Why type o blood is universal donor

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284738 tn?1283106819 Look at the bright side, O- is called the universal donor because no matter what blood type you have, you can receive blood from someone who is O-. So you could give blood (after your baby is born) and maybe save another baby's life.
Avatar f tn My Dad is O+ and my Mum is A2B+ but my blood type is B-. How is this possible?
Avatar f tn There is nothing suspicious about this. Had it been the other way around- type O parents having a type B child- that would have raised serious questions. Sorry to hear your family has been abusive to you.
Avatar f tn Type O blood is hardest because someone with O type can only receive O type blood. On the other hand Type O is good to have as a donor.
Avatar f tn Someone who is rh+ would not have any problems carrying a Rh- baby, O Rh- is the universal blood donor type, meaning that we can donate blood to any other blood group, however we can only recieve blood from O Rh- and I think one other (been too long since university!
Avatar n tn Patients with blood type O have the longest wait times of all blood types for deceased donor livers, as most people waiting for a liver transplant are blood type O. It is also the most common blood type. We can only except a liver from another type O donor. A living donor liver is the best option for obtaining a transplant quickly.
Avatar n tn Hello cdc29, Just reading your question with regards to blood type. If the father is O pos and the the mother is A pos you can NOT produce an offspring that is B neg. Here is why, we will deal with the blood groups and leave out the Rh factor for simplicity (will explain that after).
3236191 tn?1451021479 My wife is in desperate need of a liver transplant but is in Australia and I'm in the United States. She is covered under their universal health care as a citizen but I'm not as a non-citizen. I'm most likely a compatible donor due to having type O blood. How would we go about getting the ball rolling on this? Am I going to have to pay any out of pocket expenses? What does the process entail?
Avatar f tn 0- is not rare but it the universal blood type.. It is the only type of blood that can mix into any other type of blood with out any complications... Although being pregnant and having this blood type the body generally does try to regect the baby.. It is VERY NORMAL to get that shot actually they generally give every pregnant woman that shot just in case so the body doesnt regect the baby..
1342206 tn?1276142557 my dad is type O+ and my mother is type A2b+ i don't have clue to what my blood type might be and last time i went to the doctor i forgot to ask them what my blood type was?
Avatar f tn my blood type is o+ and my husband believes his is o-. i am 24 weeks and see my dr on the 14th... im just wondering would i have to take the shots like someone with rh- blood bc the fact im a pos blood type and if he is a neg type??
1569123 tn?1332790730 Hello, Ideally for kidney transplantation the blood groups should be the same. Although “Oblood group is universal donor, yet to minimize risk of transplant rejection, doctors might not go ahead with the transplantation if the blood groups are different. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor.
Avatar f tn I think with o neg you should be fine. You are the universal donor. I think what nickley said is correct. That is what I have heard.
Avatar f tn Hi. I am having a baby via donor eggs. My blood type is O positive; so is my husband's. But the donor's is O negative. Does this mean that the baby would need some type of treatment at birth or during the pregnancy? Thank you.
Avatar f tn Any woman who is a negative blood type has to get the shot if baby is positive blood type it's just normal
Avatar f tn I am O- also. It is not a big deal. I got the shot while pregnant and possibly another after I had my son. I never had any issues. I wouldn't worry about getting hurt because I'm sure you are already being careful. But if you do get injured, just make sure to inform your doctor. O- it's not a bad thing... we are actually universal donors. Blood banks like our blood because they use it for premature babies since no blood type will reject it.
Avatar m tn if you had Bartonella or babesiosis you cannot donate B ut they never ask you that. I am o pos, a universal donor, and they keep calling me asking me to donate and I tell them of my condition. Then they call later again. I used to give double red and whole blood at least 3 times a year.
Avatar f tn I know that is highly valued as it is the universal donor type. I am currently not accepted for donation; they tell me I have to wait till I am at least 6 months post-surgery. My surgery was 4/15.
1225198 tn?1336788230 MysticalChick is right. You are definetly ok, for SURE. It's the Rh +/- that makes the difference. My mom is O- and dad is AB+. ANYONE can take O- blood, but - can't take + blood. This makes O- blood like gold, and O+ is pretty important too. You should dontate blood more often! But even in the situation of one partner with + and the other with -, it won't PREVENT pregnancy, it would only make keeping the pregnancy difficult, if not impossible.
Avatar n tn I'm negative too and my hubby is positive so I got it at 30 weeks actually, but I did have side effects to the shot. It felt like a stomach bug, with nausea and tiredness but past within 24 hours. Totally worth it though.
Avatar f tn I dont think baby will need it if its +, o- is the universal donor which is why transfusion centres want our blood so bad, we can donate to anyone and our blood wont harm them however we can only accept o- blood and I think 1 other blood type. Its maybe different for the other blood groups with the neg factor.
Avatar f tn Also, my mother has Type O- blood type. Will this make it more difficult for her to find a donor, will it increase the time she will have to wait for a donor? Thank you.
Avatar f tn You only need a Rhogam shot if your negative blood type and your partner is a positive blood type. You do not need to get the shot while ur pregnant if it's your very first pregnancy or unless you endure serious trauma, such as a bad car accident that would potential damage to your fetus.you can wait until you're baby is born and get the blood tested. If the baby is negative blood type you will not need the shot.
1204700 tn?1271948852 I was wondering the same thing since your blood is separated from the baby so it shouldn't be an issue what your blood type is unless your rh negative.
Avatar f tn Reason why, the only reason why having o- blood type is a problem is if your baby has a different blood type then you and for some reason your blood is mixed during pregnancy then your body will not recognize it and try to fight it off like an infection. It will create antibodies but those antibodies only happen in second, third, or any other pregnancy in the future.Your body won't make them during your first.