Why are people with type o blood universal donors

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Avatar n tn Is it possible for 2 people with type O+ to have a child who is A+? Thank you.
Avatar f tn It is most difficult to find an organ for a person with O blood type because people with type O blood can give an organ to someone with any blood type, but can only accept organs from others with type O blood. The demand for organs with type O blood is high, but the "giving pool" is limited. In spite of numerous attempts by doctors to find a suitable liver .
Avatar n tn Type O can receive only type O Type A can receive Type A or O Type B can receive Type B or O Type AB cab receiver Type A or B or O or AB 2) The donor shoud be the approximately same size and weight as (or slightly larger than) the recipient 3) The donor should be free from disease These are basic to living or cadaver transplants. The following are issues to be considered with a living donor: 1)The donor should be a relative (close or distant) or emotionally related to the recipient.
Avatar f tn We performed a large, cross‐sectional study of blood donors at 6 US blood centers during 2006–2007. Anti‐HCV was measured with enzyme‐linked immunosorbent assay followed by immunoblot, and HCV RNA was measured with nucleic acid testing. Adjusted odds ratios (aORs) were derived using multivariable logistic regression. Results: Of 959,281 donors, 695 had anti‐HCV detected (prevalence, 0.072%).
Avatar m tn An O blood type can receive a liver ONLY from another O blood type.
Avatar n tn I was told that I needed a transplant, b/my chances w/no insurance, income and blood type of O neg (universal donar) were just about nil. I decided I didn't want to die on a transplant waiting list, tethered to a hospital, not able to travel or smoke marijuanna, cooped up in crummy city apartment far from my home and dogs for potentially yrs, just in case that pager went off and someone had died. Ugg! The idea of my last few years living like that sucked!
1225178 tn?1318984204 cases - excluding blood transfusion or medical procedure cases - are unknown because people are not being honest about their previous lifestyle. They just don't tell the truth.
Avatar m tn It seems much more likely to me that clusters of people with 'chronic fatigue' type symptoms or metabolic syndrome are more easily explained by our increasingly polluted environment or a shared cr@ppy diet than an infection that doesn't fit any known pattern of epidemiology. As for occult infection causing post-tx physical complaints similar to some people's pre-treatment symptoms, what about those of us who were asymptomatic pre-tx and only developed these problems after treatment?
Avatar m tn The fact still remains the cell to cell transfer ia a faster route to progression. I have to ask myself why some people are more prone to this transfer while others are not. I may be misunderstanding the research. The research suggests that antibody-based treatments aimed at interrupting the virus' progression may not work as well because it won't work on the cell to cell transference. Again thanks. A lot to ponder.
Avatar f tn Tried a lot of them and none suited ME. X- I totally agree with you. But we need to gather as a group like the people with HIV did. We need a spokesperson like they have had many. Until that happens, I don't think it will go anywhere. If you want to put together some kind of way to get us all in a lobby, hey I think that could work. Most of us are sick and not able to go to DC and protest, that's for sure. Wish we could come up with something and also about those speedos and tube tops!!!
Avatar n tn They typically do not donate money outside of their countries. Why are people still using antivirals when we have a possible cure infront of us? Because our drug is not approved yet. Why cant us HBV carriers donate money less then 25k to you guys to speed up the process of testing and releasing this drug? We are looking into this possibility. When do you think at this rate you guys are moving will this drug be available for the public to possibly get rid of their virus?
Avatar f tn Because of this ambiguity with respect to treatment end-point, and the fact that HBeAg-negative patients are more susceptible to relapse with one year of therapy cessation, it is recommended that patients undergo long-term therapy of which the optimal duration is unknown. Importantly, relapses are a common occurrence, even in patients who exhibit persistently undetectable serum HBV DNA by PCR assays." I think this means the same with what you have been saying?