Why do cats throw up after they eat

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675347 tn?1365464245 Perhaps sometimes they just want a salad.
Avatar f tn He has not had any more flem for the last two hrs and appears comfortable. Do you have a herpes kitty? Thats why my Dodger is on Lysine- about 750mg per day (he ways 16lbs). I do use a clean brand which I get from a health food store. Ive asked my vet about long term use of lysine, and she could tell me of any studies. Dodger seems okay on it, and it really does help control his symptoms. II just wondered if the meds I have the fur kids on are worse then what they are controlling!
534013 tn?1250204649 I really don't have any experience with introducing cats to dogs, but I do have experience intro. cats to cats. I'd just try to keep them separate for a while, and very slowly introduce them. Your cats are freaking because they feel like their property is being invaded. It might put them under too much stress to just throw them together. Hopefully, introducing them slowly will make them feel more secure and lessen their stress!! Good luck, girl!
Avatar m tn It is not temperature or texture specific, I get about 3 bites in, I feel like I'm choking and then I run to the bathroom and throw up. One GI specialist after endoscopy said I had a hiatus hernia. The next GI specialist post endoscopy said I did not and told me it was likely all in my head. I've had a barrium xray and that doctor said I have an esophageal motility disorder.
203342 tn?1328740807 Again, I make sure I watch the puppies eat and pick up their dish so she's only been able to grab a few bites at times before I could react but I really don't know why she tries so hard to eat their food! Not sure what to do at this point. Should I try changing her diet? Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn Once she purged all the food, she continued to throw up white, foamy spit. I didn't think much of it as vomitting is not unusual for her, and I have seen the other cats purge the same spit (although rarely). Other than that, she was just fine. The next morning when I wake up she comes to me stumbling a bit and meowing that loud, "I'm in pain" meow. I picked her up to show someone else, and when I put her down she just collasped on her side - seemingly completely lifeless.
12679876 tn?1426981493 I can imagine after 8 and a half years the vet bills add up lol. Do you have any other cats? I have a question for you Jade- how did your vet determine IBD? I ask because I have another cat who has been to the vet several times over the years and was even hospitalized over night to receive fluids. All the blood work came back clear and he said it appeared it was probably IBD but offered no help, food, or medicine for the maintenace.
Avatar f tn I loved my mom sooo much the last time we went to the hospital they said they could do no more for her. I said mom and I are going home. the new doctor changed her meds to buspar and she was so much better, but still didn't know who anyone was. when she died that was the most terrible day of my life I had no one that loved me unconditionally. I know I will never be well I am 72. thank you.
Avatar f tn But I do know how much food is healthy for my dogs and my cats to eat. The average cat should eat a cup of food a day. This can be split into 2-3 'meals' if desired. But I don't guess this will make your kitty happy. And you cannot continue to over-feed her. I suggest giving her a single teaspoon of her food when she starts to drive you nuts.My thinking there is that maybe controlled 'snacking' instead of regular meals will work for her. I hope this helps.
541150 tn?1306037443 Let us hope it can be a quick fix. When they did a Biopsy, that they opened him up on that table, they looked at every organ and did not find any hair. I wonder if hairballs can be seen when you do a Biopsy (???) Abby never vomits hairballs, ever. When I clean the box (well, before I got pregnant) I always make sure to check for hair and there they are....
Avatar m tn Standing up doesn't seems to help me. :( Mine usually happens at night, I have to sleep while covering my eye. What about you guys?, does standing up help y'all?
325477 tn?1250554909 i am very jealous of those who are getting more than one shower...lol... i have only had a shower for my youngest, and then if they do as they said i will have one for this one. but my first two i did it all myself which is what i have pretty much done with this one...so far... anyhow i was just playing.. if you can get more than one baby shower than i would eat it up... enjoy it.
Avatar f tn I have, on SEVERAL occasions, woke up about an hour or so after I dose off (at night) to sleep and I think I see things. Example: I woke up one time swearing that there was a spider on the wall. I woke up my husband and he said there was nothing there. I feel like I'm totally awake, eyes open, speaking clearly, everything. I just don't understand why this happens. Sometimes when it begins, I tell him that it's not like before and I tell him that this time I really do see something. So...
Avatar n tn does not seem to bother her she does not eat all day only in the evening so she throws up on a empty stomach should i be worried
691935 tn?1421030690 We took him back to the Vet a few days ago and he gave us some special food and meds to help him not throw up. The first night he drank water like crazy and I used a syringe to feed him hoping it would stimulate him to eat on his own. But, he continues to get worse and now he just sits in front of the water dish, sometime he just lays his chin in the water. Tonight it was most difficult to feed him even with the syringe. The food is just falling out of his mouth. I believe it is time.
Avatar f tn I have been in the dark many times myself. Do not beat yourself up too much as you did stop after 12 days. I do not know if I could have done the same once started. I had lost my Niece in a house fire she was as a Daughter to me. I understand the Grief and temptation to deaden the pain.. I feel I'm much healthier for dealing with her death clean.. The drugs stagnate us we never move on from the pain.. I'm really glad you got 6 hrs sleep This will help a lot !
Avatar n tn are they indoor cats or do they roam? wht do you feed them? have you recently changed foods or bought new cans or a new bag? just wondering if the food could have been contaminated???
306867 tn?1299253309 I have actually pulled rocks and glass out of DONTE's mouth I wonder why they do that I mean it's not like I don't feed him and TULIP heck they eat better than my husband and me! Not just dog food either.We have actually made special trips to Dairy Queen to get them ice cream for gods sake!
Avatar f tn You girls are a hoot!!! Narla....I only do one exercise and that is push-ups!! Just goolgle "hitachi magic wand" and read about it. Order one, you won't be disappointed!! Just ask my wife.
Avatar f tn I seem to collect cats. Why, I don't know, beyond three they serve absolutely no purpose other than to clutter up the room. :-> Actually, I collect sheet music at the moment. Which isn't exactly a hobby, but it's taking up quite a bit of space.
Avatar n tn Ive gotten to the point now where he will be acting up and Ill think to myself, what can I actally do?????? Underneath all of this, he is so sweet and an exceptionally smart young boy. I love him and I know he will grow up to be a wonderful man. Im just worried about the time inbetween. He has zero respect for other people and refuses to listen. And when I say he refuses to listen, I dont mean that he wont pick up his toys! He wont do anything!!
495284 tn?1333897642 I have a male golden named Bear, my best friend, and 5 or is it 6 cats? 2 tanks of tropical fish and a cockatiel...the cats are getting up there in age as is Bear...I dread the day he's gone...best dog anyone could ever have.
Avatar f tn It is recommended that owners give their cats wet foods 2ice a week. But if all you do is waste money on wet foods she doesn't even eat then....like I said...let her be. Give her what she likes. I feed my cat Science Diet wet and dry. I was thinking maybe raw meat but he doesn't even like the smell of it. He gives me the eww looks. ugh..cats can be really fastidious.
Avatar f tn I now realize that the lies and covering things up with stories are all part of the disease. They will hear what they want, and do what they want no matter what the cost (even if it takes their life). All I can do is take it one day at a time, and put it in God's hands. My husband has his Dr.'s appointment in 2 days. I hope that I am not putting too much stock into the appointment, but I am hoping that the Dr. will give him the "come to meetin Jesus talk".
Avatar f tn Who is going to chase the bears out of the yard and the deer out of the garden? No one was allowed to walk into our yard or up our driveway. They could drive up the driveway and then he would decide if he would let you out or not. I'll never forget the time the pizza guy came to the front door. Bear new that anyone that knew us used the garage door. I heard Bear barking and the pizza guy screeming "Help! He is going to eat me!" lol that was so funny.
Avatar n tn I wish someone, somewhere would have posted whatever they found out after these episodes. I will for sure come back even if they say they have no clue. I don't get it, how can the doctors not be able to tell what is causing it. I mean obviously, if you are bleeding 10 years after a hysterectomy (which I am) then there is a problem somewhere. I'm glad to know it's not just me, but I sure would like to know some sort of answer, even if it is a scary one.
688143 tn?1228584475 I would not care about this except for the fact that what follows is that they always end up throwing it right back up. I'm wondering if anyone else's cats do this and know the reason why they are drawn to it to begin with? Is it because of something lacking in their diet?
Avatar n tn My problem is I have an incredible urge to fill my bathtub up with marshmellow creme and to sit in it with a huge spoon and just eat eat eat until my heart is content. Could anyone help me and tell me how many jars would I need to fill up a standard size bathtub.
Avatar n tn I am not sure that all the labels they put on the various syndromes, (lupus, FM, etc) do much to help us understand why and how they do what they do to us. Ask your doctor if FM is an autoimmune disease...and I bet you do not get a direct answer. I do not think the answer is known. We just know that we (most of us) HAVE it.