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201324 tn?1191089878 that is a baby dose of ACE............take it with food. I doubt if you will even notice it, I used to take 20mg of lisinopril. Now I take 5mg. It is good for your heart. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Do you have a healthy diet? Hope you neither do eat food with chemicals in it nor drink anything with aspartame in it, it is a nerve poison and if you are sensitive to chemicals with stress over all could cause that. Take care of yourself; sometimes we must if others don’t.
Avatar m tn he wants me to take atenolol,lisinopril,lipitor and coreg. that sounds awful. i will not get surgery so i guess i will have to take pills. but i am wondering,has anyone here seen my disease at such a young age??
Avatar m tn yikes--scary picture-- at least lots of free food and plenty of pens! So as you say Beeohbee needs to take a multi-pronged approach to his care. The army does not rely on one single weapon in their arsenal, neither should he in the war with CAD. Beeohbee- I can understand the depression. Man, sometimes just watching CNN is depressing. You have been and are going through a lot. You're only human. But, there are always two sides of the coin and you can choose which side to focus on.
1509233 tn?1289964807 You have diovan for blood pressure control and carvedilol (generic for coreg) and the beta blocker will reduce your heart rate, help with blood pressure, and it will be difficult to get your heart rate higher than usual with activity when on coreg, Lifting heavy weights can spike your blood pressure...the doctor may believe that could cause a problem.
Avatar n tn It's probably here EF is 15-25%, which may be a more understandable way of explaining it. I have seen wonders with Carvedilol (coreg) with people with cardiomyopathies. Some, don't but, I just saw someone who lost their EF down to 20%, went on Coreg, was back up to 60% in the normal range. Went off his meds, swelled up with water, his EF in the hospital was back down to 20%.
Avatar n tn Any particular food he should take or avoid? Also please advise if you would or would not suggest an angiography and why.
Avatar f tn Don't you take coreg twice a day, most people I have come across take smaller doses twice a day instead of one big one.
Avatar m tn The treatment for heartfaliure for your father also must start with pills. Beta Blocker, the best choice of BB is Coreg, but might be different for him because of his diabetic body. If he do not get Coreg I would ask the doctor why he did not? All people I know and all those improved started on Coreg. I was on it for a year or so….after it was chenged for an other Beta Blocker. By then my 20% EF went to normal. He well need to take waterpill as well and a Calcium Channel Blocker.
Avatar n tn and there does not seem to be a relationship with the food she eats. Why the increase in frequency of migraines, and is there any other measures we can try?
Avatar f tn I have Hitial hernia, Have choked off and on with food, just thought it was ? bread especially, Looked up scoping, and the doc that did my scope last year said he does not need to repeat it, thinks I have a muscular disease. I think it's because maybe he is afraid of hurting me, a tear, I read esop. stretching begins at the botoom, is this right.
Avatar n tn After reading some posts I feel rather silly posting, but, I have been diagnosed with CHF after a very bad session at the emergency, I am 58, female, I quit smoking 9 months ago with no problems. I do not drink alcohol or take drugs, but I love food! Salty, butter, bad-for-me food! I have been without shaker or added salt for 9 days and I am miserable without it. I cannot seem to find anything to make my food taste better.
4031436 tn?1349151772 I have coronary artery disease, I have been gaining so much weight, I eat very little but i am retaining a lot of fluid in my hands and my feet, I look like a balloon, I am so uncomfortable, I take coreg twice a day and furosemide once a day. I also have stage 3 kidney disease, I need some really good advice on why I am gaining so much. I am hurting constantly my legs, feet and pretty much every where, i am pretty sure it is from the weight. Please help and give me some answers and advice. soon.
Avatar f tn I have now been diagnosed with the CHF with an Ejection Fraction of 20 - 25%. Last week I had a heart cath with showed no blockages and pressures were good. The damage is to the whole muscle of the heart. Drs. are assuming this is from a past virus. Ejecton Fraction in 2008 was 35-40%. I've been placed on Aldactone, Coumadin, Digoxin and Coreg. We will regulate as we have too; but I feel worse now than before.
Avatar m tn Now I also take Niaspan 2000mg and HDL is at 44, my highest ever. My LDL is 57. I have never eaten fast food but was a smoker till 2006. That was biggest mistake. My mayo cardiologist thinks my root problem is the low HDL. Family HX is father died at 36 from stroke after high blood pressure since age 18.His father, my my grandfather died of heart attack at 58. We are all in good shape and nobody in family has been overweight. I am 5-6 and 145pounds and active.
Avatar n tn Is there any specific therapy? 3) Do you use Sotalol instead of Carvedilol in DCM with many arrhytmias? 4) Why is it that even with diuretics now I tend to retain fluid?
Avatar m tn For some people, it's an ongoing struggle, for others, they begin to regain strength, and the ability to carry on with a normal life. It's impossible to say how long it will take you, but it took me about 4 years of following a strict diet, and excercising to get back to "normal" for me. I hope this helps......
Avatar n tn I also seem to be becoming dependent on a daily dose of Lasix. I don't like this at all. Currently, I take 12.5 mg of Coreg in the AM and 12.5 in the PM. The goal is to get to 25 mg in the AM and PM. Anyway, just wanted you to know that there are others out here with the same problems. How old where you when you had the cancer? I was 12, and had the CHF right towards the end of my 2 yrs. of chemo. I had non-hodgkins lymphoma.
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm a 27 year old male, with no prior history of health problems. A few months ago, I began feeling "under the weather", and wound up in the ER twice in 3 days. I went to a few specialists, had a brain MRI, which were negative. More recently I saw a cardiologist who ordered a stress test, holter, echo, and finally cardiac MRI. The stress test, holter, and EKG seemed fine. However, the echo showed a low ejection fraction, confirmed by the MRI.
Avatar n tn and there does not seem to be a relationship with the food she eats. Why the increase in frequency of migraines, and is there any other measures we can try? Additional info: I should add that the heart catherization procedure showed that her coronary arteries are clear and in excellent condition. The condition was diagnosed as idiopathic cardiomyoathy.
Avatar n tn and there does not seem to be a relationship with the food she eats. Why the increase in frequency of migraines, and is there any other measures we can try? Additional info: I should add that the heart catherization procedure showed that her coronary arteries are clear and in excellent condition. The condition was diagnosed as idiopathic cardiomyoathy.
343006 tn?1314450071 then got another pill to take with the Ivax mfg pill and it was mylan mfg pill.. found it interacted and clashed, causing adverse effects to happen and sickness. was then changed to another mfg watson - this is worse clashing or interaction happening ! pharm says -they dont make ivax pills in dose I need ? lucky I can cutt normal ivax pills to needed doseage . has anyone, anywhere had this problem before mfg to mfg of meds ?
907968 tn?1292625804 It slows down your metabolism, that's why weight is gained and why exercise is important. Best wishes, find a way to exercise, then get rest. Keep us informed.
Avatar n tn Hard to cook a soup without salt and I don’t, but then I know exactly one bowl of soup has 2-300 mg, Forget about can foods for him ,those are the most high in sodium. Stay away from Chinese food, Kentucky and other fastfood junks. So don't mistake salt with sodium. This is a very important part. Some nurses told me just take a salt shaker away from the table. That nonsense needed much more than that. I don't have ICD. My arteries are clean.
Avatar n tn 18 months ago, I was drying off indoors after getting cold and wet in the rain, when I had a left-sided spasm-like chest pain, with a fast, heavy heartbeat and mild shortness of breath. This has left me with a continuous dull aching left sided chest pain, slight s.o.b and excessive tiredness & fatigue. I sat on this for several months, before finally seeing the doctor. 6 months after this episode, I had an ECG, and an exercise ECG / stress test: results "normal".
Avatar m tn GERD/Barrett's Esphogus, Thyroid Nodule (Hypo and awaiting appt. with endo))/HBP I have a couple questions. I have a history of HBP after taking Celebrex for about a year about 7 years ago. I was on Lotensin and it controlled my bp wel probably 130/80. Then after about 2 years my BP went up to about 150/90 even though the doctor raised the dosage of Lotensin a few times. I was put on Norvasc which lowered my BP but had me feeling TERRIBLE.
Avatar n tn I was also threatened with transplant and they were wrong! So far I have outlived my life expectancy by a whole year (5 total)! When one is in decompensated CHF their body fills with fluid because the heart cannot pump it around, including the lining of the stomach. Oral diuretics can't be absorbed well and sometimes IV diuretics are needed. When I was first diagnosed with DCM and CHF, I had definite loss of appetite and nausea.
Avatar n tn His diagnosis , by the way is cardiomyopathy, atrial fib and copd. He was diagnosed with the A fib with some v tach in July and was told he had evidently had a silent heart attack at some point in the past. Any info would be appreciated.
298753 tn?1192713126 I didn't know about the beta blocker can’t go with asthma.;( bb coreg etc could be an important medication for him...but... Good to hear he is going to go to that hospital, where it seems will be great care for him, and more answer. Let us know. Knowing everything about it helps a lot, good thing you research all the info, we are also here for you to talk.
Avatar n tn I can relate to extreme fatigue after exercise. This condition can be a disaster to your social, and professional life. I do not do any aerobic exercise anymore, however I used to run alot. I'm 55 now. In 1991 at age 39, after completing NYC marathon in 3:45, I developed a heart infection from dental work. My infection lasted until 1993, when the cotton was removed from the bloodstream of my jaw.