Why do my breasts look weird

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366779 tn?1291346996 My breasts look horrible, too. I'm not sure if it's because of breastfeeding and the milk weighing them down, or what.. But man, I don't like it! Ever since I was only a few months along I went from a C to D, and from that alone, got a ton of stretch marks along the sides, top, and underneath of my breasts. :( And now they hang a lot lower and are so limp-feeling [lol].. They lost most od their tone.. Anyone think this will ever go back, after I finish breastfeeding??
1454858 tn?1306787978 I appreciate the feedback. the thing is, my breasts aren't tender. I remember them being sore with my other pregnancies, but I don't remember when that started. why is first morning urine stronger??? Is it because most people "hold it" all night. I'm wonderingbecause I do not. I get up 1-2 times in the night for the bathroom. I swear I have an "old lady bladder". Will this make any hormone less potent in the am?
Avatar n tn Also, I have just had a mamo and my regular dr visit and all was fine there. I do know I have dense breasts but they have not been noted as fibercystic breast.
Avatar n tn i just dont understand why my b/f only looks at it when im not home...that all he looks at on the computer...it makes me feel bad cuz i think hes doing it cuz im not good enough or pretty enough for him....wat do u think??
Avatar m tn I would have asked you if your were a hyper critical guy if it wasn't for my past experiece. Look at her medicine cabinet when you can... Not to snoop but just see if she has any prozac, also look and see if she is in to Homeopathic medicine. Most OCD people are the biggest Natural Medicine patrons because of thier fear of chemicals. I spent one of the most satisfying years of my life with this OCD girl, and to this day she is the only one to EVER cheat on me.
654396 tn?1237512512 I have done that and the pain seems to be less. (maybe just have some inflimation?) The question is....i just feel weird..my body feels weird. I have tingling and discharge from my left breast/nipple. Almost a burning sensation. I also am very off balance. VERY OFF BALANCE. other people have noticed and commented. I feel very fatigued also. Is this all normal or am i just reading into it? I know what i feel is real, but has anyone had this due to a tumor? Please help.
1430240 tn?1290437623 i know this is a weird question..but i know that a womans breasts do tend to sag after she has a child because they shrink back down..and they end up with alot of stretch marks..sometimes around the nipple area..but i was wondering is there anything i could do while im pregnant so that doesnt happen to me because i think it will since i have small breasts and they will get big. could i like lift weights or do anything to help at all?
Avatar f tn He put me on Cabergoline for a month to 'see if it helped', but I didn't really notice a difference apart from that the sharp pains in my breasts disappeared. He tested my prolactin 2 months after I came off the Cabergoline and it had come down to 351 within the normal range, so he decided to discharge me, even though it was obvious my prolactin had only come down because of the cabergoline!
Avatar f tn When I was pregnant with my first daughter I had a man constantly hit on my he said he would always see me and just fall in love and he couldn't help but watch me.. we ended up dating for a yr after my daughter was about six months he would tell me that u are the most beautiful pregnant that he believes pregnant women have some glow and they look perfect to him...
Avatar n tn hey girl i had sex with my boyfriend last night and i started bleeding but the weird part in my tummy i felt like he was hitting something that made me bleed and at 1st when i saw the blood i thought i got my period so i put a tampon on and i went to sleep and i went to the bathroon this morning and it had no blood or anything what does that mean ???
Avatar n tn I do have PMS symptoms before and during my period but have never had swollen, painful breast after my period. I wonder if it has anything to do with the size of breasts for some of you..? I cant even call mine breasts because they are so small but now they are HUGE (to me). My bras are all fitting tightly and I dont drink ANY caffeine except for my morning single cup of coffee. I dont really eat alot of salt either but I am a very stressed out person.
Avatar f tn I have Pink Spots/patches Under my arms, Breasts, and Various other places. This has been going on for some time now but it seem to have gotten worse. At firsts they were little spots but now they have gotten bigger and are connecting to themselves. I dont feel them at all they are just there. They dont itch or hurt. but the are really soft. I dont have the insurance right now so thats why I am here to see what it is and see what I can do. Please help as soon as possible.
Avatar n tn I'm very in tune to my body and I just didn't feel pregnant anymore. My breasts weren't swollen and tender anymore and all of my sickness went away. I just knew. If you have any kind of bleeding, especially if it's more than just spotting, go to your doctor for peice of mind. Just remember, everything happens for a reason. I know it's hard to stay positive but just think of this, you got pregnant this time, it WILL happen again.
Avatar f tn A healthy boy, a roof over our heads and a great family. So why do I feel like this. Right Now while Im typing this my ankle on right leg is itchy. Also my glands are up, in my groin, under my arms. I get flickers in my eyes, I feel light headed. What is wrong with me. I just wished the doctors would run the relevent tests. Im sure it would put alot of my worrys to rest. But they seem to have made their minds up. That its anxiety. Ive been pescribed a small dose of valium, 2mg 3 times a day.
Avatar n tn im 18 and i have been sort of dealing with this problem it all started when i moved from California to Arkansas i started having a weird pressure in my eyes and then a heavy head its been almost a year now Ive been to the doctors so many times they keep saying its a sinus infection but Ive been on like 20 meds i feel also like my ears are all plugged up like they need to pop someday s my heads so heavy i don't want to do anything because i feel so weird.
Avatar n tn When I would pee, it would feel fine but towards the ending of urinating I would get a very weird uncomfortable sensation. And my bladder would feel full even though I just peed. This problem gets worse at night and I can't sleep. I went to the doctor but he said that my urine was clean. He said to drink cranberry juice for a few day and if the problem persists, to go back and see him.
Avatar f tn These are great. Keep 'em coming. Manmom, my breasts grew, too. Is that why? I thought they just never shrunk after breastfeeding. One 'for real' great thing about being hypo! Yes, Jen, family does wait on you. Hubby mopped the floors yesterday!
Avatar m tn As I read these questions I just can't help but ask some my own and get the public to answer so my questions are Why is a big penis so desired and a small one (like mine and all other men under 3 inches) so laughed at and scorned to the point where they question their worth as a human being ? Is sex really the end all be all of human existence as Ferris Bueller said or is that idea just a glorified mess spewed out by media?
Avatar f tn Burning never has appealed to me, although along with cutting, I have a problem with picking at my face and arms and breasts. I use to hit my legs till they would bruise too. I have scars on my arms and breasts, as well as my abdomen. It's funny cause my therapist just told me how walking would help me feel much better and then I came home to find your message. We live right near a large park so I have no excuse not to.
Avatar f tn My breasts have gotten large and tender ...
1199926 tn?1265384470 i am gaining cuz i eat so often. i am done growing the doctors say so why do i continue to starve even when i eat? please help i need answers fast, im losing my mind! HELP! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/949995'>Always hungry...</a>.
1441866 tn?1328130563 I dont know why it is so hard to TTC? I have a 7 year old daughter (with my ex-husband) my husband and I have been trying for 1 year now, we had a m/c early october last year and nothing since. My AF was every 28 days for the 1st half of this last year then it changed 30,31,32,34,36 now I am CD 33 and have no idea when I am supposed to start. I just lost some weight in hopes that losing a little weight would help make me regular.
Avatar f tn I have been having bad back pains from my mid back down to my pelvis, and have had some snapping/popping down by the tail bone. Why would my back already be hurting, Is this normal too? Also, I am extremely paranoid that this pregnancy with end in M/c, even though I have never had once and I don't have any of the factors that may cause one. I don't understand why I am so stressed that things will go wrong..everything went fine the 1st time..
285848 tn?1219095913 I don't know where I am at in my cycle. My breasts have started to be tender a few days ago and now they hurt without touching them! Ive had to pee 3 times already today. I pee at most twice while I am at work! Oh man...I think I am going to test in the morning! This is so exciting! Wish me luck girls! I remember my breasts hurting as the only sign of pregnancy last time around. I miscarried but dang! I don't this they have ever hurt this much! YAY!
Avatar f tn And yes I am a stay at home mum. kris123 - My god!!!! waking up 5 times a night still, thats one thing I do not miss, Taneile stopped doing that at 3 months, that was because I was feeding her breast milk during the day and started feeding her formula at night to keep her fuller.
Avatar f tn I was just wondering what you all thought about breastfeeding in public/ restaurant's you name it. Lol! Do far I've gotten mixed answers from my family. My mother in law doest agree with it at all nor does my husband they both think it's weird and inappropriate. My mother thinks ok in some places but not restaurants and I should always try to bring extra milk with me.
Avatar n tn I feel like there is more my doc could do for me. It's hard to except that this feeling is normal and my heart is ok. I've had panic disorder and anxiety all my life but I've dealt with it. Now I'd rather have the panic disorder instead of these PVC's. I'm going back to doctor to try to get more answers. I can't believe the internet has no answers about PVC's.