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217229 tn?1192766004 The comments you read were probably in regards to taking prednisone while actively infected with HCV. Prednisone is an immunosuppressant so it reduces the intensity of your immune system while you're taking it. This can make you more likely to succumb to both bacterial and viral infections. Or, if you are already infected with a virus like HCV, it will increase your viral load, viral activity and probably the rate of liver fibrosis (although I don't have a study offhand to confirm that part).
Avatar n tn Now it has been decided though that chemo is appropriate but I cannot understand what chemotherapy had to do with crohn's and would very much appreciate some insight as trying to get answers from my family is difficult at this time.
218977 tn?1230700972 however, I wanted to see whether their was any information regarding this issue. I performed a Google search and was unsuccessful in narrowing it down to my specific concern. Any information would be most appreciated. Lastly, for each of you living with HCV, keep your spirits high. Telaprevir and other medicines will radically change the SOC in the very near future. Vertex has indicated that it expects to file for a NDA (new drug application) in early 2011.
Avatar n tn HI, My daughter also has a serious autoimmune disease, and has spent the past 5 years on steroids. She has repeatedly done several month courses of 60mg, and it certainly does change her appearance. The bad news is, right now while you are on that dose there is not a thing in this world to make the moon face go away (words straight from the mouth of her immunologist).The good news is it does go away. Many people find 10mg to be the magic number.
Avatar f tn Indeed, even patients with the “inactive carrier states” (as shown by the presence of HBsAg in serum without HBeAg or detectable HBV DNA or any elevation in serum aminotransferase levels) can suffer severe reactivation of disease and acute liver failure as a result of a short course of high dose corticosteroids as occurs with cancer chemotherapy or with treatment of severe autoimmune conditions or even asthma, hay fever or allergic dermatitis.
Avatar f tn However, he would see me if I wanted him to for the cortisol/ prednisone issue. I think if I go ever other day with the prednisone it just confuses the adrenals even more, but that is what the Cardo Dr. has me doing. I will try tomorrow to find a new ENDO. and start again.. Right now I just ache all over and don't know why that is, except blame it on tapering. I don't think I am tapering.. I take this stuff all the time. Thanks for the insite about the supplements and diet.
393685 tn?1425816122 Hello. I was diagnosed with follicular thyroid cancer in Jan 2004, after a partial thyroidectomy <~~~~why does that word come up as misspelled? Anyway, went in 2 weeks after 1st surgery to remove the other lobe and 1 parathyroid gland to check for spread. So, I am hypothyroid for 5 years. I forget to take my calcium more often than I remember.
Avatar f tn Sorry for the ramble, I don't know if the pool set your breast off - but I do know that the constant stress of trying to control something that we know nothing about can be incredibly draining and it really upsets me that you have had to go through this Amy. I too had my worst experience with Prednisone when weaning, so I agree with Miriam, now is a time to be easy on yourself. I am wishing relief for you.
907672 tn?1381029323 I have to say though that I had a pretty rough time with the prednisone. It kept me awake and then after going off of it after 5 days I would just crash hard. The doctor decided to taper the Pred so I didn't crash so hard. No, didn't see the news about estrogen replacement. What's that about? Good tip on the RTX infusions and the use of coffee to raise BP. So far I haven't had that problem but I'll have to remember that in case I need to use it in the future.
Avatar f tn Now that her IgG4 count is greatly reduced, my sister Mary was retested and rediagnosed with Rosai Dorfman disease and will be treated with chemotherapy drug Gleevec in pill form for at least 3 months starting mid June. Meanwhile she takes 30 mg of Prednisone. I'm not in the health profession, but based on my sister's experience, I highly recommend that everybody with a diagnosis of IgG4 get their food intolerances tested and stop eating any intolerant foods.
Avatar n tn Autonomic symptoms include orthostatic hypotension (pass out/get light headed with standing) and can be treated with midodrine to raise the blood pressure and mestinon to increase autonomic tone. Autonomic dysfunction also leads to gastric immobility and this is often helped with small frequent meals and medications such as reglan. Some people eventually require a stomach tube if swallowing difficulty continues.
Avatar n tn Zoledronic acid (Zometa) is used to treat high levels of calcium in the blood that may be caused by certain types of cancer. Zoledronic acid (Zometa) is also used along with cancer chemotherapy to treat bone damage caused by multiple myeloma [cancer that begins in the plasma cells (white blood cells that produce substances needed to fight infection)] or by cancer that began in another part of the body but has spread to the bones.
203342 tn?1328740807 When I have had a flare, the inflammation that causes the ulcers and abscesses (which burst with terrible bleeding from the anus) has always been treated with IV steroids (prednisone). However, I notice from your information that you had a stricture and this was most probably the reason for the surgery, which also removed the ulcer in the strictured part of the terminal ileum.
193953 tn?1272078626 Sometimes the taste of the burps or the smell will actually make me throw up. My tummy is always with the noises, so loud in fact, they keep my husband awake. I have been to the ER twice for fluids and I intend on NOT returning. My doc said I was so dehydrated and threatened to call the ER but I told him I would do as he said and try to increase what I drink. What difference does it make though, It comes right back out. I have gotten to the point where I have quit eating.
Avatar n tn After receiving 28 external beam radiation and 30 hours of brachytherapy for cervical cancer following a complete hysterectomy in 2005, I am now experiencing pain in my hip and sometimes my leg. I also was treated with chemotherapy (carboplatin and paxlitaxel) which also caused some neuropathy in my feet. When i went to the oncologist last week she told me it could be from the chemo and put me on Lyrica. She said to give it a week or so and if no better, we'll take an x-ray of the hip.
Avatar f tn I've seen doctors/you/LizzieLou reassure posters that Prednisone will not do anything, why is this if it is listed under drugs used for anti-rejection therapy? I'm sorry if I'm a bit of a pain, just trying to grasp.
Avatar m tn How far can you travel? With some data like that, we may be able to come up with some sources of help for you. Do you know if your current MD a member of ILADS? Is he/she a dermatologist, or a Lyme specialist? You are right, there is much ignorance about Lyme, but there are good people out there and we are happy to help you find someone who can help.
Avatar n tn If the goal is complete remission and it is achieved...why continue with the treatments? I know remission does not mean cured, but it means no clinical signs of cancer in the body. If this is the case, then why is the dog subjected to weeks more chemo and expense if the cancer is in remission? Are there any facts or studies showing longer survival times if chemotherapy is continued after remission is achieved?
Avatar n tn I'd call your vet immediately and let them know - I'd see if you can find out the results of the aspirates as soon as possible - if it turns out that it's LSA, aggressive treatment with prednisone PLUS chemotherapy can dramatically improve survival and remission rates. Best of luck and keep us posted with the results!
1111202 tn?1262532441 My readings have gone fron 47 to 20 up to 46 then down to 46 since taking the prednisone. Why can't I have a platelet transfusion? My Dr says I show no signs of anemia yet all of my Labs come back with my RBC running 3.68 to 3.60. They say everything is OK! Then why do I feel like death?
Avatar m tn The problem is that it spread to the esofague and I can see it in my throat too and it feels like I have something there and it's really bothering. I read here that this happens when you have problems with the imune sistem and in hiv positive people. It's hard for me to trust that test now and I'm going to take another one at the six months mark. Do you think it's possible to be in late seroconvertion?
9880688 tn?1414119247 The chemo doctor is no help. I told him you must know why he is getting this gurgle and why he keeps getting this oxygen thing because it did'nt start until the chemo.....he says I'm not sure Hah! Next stop...will see his pulmonary doctor next month. Maybe they can give us some answers!
Avatar f tn My sister's eye specialist has been unable to determine "why" she developed corneal melt. The typical causes have been ruled out, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. My online readings indicate corneal melt is often a symptom of the herpes virus - this may be relevant since my sister had several genital warts removed by a cancer specialist on a few occasions.
Avatar m tn This appeared out of the blue in June 2012 (I say out of the blue because I don't take drugs, don't smoke, don't have diabetes, didn't have chemotherapy, and didn't take medicines for long periods of time -besides 1 week of cyprofloxacin in March 2012). I had a sexual exposure in February 2012 with bizarre symptoms exactly 2 weeks later that lead me to think on HIV (a cervical swollen lymph node, neck stiffness and then an urinary track infection), but I tested negative several times.
1723069 tn?1340561349 My doc says it takes up to 3 months to have the drug fully in your system to begin working which is why he paired it with the prednisone. We just changed my doses 3 weeks ago and increased to 5 pills a week of methotrexate, folic acid daily, and I am currently slow dosing off of the prednisone (we decrease the dose a week at a time).
Avatar m tn I had a high dose steroid injection at month 2 and then 3 prednisone pills at month 6, I'm not even worrying about them interfering with my result, I would think that they mean long term use, like months to years, not small courses of treatment.
Avatar f tn I have been successfully treated with various I.V. and oral chemotherapy drugs. The most successful course of treatment were the antimalarials, specifically Plaquenil and Aralen. I've also taken Prednisone and every anti-nausea drug (i.e. Phenergan, Marinol, Zofran). I have had no success with these nausea drugs. I don't believe that there is anything new or that they would be of benefit to me. I have used Enbrel. After the initial injection, it provided only two days of relief.
Avatar f tn I don't know what to say. I too hated Prednisone and refused to go on it after two terrible experiences with it. There are other drugs for those that can't tolerate Prednisone (and there are many people that can't - so don't feel badly) - can your new doctor review these options with you?
Avatar f tn My sister's eye specialist has been unable to determine "why" she developed corneal melt. The typical causes have been ruled out, rheumatoid arthritis, etc. My online readings indicate corneal melt is often a symptom of the herpes virus - this may be relevant since my sister had several genital warts removed by a cancer specialist on a few occasions.