Why do my breasts look weird

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Avatar f tn The only thing that confuses is me is the weird noises I hear in my stomach, my itchy bellybutton, and my breasts for which on the past month have been terribly sore- and the past week extremely painful. The past month I also noticed my nipples look bigger, and there is what looks like bruising around them, and also a very small white lump on the tip of my areola. I may be paranoid but I also feel that they have become more inverted the past month.
Avatar m tn t been wearing a bra with much support because the only bra I have is very uncomfortable and I do not have the money to buy a new one. Why do my breasts hurt? Am I pregnant? Do I just need a better bra?
Avatar f tn all my friends are more flat chested or have really small breasts and i am a 34A but i want more flatter breasts so i want to know if there is a way to get them a little bit smaller without taking any medicine or faking it.
Avatar f tn 3yrs my 2 yr old knows baby is in my tummy idk that she fully understands but she kisses my tummy lays her head down on my tummy talks to baby But weird thing to me is like the last two weeks she been all over my breasts. I dress modestly and keep them covered but she keeps trying to touch them, lay on them,and gets upset when I won't let her. Is this normal? Why is she doing this? I just don't understand.
Avatar f tn skin to skin will help with you milk and stimulation also. But why do you find it weird? The reason we have breasts are to feed our babies.
Avatar f tn Most women have different size and even shape breasts, they are never perfectly matched. I am sorry you do not love the way your breasts look! I will say that while this is important and I don't minimize it but your breasts are going to change over and over again. My breasts no are totally different than they were in my teens which were different than my 20's which were different than my weight gain in thirties, during pregnancy and nursing and where they are now.
9700808 tn?1405488881 Why Did the brown ring around one of my breast get bigger and the other one look the same
Avatar f tn m seventeen now, almost eighteen and my boobs point a little bit southward. this sounds weird i know but all my friends boobs are perky..um not that i look at them but ive asked and i just dont like feelin you know saggy at such a young age, any ideas why they hang low and how to get them to perk up???
Avatar f tn I have Pink Spots/patches Under my arms, Breasts, and Various other places. This has been going on for some time now but it seem to have gotten worse. At firsts they were little spots but now they have gotten bigger and are connecting to themselves. I dont feel them at all they are just there. They dont itch or hurt. but the are really soft. I dont have the insurance right now so thats why I am here to see what it is and see what I can do. Please help as soon as possible.
Avatar f tn used to be as soon as my head hit the pillow I was out..now I toss and turn all night. Do I havethis to look forward to for the rest of my pregnancy?
Avatar f tn ( I get pain in my underarm areas..my arm pit and lower between my elbow and my armpit..could this be from hormones?? The pain is not severe.
Avatar f tn I'm 35 weeks pregnant. Lately, my breasts feel as if they're filling up with milk even though they don't look fuller and nothing's leaking. Is it possible for me to be producing milk already? Does my body know what it's going through the second time around and that's why it's doing that? Or is the pain related to something else? Anyone experience that with their second pregnancy? Thank you for your replies.
Avatar f tn Honestly every women is different. For some it can happen right away, 20 weeks, 30 weeks or 40 weeks. It just depends. For me, I started at 28 weeks & then at 34 weeks, it sorta stopped & were just really sore. 37 weeks now & it came back & I leak all the time now. & waking up with 'crusts' is not weird. Lol I had the same thing at the very beginning! Good luck!
Avatar m tn About 3 weeks ago, my boy friend for 4yrs and i finally had sex. Now, exactly 25 days from my last period, I got my period again but this time it is weird. My blood was brown, kind of heavy flow the first day and i had terrible cramps day 1 and a few after that.Also, this period wasn't as long as it usually is. I've never had a weird period and this concerns me. Could this be a sign that I am pregnant or does this happen to be a just a weird period.
Avatar f tn Im 5w2d and im feeling exactly how u do. My nipples feel like they r gonna fall off!!
4437866 tn?1388119624 I have a ton a ton of very visible veins on my breasts and they are normal. Has to do with increased blood. I have very light skin too so it makes it that much more visible too.
Avatar f tn Ok weird question but does anybody notice your breasts having a different smell? Not like a body odor but different? I assume it's from them swelling up and they are always soooo hot.
Avatar f tn Be careful squeezing them, that can cause an infection, and laylo do NOT wish it on yourself, hahah, it can be veryyy troublesome, ESPECIALLY after the baby is born, I used to have to wear 2-4 pads on my nipples to make sure I didn't leak through, one of the beauties of breast feeding!
Avatar f tn Lol with my first my breasts didn't really get any bigger until my milk came in and then after pumping the milk for my baby boy, they actually ended up smaller than they were before I got pregnant, not like a whole cup size or anything but still, and then with the pregnancy I just went through, they got bigger and when my milk came in I didn't breast feed or pump and when my milk went away they still stayed bigger, I'm not sure what happened with them after my first lol but ow im fin
2012920 tn?1328787300 I not think one is pregnant because breasts are sore. My mothers breasts bothered her and were leaking off white discharge. Then she found out she had breast cancer. Of course pregnancy would better our of those two options. My breasts did the same thing last year. I'm holding off doing anything for cancer because I'm now pregnant with our 2nd daughter. Also I'm 22 yrs old and my husband is military. I suggest getting fully examined. They can even do ultrasound on your breasts.
Avatar f tn So graphic picture below, sorry about that. I'm a 24 yo female, I'm a virgin so no pregnancies. My boobs have apparently always looked like this, the shape of the areola has always been slightly tilted, however, I recently noticed that my areolas don't have the "sharp" circle edges.
Avatar n tn ve had 3 kids. My youngest is almost 8 and though I am in shape my breasts are GONE. I have to wear a padded bra, and it has to be a certain kind to make it look like I even have anything!! I am an A but not even an A. :( So I know how you feel! And if I were to gain weight, it goes to hips, belly and butt. I think the only alternative is plastic surgery. I can't afford that, nor do I think I want it. If I were to ever get it, it would be only to a B cup.