Why is my scalp sore in one spot

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Avatar f tn The pains moved from my teeth, to my cheek bone, in front of my ear, up and over my scalp. At times my scalp and face would go numb. Could this possibly be TN?
Avatar f tn Alright so I woke up today and found that I have sore spot or soft spot on my head. If you touch it, it hurts. My health history is pretty complicated. I have Psoriasis, TMJ, an out of aligned jaw (I'm getting corrective jaw surgery soon for it), a very minor case of arthritis (it's off and on), and some other more minor issues. I've also had off and on (more on than off) headaches the last couple of months.
Avatar f tn I have no idea why it is expanding, I have never had a spot this large in my life! The spot is totally bare with a ring of stubble. For a while I thought this stubble was new growth, but with time I realized that it is breakage that will eventually fall out. It is still expanding and I have no idea what to do. I have seen 4 doctors and they all think that I am rubbing it without knowing. I try to explain how I know that this is not the case, but they have all disregarded it.
Avatar f tn I try to scratch as soft as I can but it very tender.  The itching and soreness is only in the middle of my head . The crown area..my hair is thinning a little in that area and it kind of feel a little scaby; but I can't really tell.  I am a 24 year old female. Black African American.  I don't take no medication. No known family history of This issue. I haven't got my hair relaxed in almost three years.all of my hair is natural now.
1546922 tn?1293691153 I HOPE you can help me. I have a greasy, waxy patch on one area of my scalp which I have had for over 2 years now. I have tried dozens of shampoos, vinegars rinses, bicarb, dishwashing liquid, changing pillowcases and even completely changing my hair colour. Nothing helps, it is so infuriating I am an inch away from shaving my head and buying a wig collection - seriously! I have searched this online and there are literally hundreds of posts with no answer!
1230181 tn?1269951024 I have never felt like a nail is in my scalp, but my scalp is always sore and I just chalked it up to always having my hair in a pony tail or bun for work, so in the past to weeks have started leaving it down as much as possible and it so far has not changed. Wish I would offer some advice! Best Wishes!
Avatar f tn For the past few months I've had this spot on the right side of my head that tingles. It was never that bad, but it was annoying. It's starting to happen every single day now and I was just wanting to know why? It's a very small, isolated spot. On my right side a few inches above my ear. Does anyone know what causes this? Is it serious?
Avatar n tn Ive always had a tender scalp on and off but about 2 years ago I started noticing my hair was thinning where my scalp was sore primarily. Its been thinning at the top and around the temples. The thinning progressed rather quickly ive had to xut my hair shorter to make it blend. Prior to the thinning my hair would shed these grey flakes like dandruff especially if I was sweating or just finished playing sports.
1536712 tn?1294043301 Right now I have a very tender/sore/painful spot in my scalp. It is on the back of my head, the right side of the middle, up against the top of my head. When I press the spot it hurts. When I drag my hand through my hair too. Sometimes it would be more in the front of my scalp, sometimes the other side etc. It's also sometimes more 'widespread', so much of my scakp will feel tender/sore, but I think there is always one spot which is the 'center'...
Avatar f tn Cysts on the scalp are another cause of scalp sores. In folliculitis there is inflammation of one or several hair follicles on the skin causing red, bumpy and pimple-like lumps.Tinea capitis causes round, red, scaly bumps on the scalp's surface. In psoriasis bumpy patches of skin with soreness may extend beyond the hair line and there are mild to severe thick, crusted plaques accompanying basic symptoms. Wash your hair regularly and avoid damp or sweaty skin.
Avatar m tn What would cause my waist length hair to retract back into the scalp and tightly twist itself around and around my head? My scalp is sore and bumpy. When the bumps open, there is whitish waxy tangled hair in there. I was checked for lice, but it is not that. I have not cut my hair in three years because it has "shrunk" up to my shoulders. When I unwind the hair strands they just seem to re-cement themselves to my scalp overnight, I am scared. Please advise.
Avatar n tn I have a sore that developed on my scalp and it das caused my hair to fall out around it but some is also trapped underneath and it is very painful and won't heal, I don't know what to do??
Avatar f tn During the past few weeks I have had a very sore area on my scalp almost constantly. It is a relatively small area, maybe one to two inches in diameter. I used to have really long hair and when I would wear it in a bun or ponytail all day, my head would get extremely sore. The soreness I am experiencing now is very similar, but my hair is very short...no ponytails anymore. Every morning I wake up with a severe headache as well. Not a migraine, but it's pretty bad.
Avatar f tn Since that night, every time I have have sex the same spot on my scalp gets very tingly. It is only when I am on top. It does not really bother me, as it is not painful. I am just intrigued about what could have caused this, and slightly worried that the drug did something to my brain. Any insights regarding this would be extremely appreciated! Thanks!
Avatar f tn For awhile now I have had a sore spot in the top of my head. I don't wear pony tails or braids because anything that pulls on my scalp gives me a headache. My scalp doesn't have sores and the area doesn't appear to be red, but my hair has thinned in the sore area. It isn't sore to touch it just constantly feels tender. I do suffer from allergies to dust, pollen, and cat dandruff. I often have sinus pressure around my temples and forehead.
Avatar m tn I have cold sores (passed down from my parents) so I have pretty firm grasp on what oral herpes looks like and the symptoms (without fail, before a cold sore, I get sick).
Avatar n tn I asked him to avoid combing the area due to my spot which by that time had become sore and red. I am not sure why but in a matter of seconds he put his finger on it for max 2 seconds and said 'it is just a spot'..When I put some tissue over it there was some watery fluid, kind of pinkish, from a mixture of blood and water..the kind of fluid some small wounds produce when they are sore and slightly open.
Avatar n tn I have scalp tenderness and occasional pain that shoots through my head in one spot. If I apply a little pressure on the top of my head it feels like the tissue on my head is a little swollen(softer than the rest of my head) and hurts as though my head were bruised. I also feel pressure build up in my head when I apply pressure to the tender spot. I hardly ever wear my hair in pony tails because I don't want people to think that my pain is related to my hair being pulled back.
Avatar n tn I have this one spot on my scalp that itches like crazy. I have always had dry scalp, but lately it's gotten much worse. It's red and sore and nothing I have tried has worked. I've tried tea tree hair and scalp treatment, and a special shampoo. Is there anything that will help with the itching until I can get into a doctor?
Avatar n tn FOUND A CURE!!!! So I posted a thread on this website about a week ago. I titled it different, but it is about the EXACT SAME problem!! My "grease spot" was apparent as soon as I got out of the shower. Therefore, I thought that whatever it was, it just wasn't washing out. So, last Saturday I took a shower and used Head & Shoulders. I scrubbed and scrubbed until my hands ached. I rinsed.
Avatar n tn s not very much like a headache. In the sense that they seem to actually be the scalp. The feeling is similar to a bruise, and if you have ever had longer hair, and have had your hair up in a pony tail for an extended period of time, then let your hair down. It produces the same feeling of soreness. I'm pregnant, and I have been stressed out lately. I have also been having earaches. Which I am about to start taking antibiotics for. Could this be related? Just curious. Thank you.
Avatar n tn ve never shaved my head bald to tell. Sometimes they happen to be in a spot what makes me get a headache, but otherwise they are more of a nucience. Dermatologist also seems to have no idea... tried a few types of shampoos. No effect. No cause I can discover. Ideas? Help?
Avatar n tn I still have a headache, but am almost certain it may be tension related as I have a spot on my shoulder/back that is very sore and radiating. The pain is in the back of my head on the one side the shoulder pain is. I will be calling my doc when I get back anyway on Monday if it is still bothering me. I will let you know and thank you for the reassurance. That did make me feel better.
Avatar f tn Five months ago I found a bald spot about the size of a quarter on the back of my scalp. I am trying to figure out why my hair fell out and if it will come back.
Avatar f tn They always are around the same time and I always have the same symptoms. I have sore breasts and then as they get more sore that means my period is getting closer. This month my breast got sore and I spotted yesterday, but that was it. And it was only enough for a pantyliner. I usually have cramps the first day, but no cramps and no more bleeding. Is it to early for a pregnancy test? Is this a pregnancy symptom?
4194013 tn?1411005236 I have a localized spot on the top of my head, that is really sore. It started a couple days ago, and has since got larger and more sore. It typically only hurts when I make certain facial expressions that tightens my scalp, touch it, or move my hair in that area in any way. It's almost like it bruised, and sometimes feels like it irritated even when I'm not bothering it. I don't have any discoloration on my scalp, no bumps, nothing unusual.
Avatar f tn s lamp is a test that is performed in a dark room where ultraviolet light is shined on the area of interest. No scalp biopsy is necessary for the diagnosis. Treatment: Tinea capitis is usually treated with an antifungal, such as griseofulvin, which is taken by mouth for 8 weeks. Tinea capitis is also treated with Nizoral shampoo, which is used to wash the scalp 2-3 times a week. It is very important to continue the use of the oral medication and shampoo for the entire 8 weeks.