Will ammonia bleach carpet

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Avatar m tn Sulfur shampoo, sulfur and MSM cream, zinc cream, tea tree oil, cortisone cream, hepa filters, vacuuming every day, lint rollers, diatomaceous earth, Fulvic acid, vinegar, caterpillar bacteria and keen green… Don’t use harsch chemicals or bleach it will only make it worse. Stay healthy eat well and take mineral supplements. I’m almost free of them after a month of intense battle.They gave me and my dog severe allergies and skin irritations.
1073863 tn?1256691990 they have products with an enzyme that will do this, the area that was pee'd on will need to be cleaned with this product. Bleach/vinegar/ammonia and such products as you may have already found out will NOT work. good luck.
Avatar f tn We transfered 2 and froze 4. All at blast stage. The ET was on 4/7. I go for my 3rd Beta test tomorrow. I am about 4wks pregnant now. I know the waiting is the hardest part. So did you transfer 3 or 2? Did you freeze any?
Avatar m tn I suggest treating yourself and the enviroment for 2 months to ensure that the critters are gone. Clean with bleach or ammonia and use bleach or ammonia in the wash with the hottest water. Avoid cotton as very hard to kill in cotton clothes without bleaching or get items dry cleaned. It is a battle but you can do it. Also sprinkle sulfur powder in bed sheets and on pillow to kill them while you sleep. Put sulfur in dogs bed to avoid dog problem.
541196 tn?1293556536 In some cases, the carpet or carpet padding may need to be replaced. Clean the litter boxes at least once daily. Wash the litter box weekly. Do not clean the box with a strong smelling disinfectant, but rinse the box well after washing it. Feed the cat where she is inappropriately eliminating. Many cats will not urinate or defecate in the area in which they are fed.
Avatar m tn When you see them, swing a board around and try to catch some. The exterminator will take it to an entymologist for ID. That will give you a definitive answer. As far as my situation is, we did find a dead bebgug in the washer and one under the box spring. We tossed the box spring and had to put the mattress on the floor until we got a new box spring for it. We cleaned and sprayed the bed frame and dusted boric acid around the baseboard of the entire bedroom.
1986676 tn?1329866071 I was getting ready to tear up the new carpet so I could investigate. Was also getting ready to donate the mattress. The carpet installer said he didn't smell anything. I had painted the surface with a stain block. So maybe I now have Blood Hound sense of smell. I will put off tossing anything else. It's interesting that two days ago when a relative passed and I went to visit I asked all my cousin's to try to smell me. They said I smelled fine and laughed at me.
3060903 tn?1398568723 All-purpose or glass cleaner can be used in a pinch, but it's important to avoid ammonia, bleach, or abrasive cleaners on stainless steel. Abrasive sponges should also be avoided; all of these can alter the sink's finish. Thoroughly rinse out your sink. If you have a stainless sink, salt and acid in food can potentially damage the finish, so it's important to rinse food and liquids to prevent pitting. Sprinkle baking soda onto the surface. Working it into a paste, rinse thoroughly.
3060903 tn?1398568723 Best of all, you can even pick how your bathroom will smell! If you let dust build up, your lampshades will get noticeably darker — especially at night. Avoid this with a hair and lint roller, often found in the pet aisle. Your shades will look good as new! Over time, even a pristine bathroom starts to look like a prison stall. Get your bathroom back to normal with a good soak in vinegar. A 60/40 vinegar/water mix will break the scum right down!
Avatar n tn BUGGED OUT, I BELIEVE YOU! It has been suggested to me by a psychiatrist that I have psychosis because I'm plagued by bugs crawling & biting me but when I brush them away, I don't see anything! I have had this problem off & on for many years! However, after reading your post, I began checking my fingernails & hands when I scratch or brush the bugs away & discovered that there are actually bugs!
Avatar m tn Black Mold Precautions If you do opt to go the conventional route and use bleach to clean up black mold, never mix bleach with ammonia or any other household cleaning product. Doing so can cause extremely dangerous and even fatal fumes. (12) Always wear protective gloves and eye wear when cleaning mold. Make sure you cover the skin of your arms as well as your hands. You should also wear a respirator or mask designed for work with mold spores.
Avatar n tn ahhhh thank god i thought i was the only one im going out of my mind whats wrong with me i keep having these crazy cravings for stuff like dirt bleach comet and powder laundry soap i will go spray bleach all day in the bathroom and just smell it i will poor the comet in to the tub and just rub my ands and feet in it all day. i play in the laundry soap everytime i go to wash clothes.
Avatar m tn Hammer) does work to get these things under control...for most part! In laundry, bleach/borax/ammonia works the best! I think Long dryer cycles is what kills them, not hot water...although, I do let wash SOAK atleast couple hours-overnight! What do you use?? What works for you? I froze my bed over winter bc it was worst in the bed! I brought it in and laid on it within 5mins I swear crawling&covered w/these things again&again! Wth cud survive a deep freeze for 3+months in freaken WI????
Avatar m tn because this feeling is so creepy and such a mystery that All kinds of extreme ideas have crost my mind...when u feel like no one in the world can help u it will drive u to insanity and make u think about suicide and other ways to escape it........I mean who wants to live in a body that feels as if it were being consumed by nats that are entirely invisable...if u guys ever find a solution please help me because Im also running out of ideas...
472570 tn?1274689487 The vinegar works very well on my carpet for the most part, for the type of bites that I described at the beginning of this post. I also steam clean my carpet frequently along with vinegar solution spray in between cleanings. I think there are other types of microscopic bugs that are airborne and I havent found a remedy for those yet.
Avatar m tn During the first treatment, you will see. After several treatments, your sinuses will resume their normal function, and you will be able to breathe freely through your nose. If you want to know what causes sinusitis, and why the saline solution works, go to Part II of this journal. PART I 1. MAKING YOUR OWN SALINE SOLUTION WARNING: Do not use tap water, unless it has been boiled first. There is a rare microbe that can get in your brain from some water systems.
Avatar n tn I've read that taking a B complex vitamin will make you taste "bad" to biting insects. I wonder if taking it would subtly change your aroma and chase away the gnats.
Avatar n tn Sometimes at night when I go to bed, I go to lie down and where that feeling is, it will grab, and I have to move my left arm a different way until it relaxes. Sorry I couldn't help much more. Take care!!
Avatar f tn 8 years? Wow... Is it always intense? I mean have you felt intense itching every single night for the past 8 years? Which medications have you used? Some of them are not as effective as the others.
Avatar f tn If i need to give further examples I will happily do so. His heightened sense of smell is affecting his life. He would much rather be normal. He works in sales, and if a client has halatosis or bad body odor he really suffers. We live near the interstate, and depending on teh direction of the wind he gets sick sometimes from the smell of the asphalt/tires/cars on the freeway.
604197 tn?1292308636 When a person sustains a brain injury its impossible to predict how much they will recover and how long it will take. There is no formula to tell you which results are permanent and which are temporary. If the sensory cortex in the brain has been bruised because of your injury, a gradual recovery of sensation may be possible. If the area has been torn, it is unlikely to return to normal functioning. Eat a hot meal with a cold salad for different temperature experiences.
961574 tn?1520651703 ) We have a due date of Aug 9th, but It will probably be more like July 26th, due to it being twins I feel pretty good most of the time, but if I don't eat every 2-3 hrs, the babies let me know it! Just wondering how everyone else is feeling, and wondering if anyone else has questions we can help each other with.... Hugs!!!
Avatar n tn Thanks to Duchess47, Wepst and JDanMan for your comments and suggestions. I will seriously look into all of your suggestions and hope that it's just some seasonal allergy thing. Thanks again.
Avatar n tn SwanSong: Very, very interesting. I am currently experiencing an outbreak on my lids just these past few days. I am so upset because I really thought I had this thing under control. I too have Hashimoto's!! Also, my new eye rash followed a day of scrubbing bathrooms with all sorts of cleaners, bleach , Windex, ammonia, & disinfectants!!! My allergies also kicked in & I started shooting Naxonex up my nose , which I just Googled to lean contains Benzalkonium Chloride!!
1647691 tn?1363727302 Hoping2BAMom - I will. Already made the appointment so we will see. Wishin42 - I don't know what he was thinking pulling me off of the meds as he did. I just think this office got a little bit too comfortable with me and I don't want no doctor to ever do that. I have a phone consult with him coming up, I will keep you ladies advised. I agree with wanttobepreg423, we need to all learn from each other.
211940 tn?1267884866 I'm with you smgkim .And I too wish someone had better news. But here's my story. It's sorta long but am wondering if any previous conditions tie into this one. I am a 56 yr young female. Who is a Christian and loves the Lord. Before all this occurred and even after some what enjoyed living, traveling, dancing, gardening, being with friends and family to the fullest. But now I do as much as I can do.
Avatar n tn ) type symptoms for HOURS until they subside...sometimes hycosamine will work...sometimes 4 tums...and once and a while nothing but time cures it.....I have been told IBS....and intestinal intussusuption (found on two CT scans)diverticulitis...then I started to read up on Sphinter of Oddi syndrome...and it was like I was reading stories NOT from others suffering from it...but like I had written them myself....