Why i sneeze after i eat

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Avatar f tn About 2 months after I started getting the sensation but no follow thru. A firt I went 4 months without a sneeze 5 months later I went two weeks now its been about a month, no sneeze. I really believe its anxiety related.
Avatar m tn SOLVED! After 30 years of violent bouts of sneezing after I eat a meal I have finally solved it. I have asked Doctors over the years. I've been told it was Food Allergies, or that there's something "in the air", etc., etc., etc.! So darned frustrating. It's a body temperature change. After eating a hot meal my body temp goes up and I begin the sneezing. My father had the same problem but died without ever knowing what caused it. I think this is also genetic.
Avatar n tn I have not sneezed for at least ten years easily. I wonder why. I rarely get the feeling that I have a sneeze coming. I am very prone to allergies and for the last one and a half years have had a runny nose. Constantly running. I feel very tired and sometimes stuffy but I DO NOT FEEL ANY SNEEZE at all coming on. So this worries me.. Is there something wrong with me?
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Avatar f tn I just don't undertand why I don't sneeze while I'm lying down, but as soon as I stand up I start sneezing. I also don't understand why I have these stupid allergies now. I haven't had them my whole life and now all the sudden I do. :( I'm detoxifying right now. I hope it helps! Thanks for the info.
Avatar m tn I booked a vet aptmnt today just in case since i got her at the hspca, just because i know they can be sick after they leave there. the litter i use is the non clumping crystal looking stuff, so i dont notice any dust or particals from anything.
Avatar f tn If I bend over to retrieve something from the floor, I have these palps. If I shower or sneeze, etc. they come. I sit up late at night trying to go to sleep as late as possible to avoid the palps. To little or no avail. My doc keeps saying, ANXIETY! What could I possibly be anxious about in my sleep? I've had all the tests done and my heart is healthy. I've also suffered from pain streaming down my left arm and into pressure points in my hand during these palps and my doc says, its ANXIETY!!
Avatar f tn My cough and sneeze headache is just awful. I can honestly say it is much much much worse this time around than it has ever been. (recap to some: I had surgery in 07 Nov, and after a long long run around long story, I have cerebellar ptosis). Anyway since this crummy cold my cough headache I noticed is bad! I used to have it mostly in the front and some in the back (lower back of head but mainly the front). Well now it is from Front to the Back of my head (top and back) all the way back.
Avatar m tn The weird thing is I will get the pain immediately when I yawn, laugh, or sneeze and when I swallow after I yawn, laugh or sneeze. After I swallow once or twice the pain gets a little better but it pretty much stays all day. I think it may just be a muscle problem in my throat, but my doc says it’s not likely. He said the pain would most likely come from the back of my neck not the front. Now, for the last couple weeks it seems to hurt even more. The doctor didn’t find anything!
1155261 tn?1266690117 Yes I also gave the sneezing even after I think I've gone thru the wd. Sometimes I get a little wave of nausa right before the sneezing.
1748643 tn?1311989201 2 weeks after i had the light bleeding i been having headaches and sometimes feeling sick during the night after i eat dinner. one night after dinner i felt sick to my stomach and ran to the bathroom aand thought i was gonna have to puke. usually when im about to get my period i get this wierd feeling in my stomach and i have cramps but i only been getting cramps on my side and yesterday july 27th when i had to bend down or sneeze the right side of my stomach was bothering me.
1116022 tn?1305689593 But you are right, there will always be a piece of you missing. after I lost the baby for the first few weeks I was terrified to get pregnant again, I was done, I did not want to try again, I did not want to go through that pain again. but my husband quickly made me realize that it will happen when its right, that this is sometimes part of the journey. But i no longer use ovulation tests, and I try not to think about when I "might" be ovulating....
Avatar f tn Ok thanks
1279767 tn?1277232974 I would eat and then an hour or two later be so hungry again that I had to stop what I was doing and eat or I would feel like I was going to pass out. Another thing that tipped me off was that I started burping after everything I ate which was really weird for me. Not everybody has implantation bleeding so don't get worried if you don't see it.
1565297 tn?1295755843 I have said this started for me after an hiv scare. Condom broke i got flu.
242516 tn?1368227505 Join me on a free Health Chat to discuss swine flu on Wednesday April 29th at 1PM EST. To register, go to: http://www.medhelp.org/health_chats/register/17 Due to the swine flu, the US has declared a public health emergency. We're early in the outbreak of this new virus, with most all patients in the US having mild illness who have recovered without treatment. Only 1 of the 20 cases have been hospitalized.
Avatar f tn I wasnt told anything so I am learning as I go. Sometimes my speech is either slow (when I cant remember the words) or I stammer. I cant concentrate, and still get dizzy or off balance. I cant walk toofast for fear of falling over. I havent slept on my left side in 6 mos because the pressure makes my scar or head hurt (i do have a plate also).I have to write down everything so I wont forget. sometimes I see things all scrambled and numbers, counting cash is very hard for me.
Avatar f tn i am battling with my feelings right. now. my niece has got to be nicer to me. after all i have done for her and her daughter. she thinks she helps me by living here free. she cost a fortune. she tries to pay half of her kids presents. she does her best, but hearing her gripe and complain about everything or just sit in her chair and stare at the tv. never talks goes gets her something to eat and never says a word. i always say im getting me something do you want anything?
Avatar f tn I have this same problem and am really having a hard time getting anyone to listen. I get these cramps in my ribcage either side and every once in awhile both sides at the same time. They are extremely painful. I get them from laughing, reaching for things and sometimes for no reason at all. Also by ribs are extremely tender to the touch, so tender that I can no longer wear a bra. I have MS but the doctor says this is not MS related.
Avatar m tn I am a female and almost always sneeze uncontrolably for a few minutes after finishing meals in restaurants. For a long time I thought it was the wine...but drinking wine with meals doesn noot cause me to sneeze at home. Now I wonder if there is some kind of preservative that most restaurants use that might be setting me off. Does anyone else have this problem? Or an idea? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/504215'>why does my boyfriend sneeze after eating?</a>.
2020005 tn?1476662562 I'm 8w1d, and since I found out (9-10dpo) I've had a bad feeling that I'm not going to have a baby, I don't know why, I don't know if it's because I found out so early, we tried for only 3 months, I don't feel pregnant, whatever. I just have a feeling I won't have a baby at the end of this.
Avatar n tn I have no idea what it is but I just want to let you know I get it A LOT when I sneeze. I never thought to ask about it. I thought I was crazy but now I don't feel so alone LOL!!!!!!! Take Care. It must be a normal thing.
233488 tn?1310696703 As a generalization return to golf and tennis would be allowed by most surgeons after 7-10 days. There is a major risk of eye injury in racquet sports and your husband MUST wear safety sports glasses for his tennis game. (I have seen eyes blinded from tennis injuries). Quite some time back a survey was taken of retina surgeons about letting their patients return to full activities after retinal detachment surgery (much more extensive than what your husband had).
598514 tn?1285753194 There is a post about it... why you sneeze so much. I am going to bump it up when I find it so give me a few minutes and you will see it. I think it is titled sneezing .. written by dominosarah. Welcome to the forum...so are you clean now? Getting clean.. let us know it's a great place for support!
Avatar f tn i hated being on a liquid diet for 24 hours when all i wanted to do was EAT. I hated that i could cough, sneeze, poop or laugh without feeling intense pain in my incision and fearing that i would rip open my incision. I hated that i had to be on painkillers while pumping milk for my little one. i hated that i couldn't walk up stairs more than once a day for a month, so we had to move downstairs and sleep on a fouton. despite all of this, i will be doing it again in august.
Avatar f tn I was told by my GP after a huge amount of tests, MRI's, etc, that I have either fibro or MS. Feel free to look at my timeline to see my symptoms. I have a couple of questions 1-Does fibromyalgia come and go in flares? And when it leaves can it go away completely sometimes and other have residual symptoms? 2-Does fibromyalgia become dormant when you are pregnant (no symptoms)? Does it get worse after pregnancy? 3-Does it affect your vision? balance?
Avatar f tn Not to mention I feel like I'm sleepwalking through my life. I don't know how many times I can say it, and I don't know why you'd believe it - but my last dose was today at 7pm. 30 minutes ago. A half a tablet. That will make 3 for today. And that's my LAST ONE THAT I'M TAKING. I am so ready to be done with this. But obviously some part of me is not, or I WOULD be done with it. I don't understand this God awful hold, and I am NOT used to this loss of control.
Avatar f tn daughter had Chiari after returning from the ER and reading the brain scan report after a seizure on Sept.2011. I have spent all of 34 yrs. trying to figure out the many changing symptoms that has had our family so puzzled. The brain scan never really defined the problem; just mentioned the tonsillar ectopia, foramen magnum swelling and middle posterior cranial fossa thinning. Nothing was said during the drs. workup for the seizure.