in?? I just want to feel normal again and continue my life. I dont have energy for much anymore. Thanks for any help.