Will losing weight fast make skin saggy

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Avatar f tn Unfortunately, losing weight quickly will lead to saggy skin. But you're also young, which means your skin is likely to bounce back. Try to lose slowly. This is not only healthier, but it'll also reduce the saggy skin effect. Weight-training will definitely help. Many people think that weight-training will make them bulk up or look like body builders. This isn't true.
Avatar f tn Because of this, a fast weight loss in a short space of time will leave saggy skin. This saggy skin does not get back to the way it used to be no matter what exercises you do. Surgery is usually the only option to remove the hanging and saggy skin. Stick to a healthy and well balanced diet. You will find information on the web and you will also find on the web information and a diagram of a "Healthy Eating Plate".
Avatar f tn t want to lose weight fast. Losing weight fast leads to saggy baggy skin. Lose it nice and slow, just like you put it on. One pound at a time.
362249 tn?1441315018 My mom started losing weight 8 years ago and she said she felt like she looked worse than she did with the weight. She went to the dr and he said that it is normal to have the loose skin but if you continue with the exercise and diet your body will eventually absorb the extra skin. Don't worry you will look better soon!!
Avatar f tn Hi im a 19 year old had my son two years ago and really want to lose the extra bulges ive gained since then but I dont want to have extra saggy skin. Does anyone have any ideas how I can lose fat and also avoid saggyness???
Avatar f tn It has been 3 years, since I weight 215 lbs, I have work hard losing the weight but I was left with ALOT of saggy skin. I was a model up to 2004, when I gain all that weight. Now, my modeling career is over due, to the stretch marks and saggy skin. I am currently an Esthetician, but due to my saggy skin. My self esteem is very low. I am disable, I depress because my career came to an end because of doctors that I trusted.
Avatar f tn You can try doing some weights or resistance band exercises, but if you're losing weight, that might just be something you will have to put up with. Some of just get saggy skin when we lose weight. Check out YouTube for upper body exercises using weights.
Avatar f tn t know that anything would help make your breasts perky unless you went the extreme of surgery. Losing weight will make them less heavy as breasts are primarily fat and you will at least see them get smaller, but that won't necessarily make them less saggy.
Avatar n tn There are facial exercises you can do, but you shouldn't have saggy cheeks when you lose weight, unless you're losing a very large amount of weight.
Avatar n tn I have googled so much on saggy knees and only get stories and pictures from women over the age of 40. I just 30 6 months ago and I have saggy knees with folded over skin. It looks awful. My knees look ok when they are slightly bent but when they are in a straight (locked in) position, if you looked at my knees you would think I'm 50, not 30. Does anyone else have this problem? What could this sudden onset mean? I am not overweight and never have been.
494555 tn?1228504371 hi every1 im new here i really need sum advice i had my daughter last feb so its been over a yr since i had her i hav put on alot of weight over the yr and i stay hav my pregnant bump i cant get rid of it and i have sum saggy skin around my hips and waist im scared that if i lose weight i will b left with alot of saggy skin can ne 1 tell me how 2 go about get rid of the saggy skin or tighten it up i hate it and it look discusting i have put sum pics on 2 show wat im talking about i know they mig
Avatar n tn My 61 year old husband is trying to improve his weight and is losing slowly. Height 5' 10", weight 186lbs. The problem is that he has a distended abdomen that appears the size of a 8-9month pregnancy but no "under the skin" fat that can "pinch an inch", even on his belly. The belly doesn't have an "apron" that hangs. His legs look slim and arms also are normal sized.
Avatar f tn When did u get ur bump am only 13 weeks just and I already seem to have a bump is there away of keep my bump small am just worrying about saggy skin and not losing the weight after birth
Plant I am finally losing weight, but since I turned 60 I have this stomach which I never had before, even losing it is still there, will it go away if I lose more weight. The pants they make actually pushes my stomach up making it protrude so I wear a girdle I donlt like the shaking, any comments?
Avatar f tn My husband says they have looked like that since I had the baby 5 years ago. Especially when I lay down they look saggy and floppy skin. I have done all the self exam tests for dimples and they look fine, there is no lumps. I am being paranoid. Any comments would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn scales like ichthyosis, just very dry, wrinkled, saggy skin. I have lost maybe 10 lbs in the last few months, but my skin looks more like someone who has lost a lot of weight, very fast. My diet is normal, I take vitamins and drink plenty of water. I am currently without health insurance, so have not visited a dermatologist, but may have to, soon. Summer is here and I feel like I have to wear long sleeves and full length pants, as my skin looks so old and strange.
Avatar f tn She was skinny and looked like she had a flat tummy but when she lifted her shirt her stomach was saggy and wrinkly because she gained a CRAZY amount of weight and just stretched her skin way to fast and too much. So it all depends.
Avatar f tn they are also slightly saggy, and i think this is horrible for my age of 17, i am a healthy weight as ive been informed by my doctor, what could be wrong? how do i make them slightly more appealing?
Avatar n tn What do you guys mean by "pooch" just curious? Pooch as in saggy skin or little pot belly?
Avatar n tn My target for losing weight is 58-52kg , in a month . How can i get more losing weight in the fast way ? I really do want to lose weight . Please do give me a benefit comment and some response . Thank you .
Avatar f tn What I am trying to say is that working out will tone your muscles and make them long and lean. Eating well will aid your weight-loss efforts. I hope you are also doing some cardio work-outs, too (4-6 days/week). That will burn calories and help you to lose weight. The combination of the 3 (healthy eating, strength-training, and cardio workouts) is the key to losing weight - but it has to be a commitment for life for all of us if we want to keep the weight off.
10286987 tn?1410261849 Birth control pills can cause weight gain. You should talk to your parents about getting a different type of birth control.
Avatar m tn I suggest losing weight by doing short reppetitions of intense bodyweight training For me this was the best option because i started loosing weight fast and my muscels started to grow
Avatar f tn So I'm not pregnant I'm actually 10 months pp but I figured its packed here so maybe someone can help so after having 3 children over the past 7 years my body has changed obviously I am only 24 n my belly is big n saggy Idk what to do or what will really help I really need advice I'm becoming self concious about my body.. and to make matters worse someone asked me today if I'm pregnant again!!
Avatar f tn ) but excersise is always good.
Avatar f tn you will def lose weight fast breastfeeding. It burns like 500 calories when you do it.