Why are my gums swollen in the back

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Avatar n tn The ortho tech said he needed to to a better job brushing his teeth, and showed us what she wanted him to do. Since that time it has been a big struggle. His gums in the back of his mouth are now right on top of his brackets, in spite of a great deal of effort on his part. The ortho office isn't a whole lot of help; they just tell him he's not doing it good enough. We even bought a sonic toothbrush that the office sells with the idea that it would help. It hasn't.
237563 tn?1298432497 Well I had to find out on my own its the capillaries in the gums that don't work as well something about liver + not pushing around enough circulation....should go away once the virus is gone. Everyone worried about this needs to take vitamin c!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn From time to time I try stopping the Valtrex and the virus seems to come back in the form of swollen, painful gums. Each time I stop Valtrex, it seems to take longer for the virus to reappear but it always reappears in the form of swollen and painful gums. I had this same symptom (although much more severe) when I initially contracted the infection together with fever and lesions on the penis and testicles and one strange lesion on my lower stomach.
Avatar m tn it seems like my gum's are getting worst too =/. And i don't know if its from the gum's but it seems like the inside of my bottom lip is getting sore too. Do you know how long this will stay sore?
Avatar f tn I can tell its coming back because I feel generally ill through out my body. Sometimes I get scared that i could die from all the toxins in my blood. Three of my infected teeth are from root canals that were never finished. The other 3 are from cavities never fixed. So instead of "A" tooth hurting I have my whole gums inflammed and hurting extremely bad. I've taken so many antibiotics in the past couple or so years that some don't do anything for me at all. "The 'cillin' one s.
Avatar m tn The dentist was unable to do more than clean the gums and I took excellent care of my teeth (and dental health) throughout my pregnancy...it is very unlikely it is a severe infection. My dentist was able to confirm that it was pregnancy related each time and even told me that there was nothing more I could do other than maintain healthy gums, brush, floss, use mouthwash (all which I was doing).
Avatar f tn Today in the morning i noticed a lymph node in my left leg besides the knee has got swollen with slightly red coloured skin on it.What could it be and could be a symtom of HIV?When should i get tested for HIV through p24 antigen or a DUO?Will it be effective and which other STDs should i get tested for.....i am posting this under extreme anxiety and would require your help urgently so that i can have some mental balance in place...this is running me mad...
Avatar f tn And i know that because the roots are still there, they will need to get those out, but what is going to happen now that my gums have grown over?! My gums around the area are quite swollen too, which i know is from infection. Is there a way to still remove the roots/decayed remains even after the gums have grown over?! Do they have to surgically cut through/remove the gums? Do gums always do this when a tooth is removed (whether correctly or not)? This is terrifying me!
Avatar n tn I have pressure on my nose n cheeks ,I get off and on headaches and my top gums are swollen on the sides I am only 20 had 3 kids I don't smoke drink or do drugs I suffer sever anxiety and have issues with sinus before
Avatar m tn Thanks everyone for the input. Most Drs. don't take Medicare patients. I suppose I have a phobe now because of meds not working in the past and such. I have been on every psych med on the planet & the shrinks describe be as a "non-responder". Idk lol. Alls I know are my feet are still swelling and I'm still takin the wifes water pills. The water pills don't seem to have control of the swelling. Now the other foots toes are swelled & the 'bottems' of my feet have this fluid!
Avatar n tn I always have and was wondering if anyone else out there that has these swollen nodes in neck also have problems with their teeth and also wondering if problems with teeth (infections and such) could cause the nodes in the back of the neck swell up. Also, the glands in the front of my neck have always been large... these problems I've experienced have gone on for years... So, I'm hoping its nothing serious because, if it is, and I have it for years.... what chance would I have?
Avatar n tn It's hard to say lee because I'm not a doctor and I can only give you advice based off what you tell me, my own experiences and what I've learned over the years. I can tell you that it is MUCH more likely that your swollen nodes are due to an infection and not a malignancy, and just because you've had antibiotics doesn't mean that it isn't an infection. It may just mean they haven't given you the right antibiotics. Not all antibiotics work for all infections.
Avatar f tn I have lost my own two dogs due to the miss treatment and overdose of the medicine, they suffered so badly that it was even so hard for them to die, that’s the reason I don’t trust the vet in my city.. Now we are keeping her home since, she don’t eat anything we just feed her glucose water time to time. Her jaundice had faded away and the fluid has also decreased but she is very week. Any suggestion on what can we feed her (mostly on liquid).
Avatar m tn In the USA a non-blood antibody test (saliva/urine/plasma) is considered conclusive for somehere in the region of 97% of people in 3 months. In the UK non-blood tests are considered reliable at 16 weeks (per BASHH). I understand the oraquick test relies on more than saliva and actually scrapes the epithelium / skin there, though I can't remember the source of that. Only whole blood tests are used in the UK routinely so I've no reason to look it up.
Avatar m tn 1. What are the risks of getting HIV this way assuming the escort was HIV positive and her vaginal fluids entered my mouth and my gums were bleeding? Does that automatically mean I am now HIV positive as well? 2. If my gums were only slightly bleeding could I still be at risk of HIV? 3. I got a Rapid HIV Antibody test yesterday (25 days after possible exposure) and was negative. I know that I need to do a test at 3 months for a negative result to be definitive.
Avatar n tn I still have that sore throat but in my chest feeling and now my tongue feels swollen and my throat as well (So much so that I'm starting to snore at night-which my husband finds amusing), my whole torso just feels achey, when I wake up most mornings both sides just below my ribs in the back are ackey. Allergies?? Nothing?? Please point me in the right direction.
Avatar f tn but i discovered the white things are in the holes/crevices in the glands in the back of your throat. i get them more if i have swollen glands or if i skip brushing my teeth for some reason, i think its plaque from your tongue/food particles that get stuck and grow until they pop out.sometimes when massaging glands in neck they come out, eww.
Avatar m tn Had the root canal a few weeks later, all symptoms disappeared except for i kept getting recurring sores in between the molar and pre-molar on the gums. The gland under my ear would swell up along with my gums when there was a sore. Eventually the sores stopped coming but the gums and gland would still swell and throb 2-3 days a week, this has never stopped, and has gotten more frequent and more intense from this point on through present day. Feb 2008 Extreme throbbing pain in gums.
Avatar f tn I'm guessing that the clue here is that your nodes have grown so much in the long axis but not in the short axis. The ratio of L/S should be at least 2, but yours are all the way up to 4. That seems quite unusual and I don't know what condition would cause that. Maybe granulomas. I just had a thought: maybe after your move you can ask about a *guided* FNA, and have them sample at the ends where the growth is occurring.
Avatar m tn I found a swollen lymph node on the back left side of my neck 2 months ago, one behind my left ear which I think has been there for many years, and one on the inside of my elbow, which I noticed after overdoing it and hurting my elbow at the gym 2 weeks ago. The node in my neck that is slightly enlarged fluctuates in size, always 1cm or less, and used to frequently enlarge as a child when I was ill (I was a sickly kid with dozens of sinus infections, ear infections, etc).
Avatar n tn I had my wisdom teeth removed on 1/30/2009, last Friday, On monday, my togue started to "catch" on something, and it begain cutting it open, I assumed it was the stitches, I called the Doc who did my Surgury and went in today (Wednesday), he removed the stitches from the area and called it good, I couldn't feel it catching any more so I then assumed it was the stitches and didnt think any more of it.
Avatar n tn For about 10 to 11 years I have this problem of bumps showing up on my skin. They are warm to the touch, and are raised. They usually go away over night. Once in awhile half of my lip will swell 3 to 4 times norm size. My knees swell. I have even had these knots on the bottom of my foot. One of the strange ones is that my finger tip will swell. About one month ago I had surgery, and it made my body go into over drive. One day I had about 100 bumps. Went to the doc.
Avatar m tn I will be more specific. My submental glands are swollen and my submandibular gland is swollen. Under my jaw there is like a knot that has been there for 2 months. I am seeing an ENT next Tuesday. But what could i really have if all blood was fine?
Avatar n tn I had temporary crowns for about 1 month before I received the permanent ones. Upon attempting to replace the crowns, the doctor injected the anesthetic agent into my gums and I immediately felt a sharp pain in the tooth closest to the health teeth beside the missing one. The doctor explained the reason being the injection place is too close to the nerve. He then placed the bridge.
Avatar n tn The dental work was never finished, which caused the tooth to chip all the way down to my gums. In the place where the tooth was, there is a black spot there. I wonder if this unresolved dental problem isn't causing an infection in my throat. Also, I am a singer. I read an article on vocal nodules. It said that vocal nodules develop in the throat as a result of vocal strain (talking or singing too loudly/harshly.) My doctor's appointment isn't until May 10.
Avatar f tn I think they look more pink than normal, but maybe I am just believing that they are red! Does this sound like teething? The crying at night is NOT normal for her, that's why I am thinking it is teething? I feel like a detective trying to figure this out!!!
Avatar f tn So, I know there has to be another reason as to why I have blood in my urine. My maternal uncle died from leukemia and my maternal grandmother died of kidney disease. Can anyone give me suggestions as to what they think is wrong with me or what I can do next? Do I have some kind of little kidney thing going on? I'm feeling desperate to get better so that I can look after my little girls better.
Avatar n tn The antibiotics do help keep the infection in check but once the antibiotics are stopped, the infection may continue to grow. 1) Yes, it is very well possible that the abscess may grow within the jaw and weaken the jaw. I haven't seen a broken jaw due that before but it can spread within the jaw bone and cause extensive damage. Another more likely scenario is that the abscess will escape the jaw bone and spread to the soft tissue of the head which is extremely dangerous.
Avatar n tn My problems started a few weeks ago I was at Chipotle eating, and it felt like something was stuck in my gums uder my tongue in the back of my mouth, i felt around, went to the dentist, nothing there. Then I went to the ENT because I started to feel sharp pain in that area. It went away pretty much and a feeling of my cheek being swollen or sagging, although not visible. This is on my left side.
Avatar n tn I have one cut the comes back over and over again on my pernium area, but I also get cuts in other areas from time to time aswell along with severe inflammation. All of my hormone levels are normal. Those are the only things I've found that could be the possible causes for these symptoms. Just having the inflammation is a symptom, not everyone get's the little cuts. Not everyone get's full blown Behcet's either. If you take good care of yourself, you can do really well.