Why do i sneeze after working out

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Avatar m tn I let myself start to sneeze, then I drink about three swallows of ice water, or I suck on an ice cube and it stops immediately. But I don't do that unless I start to sneeze because I don't sneeze after every meal, but often enough to drive me crazy! Good luck.
Avatar f tn I am 27 and have this problem too for years but it comes and goes and is really annoying and depressing for me. as I've known, this problem is most of the times psychological, as it's been for me, unless you feel that it happened IMMEDIATELY after a hit to your head. so after a hit or crash, if you sneezed and after a few days or weeks it stopped, it's still psychological and if you don't care or think about it, sneeze can return eventually.
413852 tn?1317312312 (more like told that I most likely have it and to accept that I do) in Canada but I saw a neurologist here a few years ago after my second attack, just for a second opinion. He said back then that he wasn't convinced it was MS but then I left Syria and never really thought about it again. In Hong Kong I ended up in hospital ... for what turned out to be just an inner ear infection (talk about the room SPINNING!!!), but they did an MRI to rule out other more serious stuff and told me I had MS.
1530342 tn?1405020090 Okay, how many tried to sneeze with eyes open, just to see if you could do it? Gotta admit, I did it...... I can/do, sometimes, sneeze with my eyes open; it all depends on what's causing my sneeze and how violent it is.
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Avatar f tn I think we all do that. I think its our bodies getting rid of all the **** we've been talking. Along with the sweats we sneeze our brains out. Just wait til the yawning starts. You won't be able to stop. You'll be trying to have a conversation and be yawning all the time. It's actually quit funny sometimes. Your doing good so keep up the good work. Your almost done with the physical stuff and then comes the mental so don't let your guard down.
1116022 tn?1305689593 They recently found out they are expecting a little boy, all I could think about was that i would have been finding out what I was having. Every so often I think about what stage I would be at, and how the baby would be developing if i had not lost the baby. I am the only one in my family who has miscarried, I am also the only one in my family who has ever had to TRY to conceive. it seems that all my family and friends just GET pregnant.
Avatar m tn I just looked at this post out of curiosity, not because I experience this, but I just wondered whether it might be a form of synesthesia? (where the senses are 'cross wired').
Avatar f tn I get these pains and I first thought I might be starting up my pnamonia (or however you spell it) again, because I usually got those pains the last few times I had it... and I wasn't having asthma at the moment so I thought maybe it was a sign of my first period...
Avatar n tn i don't even have any1 to talk to bout it cause every1 i know is sick of it n keep telling me i'm crazy to still think i'm preg after the blood test came out neg. I need to know so I can clear my mind. i feel like i can't concentrate n forget things that i'm doing. Making a lot of mistakes n having alot of accidents last couple weeks. i'm clumsier then i've ever been. dunno whats going on.
Avatar f tn I have never had the rash nor have I experienced the extreme fatigue I have read about. Do I really have Lymes? Where should I go from here? I'm scared. I am willing to do anything to get better. Any advice would be forever appreciated! Thank you.
Avatar f tn I wasnt told anything so I am learning as I go. Sometimes my speech is either slow (when I cant remember the words) or I stammer. I cant concentrate, and still get dizzy or off balance. I cant walk toofast for fear of falling over. I havent slept on my left side in 6 mos because the pressure makes my scar or head hurt (i do have a plate also).I have to write down everything so I wont forget. sometimes I see things all scrambled and numbers, counting cash is very hard for me.
Avatar n tn I'm so sorry Kellie... I had a D&C when I miscarried. I only bled for a few days but I guess that was why. I wish I could help you.. I will pray for your healing emotionally and physically.
233488 tn?1310696703 As a generalization return to golf and tennis would be allowed by most surgeons after 7-10 days. There is a major risk of eye injury in racquet sports and your husband MUST wear safety sports glasses for his tennis game. (I have seen eyes blinded from tennis injuries). Quite some time back a survey was taken of retina surgeons about letting their patients return to full activities after retinal detachment surgery (much more extensive than what your husband had).
Avatar n tn If I am a candidate for surgery, which I should be, I can be in and out and start living my life again! I still don't know why I have this hip/thigh pain. I didn't think that was along my L4-5. But, I do know that there are two other discs bulging in my back, it must be either from them or it could be muscular, I don't know. My feet/legs are becoming more and more tingly and numb.
184674 tn?1360864093 OK, I know you think I am an uncouth redneck, but when I am in my weekday dress clothes I do wash my hands after going and do use a Kleenex to blow my nose, ok maybe a paper towel, lol.
535089 tn?1400677119 It seems that many members are often having "bad" drug screens so again, here is some information on why your Test may be wrong. Medications & Substances Causing False Positives According to a report by the Los Angeles Times New Service, a study of 161 prescription and over the counter medications showed that 65 of them produced false positive results in the most widely administered urine test.
Avatar n tn And you shouldn't blame yourself because you have so much information thrown at you, that it is impossible to cover everything even if you think you do. Anyway, I am curious to hear why some women bleed after a partial hysterectomy where the cervix remains. Remember, you don't have to wait for an appointment, you can call your doctor up and ask him/her over the phone. Good Luck and let us know.
Avatar f tn Friends are also considerate and understanding but I do not feel as comfortable about it with them so we do not go over to their houses or go out to eat like we once did. I am honest when I state I am in the bathroom at least 20 times a day. The diarrhea is pretty much an all day occurence with anywhere from a half hour to a few hours in between. Some nights after supper, I am in the bathroom five to ten times. I am so afraid to go back to work, but know it has to happen soon.
Avatar n tn I think it because I had to come back to work so quickly. I am just curious as to why after 2 years after my hysterectomy, I am still having endometriosis. Is anyone else having this issue?
Avatar f tn I don't know if I will test tonight, I've NEVER had a BFP, so I'm so used to seeing the BFN, I'm terrified! BUT.........if it's a BFN tomorrow, do I want to find out by the lab calling me?? It's CRAZY! Anyways, I'll be praying for you! I'll also keep you posted on me! GOOD LUCK, stay POSITIVE and someone told me on another board you are PUPO! (Pregnant Until Proven Otherwisee!) I liked that way of thinking! xxooo!
Avatar n tn Aside from the folks here on this site, there's not a lot of support out there, unless you bite the bullet and go to a treatment center like I'm about to do. Hopefully, I can connect with more refugees and survivors through NA. Sorry that I diverge here, but it just amazes me because I know I am far from alone in this predicament, yet so few people share and discuss the reality of painkiller addiction that results from a legitimate condition and legally prescribed medications.
Avatar m tn They drive me crazy to. I do my laundry twice as often as I used to. I can smell the toxins coming out of my body. My sense of smell is so acute now. (Bad cologne and things like that actually make me gag.) Actually, folks drenched in "body spray" or bad cologne has always been a pet peeve. Happy you're gaining weight. It's a healthy sign. Is 174 your normal body weight at 5'7" or just a target you or (your brother lol) set? You'll know when you feel and look right.
Avatar f tn And, my mother gets blackheads on her nose and cheeks and I love to pop those too. I don't understand how I can do that because I suffer from a little bit of OCD. But, I admit I have to go wash my hands immediately. If my friends' children drink out of my cup or whatever I'm drinking - I give it to them. I can't stand it!!!
Avatar n tn I have this problem too, I am small framed but had a 8lb baby girl & was pushing for ages, but then my baby boy who was born 12 months later literally fell out. I can't keep tampons in & I look like my insides are almost falling out. I have no incontinence problems but am way to embarrassed to go to the docs. No one tells you this when you get pregnant....all anyone tells you about is stretch marks LOL!
Avatar m tn I don’t see the neuro until next week but I do have an appointment with my pcp this Thursday. I just don’t know if I can make it till then :(...
1087609 tn?1260947985 #3 from time period above Now this is the last 3 weeks or so, Its like everything in my face has stopped working. I have no gag reflex, when I need to sneeze I never follow through, just the build up to the sneeze. I have these coughing/choking fits that come out of nowhere, and the only thing that controls them is chewing gum to help with saliva. And ta da....I have double vision. I was really happy I wasn't having any vision problems until this happened.
Avatar n tn I do get mad at times because I have so much to offer but because of my ilness I am limited to what I can do. I found out along time ago the best way to give God a good laugh is to tell him your future plans......giggle.....because he is the one that is going to see that you do what he wants you to do. Now you tell me to shut up if I talk too much....giggle....Oh yea, when you write back.