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1402335 tn?1280877356 omg my jaw clicks and it hurts alot when I yawn or take a bite of something like a burger or whatever ...sometimes I can't even bite down all the way. It does it all the time, worse this past 6 months or so. It's been happening for about 2 years. it's horrible. what is that??
Avatar m tn Have your wisdom teeth come in fully--or are they impacted in anyway? Wisdom teeth are a common cause of ear pain in that area..especially when they are trying to come in, or are impacted. You're at the perfect age for them to start bothering you if they are coming in. Best wishes!
Avatar n tn You know I may also be TMJ, that's what I have,the worst case. I get pain in my jaw, headaches, sometimes throat pain, and ear pain, and back pain, you'll know if you have it by pressure on your side jaw(both sides) Just my oppinion.
657020 tn?1238037518 Hi there, my wisdom teeth are growing in crooked and sideways and I have a lot of jaw pain. I can hear clicking noises in each ear every time I swallow (for three months now). I was just wondering if it could be because of the wisdom teeth coming in?
Avatar m tn I found a forum where people felt the same way and felt better when they had their impacted wisdom teeth removed. I have 3 wisdom teeth and the one on the top is pushing on my sinus track. Could this be causing my lightheartedness? None of my wisdom teeth hurt or are giving me any trouble.
Avatar m tn d say halfway between my back teeth and my ear. At first I thought I had just slept on that side of my face wrong, but the swelling got worse during the day and is now quite visible and mildly painful. I took 600 mg of Ibuprofen and this reduced the swelling somewhat. The weird thing is the swelling and pain does not seem to be connected to any issue with my teeth. Both start about a quarter to half inch behind my teeth, toward my ear (it stops about a half inch from my ear as well).
Avatar m tn I last went to the dentist 4 months ago and she did specifically say one of my wisdom teeth was impacted and that to make sure I kept it clean etc and that potentially (if it gave me trouble), I'd have to have it out. Now as of January 1st, I've not been very well... I had what I would describe as mild sinusitis which affected my ears, nose, face (under eyes), gave me headaches and left me generally tired out. Those kinds of symptoms have been lurking on and off until now.
Avatar f tn Hi.I have got some question about wisdom tooth problems. My all 4 wisdom teeths are growing. I have jaw stifness. Sometimes ear ringing and I have got little lymphnode on the right side of my neck near jaw maybe 2 centimeters big. May wisdom tooth cause that problems ?
657020 tn?1238037518 When I was 16, I was supposed to have the teeth next to my wisdom teeth pulled out to make room for my wisdom teeth, but I only had one of them pulled. I do apologize for the lengthy post, but it's hard to ascertain which symptoms are caused by which conditions. Thank you.
Avatar n tn Also, about a week before it started i got a slight pain and an imense pain in my ear and i almost lost hearing all together than it went away, but then it came back the same time the pain in my mouth started. The pain and most of the pressure goes away when i put something warm up against my ear though.
Avatar n tn They are cramped due to my crooked wisdom teeth that are pressing hard againsed my teeth. The thing is I have always had a ringing in my ears from a very long time ago. I was very young and I think the ringing comes from stress. Pain insuces stress as well as head pressure. So when my wisdom finally started to emerge a little over a year ago the ringing in my ear started to get worse.
Avatar f tn Hi, I've recently been encountering a strong ache or pain in the back of my jaw verbarating all the way up into my ears and behind them. The pain is on and off and usually occurs in the mornings. Initially I thought it may be from my Headset (as it sits on my ears) but I tested this theory by not wearing it for a few days and the pain still occurs.
Avatar n tn To me your are asking the wrong question. Nothing you related in your history or symptoms would lead me to think that at your age the wisdom teeth would suddenly be responsible for your pain. It's possible but I suspect other issues. Since I don't have all the facts and can't exam you, my suggestion would be to see an orofacial/tmj specialist to determine the true cause of your pain(that's what we do).
Avatar n tn Do wisdom teeth effect the inner ear?
Avatar n tn I have had a small hard lump behind my right ear for about 2 years now, it doesnt hurt or itch, Iv'e noticed it since my wisdom teeth started growing out 2 years ago. It never really bother me, and some times it just goes away for a few days and then comes back.
Avatar n tn My dentist told me at the time that my bottom wisdom teeth would probably never come in.Well,they are.I have had extreme pain for about two weeks.Just the past couple of days i've noticed that it's causing my ear and jaw to hurt.Today I woke up and my gland in my neck,directly under my ear is swollen and it kind of hurts.I have a bad smell and taste coming from the tooth.Plus it is so swollen that it feels like I have a hard bump on my gum underneath that tooth.My question is.
Avatar n tn I had my 4 wisdom teeth extracted about 4 1/2 weeks ago. I am still in pain. I have pain in my cheeks, ear, jaw and temple. The pain is not consistent, comes and goes. It does get worst at night. The OS has told me to take motrin or celebrex. the meds help but i am concerned about continued use of these for over 30 days now. The pain now is thru neighboring teeth into my cheeks and it is sharp. Second the pain is thru the front of the jaw and teeth as well.
Avatar n tn ve had pain in top of my jaw by my ear lobe, the jaw is sometimes stiff and cracks , there is pain also in the gums around the back teeth on the same side of the jaw , the teeth feel tender the pain travels down to the troat and ear. Have no lumps or bumps around these areas. Booked to see my denist.
Avatar f tn Hi, my partner has his way wisdom teeth out 7 days ago. All was healing fine and he was eating a sandwich and suddenly there was a giant crack in his mouth. He now has severe pain on the left side of his jaw and up into his ear? Is this a broken jaw or fracture that could have been caused by getting his wisdom teeth out?
Avatar f tn I had a infected dental implant removed from my bottom teeth over two weeks ago immediately following the pain in my neck and ear began with swallowing problems. I'm on pain medication that bad. Went to an my ENT who put a tube down my nose and said she saw nothing. but I'm not getting any better. wants me to call every week to see if I get worse. Says I will improve .I find that strange to say if you haven't determined what the problem is.
Avatar n tn Hello, Over the past month i have been dealing with pain that moves from the right side of my teeth (top and bottom), to the front of my face, to the side of my head (ear and right above it), then to the back of my head and down my neck at times. I consulted a dentist and he assured me that my teeth looked fine and that i most likely have sensitive teeth. I began to brush with sensodyne and it seemed to help a bit. The pain comes and goes but has been pretty intense recently.
Avatar n tn Wisdom tooth pain can radiate and cause a lot of problems, especially if they become infected or are impacted. Fillings can also be sensitive after having them done. Especially ones where a white filling material is used due to the bonding materials used during treatment. It is reasuring that you Dentist has taken xrays which shows there is no apical infection present or any decay. If you still have problems I would go back to the Dentist you saw.