Why is my throat sore red

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Avatar f tn I also have a little bit of a sore throat. I drank lots of water and when I spit in the sink know there is no blood except there might be very very small red blood. I am super scared, can someone please help.
Avatar n tn My throat has been sore for almost a month now. There has not been much discomfort expect for the few odd days. It just looks a fairly red and sore. There are no bumps or puss associated with this. Though on the side of my cheek (inside my mouth) on the left side I can see a small circle where the top layer is skin is gone, but again no real signs of bumps, sores etc so I don't know if it's related. Overall, I have thought this could be a viral form of tonsillitus.
Avatar n tn I'm eithteen years old, and about two months ago I gave oral sex to a man. This man then told me that he had been with two prostitutes so I got scared. I haven't done a pap-smear, but I will soon. The case is that two days ago I began to feel a sore throat, then I noticed that I had a small blister on my uvula, red and almost like blisters on the back of my throat and tonsil. I also noticed that I have small red dots on my soft palate and my throat is really hurting me.
Avatar f tn ok so i hooked up with this guy I've known for a year now, me and him would always go on dates and jus kiss! this is the first time we had any sexual intercorse with each other. We did not use protection witch know I regret! I performed oral sex on him.
Avatar m tn After possible exposure and some symptoms, the skin on my neck, ears, and eyelids is all really red and it feels "warm" almost like a sunburn. I don't really see any bumps, it's mostly just red skin (neck, ears, eyelids, part of my chest just below my neck). This seemed to have developed after I was out driving around in the sun for a few hours yesterday but it is still there. Does this sound like an ARS rash? Or is just from driving in the sun/heat?
Avatar m tn How long would a sore throat related to hiv infection last? What is the time frame that it would occur?
Avatar f tn For the past 2 months My tonsils have had white line like things. Kinda looks like Freddy Kruger. No joke. It's hurt off and on. Some days my neck hurts , other days my back. Point is that every day I don't feel 100% nor do I feel 60%. On my birthday of course I got a migraine and I started throwing up. I finally broke down and went to the Texas med clinic near by. They ran a strep & flu test and both came back negative. Doc said she was going to treat me for tonsillitis.
Avatar f tn I have had a cold for about 2 and a half weeks now and my sore throat seems to be getting worse Everytime I swallow it feels like someone's scraping the back of my throat with a knife. But when I looked there's no difference in my throat the only difference is I have a lot of red lumps at the very back of my tongue could these be causing the pain and what could they be?
Avatar m tn Could be a Strep Throat infection, which is only can be cured by taking an antibiotic. It best to go and get a check up, could be something more serious than just a Strep Throat. The sooner to get diagnosis and get the right treatment is the better, in order to avoid further complication. But a Strep Throat usually accompanied by fever, swollen lymph nodes in the neck, trouble swallowing, red and swollen tonsil. If you don't have any of these symptom, than it's not it.
Avatar f tn The back of my throat is red, but there are no visible lesions or exudate. I am only coughing after meals for the most part. I had a full STI panel at that time, but everything was negative. Is this gonorrhea or syphilis or another STI that needs to be specifically orally screened for, or is this maybe strep?
Avatar f tn It's been 6 months and my throat is still hurting and tonsils also. It goes away for a day or so then comes back. I had my HIV tests at 10-11 weeks come back negative and I have been tested for everything but herpes and it also came back negative, this was back in April. My armpits gets itchy and sometimes hurt there are no swollen nodes though but sometimes my groin nodes get bigger but dont hurt. I also noticed I started to get like a rash with a few tiny red sores on my shaft.
Avatar n tn you were absolutely correct cause I wnt to the dr with the same exact conditions never had sore throat before and that is whatthey said it is. you are on the right track sorry this response is way later sorry you didn't get confirmation earlier...
Avatar n tn We have all been that way the last couple of weeks. Is his throat swollen? If it is just red and irritable with the stuffiness it could be just possible sinusitis or allergies. Me and my kids have all been thru that the last few days. If he doesnt have a fever just keep giving the popsicles and get him something that will dry him up like an over the counter antihistimine. I am a true Mucinex believer it comes in so many different formulas for different symptoms.
Avatar m tn Hey Doc, I had unprotected oral sex with a guy about two weeks ago. A week after, I started feeling a mild discomfort far in the back of my throat. I started freaking out. Upon inspection, I realized my tonsil was covered in red/brown puss. When I urinate/ejaculate, I feel this tingling sensation. My went to my doc's last week, and they took a blood and urine sample (they didn't have any oral swabs and needed to order if I wanted to get a sample taken).
Avatar n tn I have had a sore throat for over three weeks and it has got much worse and now when I look in the back of my throat I have a red bubble, in the middle back near the thing that hangs down. I had my tonsils taken out about 4 months ago.
Avatar f tn I guess the main thing I was trying to figure out was why I didn't get a cold sore and was the sore throat along with the other things a symptom of herpes. But I see ur saying maybe I was already exposed to it? And the throat issue doesn't sound related correct?
Avatar m tn stomach pain seems to have subsided and bowel movements seem fine (I looked up side effects of Pseudoephedrine and stomach cramps and diarrhea were listed, so that may have been a contributing factor to that small episode). However, my throat is still sore, once again got worse at night. Pseudoephedrine pills seem to be doing absolutely nothing. I've been continually drinking water and monitoring my temperature (which remains to be at or below 98.6).
Avatar n tn or maybe from sleeping in the cold or just a common cold? there is nothing coming out of my penis and the sore throats come and go? if this was an std would the sore throat be painful or persistent?
Avatar m tn I take tylenols to ease away my headache. I also had some dark green phlegm that I spit out when I wake up and sore throat too. I asked a doctor about it and she told me to take ambroxol (mucolytic) and some loratadine. She told me that I may be having some allergy attack. I finished taking the dosage and I felt a little better but I still have the same symptoms. Here are what I'm feeling the past week, I hope someone will take time to explain to me what possibly I have.
Avatar n tn my child has fifth disease, and now has a very bad sore throat. They tested him for strep but that came out negative. Can fifth disease cause a sore throat, bad breath, and swollen tonsils? He has also developed a rash on his ears.
Avatar m tn I still have this sore throat which as I read is a symptom of something. I hope its not HIV. this is my third day with it. My throat is red in the back. Mild one though. I hope he checks it for gonorrhea Sorry but getting nervous.
Avatar m tn After that occured, for a number of hours yesterday I felt superb and thought I must have coughed up the culprit, or the infection. Then my symptoms started to come back, my right ear, sore throat, etc. Now my right side feels exactly the same way as when I was coughing hard. I can feel something that feels like a glob of mucus in my throat that will NOT come loose.
Avatar m tn I have had a sore throat for the last week, Last night my temp has dropped from the 98's to the 95's, my chest is heavy, my throat is itchy, a lot of mucus in my throat, I started coughing last night but nothing is coming up, I have no energy and I am achy. Is this just a cold?