Why type o blood is universal donor

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Avatar f tn I think with o neg you should be fine. You are the universal donor. I think what nickley said is correct. That is what I have heard.
1230912 tn?1273496370 I have no clue LOL I'm B+, DH is O- (universal donor). I've never needed the RH shot. My issues most likely started after the birth of my 3 year old, but faded after about 6 months (and overwhelming fatigue was the main worry for me at that time). They started up again after my youngest was born 14 months ago, within about 8 weeks of her birth. Luckily I was never told to wait a year!
Avatar f tn There is nothing suspicious about this. Had it been the other way around- type O parents having a type B child- that would have raised serious questions. Sorry to hear your family has been abusive to you.
Avatar n tn Hello, Is it possible to have a child with B+ blood type while both parents are o+? I was told that it is rare but is known as the bombay phenotype. Could you please help shed some light on this, thanks.
Avatar n tn But I wouldn't take this too seriously, because the vast majority of humans are type O, the universal donor. AB is fairly rare. So given how many people are getting it, just by numbers alone most of them have to be Type O, and the other types are probably more overrepresented rather than being the majority of cases.
284738 tn?1283110419 Look at the bright side, O- is called the universal donor because no matter what blood type you have, you can receive blood from someone who is O-. So you could give blood (after your baby is born) and maybe save another baby's life.
Avatar n tn You see i am a universal donor for blood, but not a universal receiver, so blood will be hard to come by in my family. Can't they take a piece of liver from someone who matches and let it start growing now?
Avatar f tn No real research has been done on type 1... But what is known is that type 1 is an autoimmune disease. I tell ya, I'd WAY rather have diabetes than untreated HCV. How do I know? Cause I've got BOTH.
Avatar f tn I dont think baby will need it if its +, o- is the universal donor which is why transfusion centres want our blood so bad, we can donate to anyone and our blood wont harm them however we can only accept o- blood and I think 1 other blood type. Its maybe different for the other blood groups with the neg factor.
Avatar n tn Type O can receive only type O Type A can receive Type A or O Type B can receive Type B or O Type AB cab receiver Type A or B or O or AB 2) The donor shoud be the approximately same size and weight as (or slightly larger than) the recipient 3) The donor should be free from disease These are basic to living or cadaver transplants. The following are issues to be considered with a living donor: 1)The donor should be a relative (close or distant) or emotionally related to the recipient.
Avatar m tn An O blood type can receive a liver ONLY from another O blood type.
Avatar n tn My hubby has 0 neg. O can give to anyone, it is the universal blood type. The down side is that 0 can only accept 0.
Avatar n tn I was told that I needed a transplant, b/my chances w/no insurance, income and blood type of O neg (universal donar) were just about nil. I decided I didn't want to die on a transplant waiting list, tethered to a hospital, not able to travel or smoke marijuanna, cooped up in crummy city apartment far from my home and dogs for potentially yrs, just in case that pager went off and someone had died. Ugg! The idea of my last few years living like that sucked!
Avatar m tn I understood from a news special on transplants that my blood type, O pos (universal donor), is in short supply because of what Tallblond said (can be used by all bloodtypes). Stage 3 is not the end, but this disease moves at different speeds for different people and even at different times for the same person. I wanted to stop HCV in its tracks, ASAP.
419309 tn?1326506891 For platelet transfusions, matching blood types is less important. Even so, you will usually get a matching blood type, especially if you may need many transfusions. If you have had a bad reaction to previous transfusions, you will get medicine to help prevent another reaction. Otherwise, you will probably not get any medications with your transfusion. Risks and side effects Most patients do not have any side effects from blood transfusions.
Avatar n tn This means it is transmitted through blood transfusions from infected blood (which is rare since the blood supply is now screened), use of medical instruments from one patient to another without sterilization, shared needles in IV drug use, etc. I was married for over 25 years and had 5 children with my wife when I found out that I was infected with HCV (and had been for about 30 years).
Avatar f tn Blood donor stats always lag the reality of epidemiology. I realize HCV and Vets is a touchy subject, but a recent article seemed to imply that as many as 15% of our troops are addicted to Rx pain meds which means there is no accurate way to gauge illicit opiate use in the Middle East and Afghanistan at this time. We may soon be looking at a second wave increase similar to the late 60s and early 70s.
Avatar f tn How many people got my bad blood over those twenty years as a donor? I wish that the govenment had launched some type of awareness campaign once they had this little jewel identified and maybe fewer people would have been affected. I remember when the statistic was some 500,000 may be affected now I see numbers of 6,000,000 in the U.S. I don't think anyone knows but the responsibility falls on each of us to protect those around us.
1225178 tn?1318984204 I feel anyone w/lousy teeth is more prone to infectious disease (blood), but nobody is talking about it! WHY NOT? One of the only people who did not make me feel like a liar is my primary care doctor. And my study team at the clinical trial. My GI made me feel like a liar. He started pointing at my tatoo. on my chest. I feel that if we have hep C, we do. I dont care how you got hep c. Im sorry you have or had it. Im happy for you if you clear or cleared it.
9662954 tn?1405609759 My transplant center in the San Francisco Bay Area has a very long waiting list and typically transplants patients with type O blood patients with MELD score in the low to med 30s but sometimes higher. My MELD score was 36 when a finally got to the top of the waiting list. By the way "I know of the new drugs this coming November, but it is essentially the same treatment. " Actually that is not the case, the drugs are totally different types of drugs.
Avatar m tn The rest seem to keep the antibodies for life, or so it appears at this point. This is chiefly why I think the 'persistent viral issue' is still pretty important, and will need to be addressed down the road. I think the SVR and 'cure' are great, but that a CURE would be even greater!
330481 tn?1309491843 And this morning (sorry if this is TMI), I went to bathroom and there was bright pinkish-red blood?????WHAT!? That was the 1st time we bd'd since my HSG test last month...so I am wondering if that was a factor in the blood??? Oh well.....feeling like my ovaries are going CRAZY!!! Happy Monday to all!!!
Avatar f tn At 6th month dnavhb is 23IU or 135 cop/mL if ETV is not working...why dnavhb was from 8.8log cop/mL to the current value of 2.1log cop/mL or HBsAg was lowered from >125000 IU/mL to the current value of 1586IU/mL.? Since 3 years i ve just got my lower levels of ALT (48 from 990 when I started with my symptons...
1294995 tn?1330666336 My parents can't make it, not sure why the county is putting the firework show on tonight vs Sunday. But it is all ok with me. I have faith, and I am praying for all of us!! Have a safe and happy weekend everyone!!
180483 tn?1229532768 Gosh I hope this is our month! Why is it that if you're on vacation for a week, the time flies but the TWW will never end!?? This is torture!!!
162948 tn?1205256292 also and i know this for a fact as this happened to me march of 2006 when i found out i was pregnant with my one year old i had negative tests on cheap hpt's the cheaper ones only pick up the higher amounts of hcg where as if you pay the extra it picks up from 10 rather than 20ml of hcg it could be that you have a low dose of hcg and it is not picking it up try getting a blood test, if the blood test is negative then put it down to stress.
Avatar f tn I am worried that these symptoms could be transverse myelitis as a symptom of ms, but I also have an itchy annoying feeling in the area of the implant and always feel like I have a low grade infection in the area. Sensitivity to metal can cause neurological symptoms, so this is why I think my symptoms may be related to the implant. Today I saw my allergist (all I do is go to dr. appts!) and she said that if my body had a problem with the implant that it would be loosening at the site.
Avatar f tn Thanks. I get frustrated searching on my s l o w dial-up. It is scary how far to the right we've come since Ike's time. I never thought I'd be quoting him. SF: I got it off 'politics' and saved it. I keep looking for a place to discuss politics but they always get so infantile and nasty.
Avatar n tn I was told to do my research on this disease online because my doctor did not have much information about it because its occurance is so rare. All the medication that was prescribed didnt work. Even using boxes of baking soda in the bathtub doesnt work and thats what my dermatologist told me would get rid of the hives in the first place. I'm sick of just dealing with the growing amount of itchy hives.